" PER_UNIT_AT_LEAST_X_BOUGHT=" per unit for buying at least %s" PER_UNIT=" each" ;product ITEM_NOT_SOLD_ANYMORE="Item not sold anymore" ITEM_SOLD_ON_DATE="This item will be sold starting on %s" ADD_TO_CART="Add to cart" NO_STOCK="No stock" X_ITEMS_IN_STOCK="%s items in stock" SPECIFICATIONS="Specifications" REFRESH_INFORMATION="Refresh information" NO_VALUES_FOUND="No values found" PRODUCT="Product" ;cart CART_PRODUCT_NAME="Name" CART_PRODUCT_QUANTITY="Qty" CART_PRODUCT_PRICE="Price" CART_PRODUCT_UNIT_PRICE="Unit price" CART_PRODUCT_TOTAL_PRICE="Total price" CART_EMPTY="The cart is empty" HIKASHOP_TOTAL="Total" HIKASHOP_FINAL_TOTAL="Final total" PROCEED_TO_CHECKOUT="Proceed to checkout" REFRESH_CART="Refresh cart" PRODUCT_NOT_AVAILABLE="The product %s is not available" NOT_ENOUGH_STOCK_FOR_PRODUCT="There are not enough stock for the product %s" PRODUCT_NOT_YET_ON_SALE="The product %s is not yet on sale" PRODUCT_NOT_SOLD_ANYMORE="The product %s is not on sale anymore" PRODUCT_SUCCESSFULLY_ADDED_TO_CART="Product successfully added to the cart" ;checkout HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_CART="Cart" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_CONFIRM="Confirm" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_STATUS="Status" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_SHIPPING="Shipping" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT="Payment" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_END="End" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_COUPON="Coupon" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_LOGIN="Login" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_ADDRESS="Address" NEXT="Next" CONTINUE_SHOPPING="Continue shopping" THANK_YOU_FOR_PURCHASE="Thank you for your purchase." ORDER_IS_COMPLETE="Your order is now complete." CURRENCY_NOT_ACCEPTED_FOR_PAYMENT="The currency you selected is not accepted for payments" PLEASE_ACCEPT_TERMS_BEFORE_FINISHING_ORDER="Please accept the terms and conditions before proceeding" PLEASE_ACCEPT_TERMS="Please accept the terms and conditions before proceeding" ADDITIONAL_INFORMATION="Additional information" ;checkout - login LOGIN_OR_REGISTER_ACCOUNT="Login or create a new account" REGISTRATION_NOT_ALLOWED="Registration not allowed" WHEN_CLICKING_ACTIVATION="Upon clicking on the activation link, your account will be activated and you will be able to continue your order" PASSWORDS_DO_NOT_MATCH="Passwords do not match" VALID_EMAIL="Please enter a valid e-mail address" ;checkout - address CREATE_OR_SELECT_ADDRESS="Please create or select an address" SAME_AS_BILLING="Use the same address as for billing" HIKASHOP_BILLING_ADDRESS="Billing address" HIKASHOP_SHIPPING_ADDRESS="Shipping address" ADDRESS_INFORMATION="Address information" PLEASE_FILL_THE_FIELD="Please fill the %s field" PLEASE_FILL_THE_FIELDS="Please complete the fields: %s" ;checkout - shipping SELECT_SHIPPING="Please select your shipping information" HIKASHOP_SHIPPING="Shipping" FREE_SHIPPING="Free shipping" HIKASHOP_SHIPPING_METHOD="Shipping method" HIKASHOP_SHIPPING_METHOD_CHOSEN="You chose the shipping method: %s" NO_SHIPPING_METHOD_FOUND="No shipping method found" ITEMS_VOLUME_TOO_BIG_FOR_SHIPPING_METHODS="The cart items combined volume is too big for all the possible shipping methods" ITEMS_WEIGHT_TOO_BIG_FOR_SHIPPING_METHODS="The cart items combined weight is too big for all the possible shipping methods" ORDER_TOTAL_TOO_LOW_FOR_SHIPPING_METHODS="The total of your order is too low for all the possible shipping methods" NO_SHIPPING_TO_YOUR_ZONE="No shipping methods available to your location" ;checkout - payment SELECT_PAYMENT="Please fill your payment information" HIKASHOP_PAYMENT_METHOD="Payment method" HIKASHOP_PAYMENT_METHOD_CHOSEN="You chose the payment method: %s" PLEASE_ENTER_A_SSN="please enter your SSN" ;checkout - coupon HIKASHOP_ENTER_COUPON="Enter your coupon" HIKASHOP_COUPON="Coupon" ADD="Add" COUPON_ADDED="Coupon added" COUPON_REMOVED="Coupon removed" COUPON_NOT_VALID="The coupon you entered is not valid" COUPON_NOT_YET_USABLE="The coupon you entered is not yet usable" COUPON_EXPIRED="The coupon you entered expired" QUOTA_REACHED_FOR_COUPON="The coupon you entered cannot be used anymore as it reached the quota of uses" COUPON_NOT_AVAILABLE_IN_YOUR_ZONE="The coupon you entered cannot be used in your zone" ORDER_NOT_EXPENSIVE_ENOUGH_FOR_COUPON="The coupon you entered cannot be used in an order under %s" COUPON_NOT_FOR_THOSE_PRODUCTS="The coupon you entered cannot be used for the products in your cart" COUPON_NOT_FOR_PRODUCTS_IN_THOSE_CATEGORIES="The coupon you entered cannot be used for the products in your cart" HIKASHOP_COUPON_LABEL="Your coupon code is : %s" ;order HIKASHOP_ORDER="Order" ORDER_NUMBER="Order number" PAYMENT_METHOD="Payment method" ALL_PAYMENT_METHODS="All payment methods" CUSTOMER="Customer" PAID="Paid" NOT_PAID="Not paid" PRODUCT_LIST="Product list" UNIT_PRICE="Unit price" SUBTOTAL="Sub total" SHIPPING="Shipping" DISCOUNT="Discount" FILES="Files" BECAUSE_STATUS_NO_DOWNLOAD="Order status does not permit download" TOO_LATE_NO_DOWNLOAD="Download period elapsed" UNTIL_THE_DATE="Until %s" MAX_REACHED_NO_DOWNLOAD="Number of maximum downloads reached" X_DOWNLOADS_LEFT="%s downloads left" PLUS_X_OF_VAT="+%s of taxes" ORDER_ADD_INFO="Additional information" ACTIONS="Actions" INVOICE="Invoice" SHIPPING_INVOICE="Shipping invoice" VAT="Taxes" MODIFICATION_REASON="Modification reason" NOTIFY_CUSTOMER="Notify customer" NOTIFICATION="Notification" NEW_SHIPPING="New shipping method" NEW_PAYMENT="New payment method" NEW_PRICE="New price" NEW_COUPON_CODE="New coupon code" NEW_COUPON_VALUE="New coupon value" ORDER_NEW_STATUS="New order status" REMOVE_ORDER_ITEM="Remove order item" PRINT_INVOICE="Print invoice" PRINT="Print" NO_ORDERS_FOUND="No orders found" TELEPHONE_IN_ADDRESS="Telephone: %s" PLEASE_LOGIN_FIRST="Please login first" ORDER_NOT_FOUND="Order not found" FILE_NOT_FOUND="File not found" PAY_WITH_X="Pay with %s" ;front end control panel MANAGE_ADDRESSES="Manage your addresses" VIEW_ORDERS="View your orders" AFFILIATE_PROGRAM="Access to the affiliate program" AFFILIATE="Affiliate" CUSTOMER_ACCOUNT="Customer Account" ORDER_CREATED="Order created" ;banner BANNER_SAMPLES="Banner samples" COMMENT="Comment" LINK="Link" HTML_CODE="HTML code" PREVIEW="Preview" REFERER="Referer" HIKASHOP_YES="Yes" HIKASHOP_NO="No" ;front end affiliate CLICKS="Clicks" REGISTERED_DATE="Registered date" PARTNER_EMAIL="Partner email" PARTNER_NAME="Partner name" PARTNER_FEE="Partner fee" PARTNER_CURRENCY="Partner's currency" CLICKS_UNPAID_AMOUNT="Unpaid amount for clicks" LEADS_UNPAID_AMOUNT="Unpaid amount for Leads" SALES_UNPAID_AMOUNT="Unpaid amount for sales" TOTAL_UNPAID_AMOUNT="Total unpaid amount" AFFILIATE_ACCOUNT_ACTIVE="Affiliate account active" STATS="Stats" PARTNER_CHANGE_CURRENCY_WARNING="By changing your currency your previous earnings will be converted." FILTER="Filter" GO="Go" RESET="Reset" DATE="Date" ;backend Menus PRODUCTS="Products" CUSTOMERS="Customers" ORDERS="Orders" SALES="Sales" AFFILIATES="Affiliates" AFFILIATES_SALES="Affiliates sales" ZONES="Zones" CURRENCIES="Currencies" PLUGINS="Plugins" DISPLAY="Display" UPDATE_ABOUT="Update / About" TAXES="Taxes" SYSTEM="System" DISCOUNTS="Discounts" ADD_PRODUCT="Add a product" CHARACTERISTICS="Characteristics" VIEWS="Views" FIELDS="Custom fields" CONTENT_MODULES="Content modules" CONTENT_MENUS="Content menus" PAYMENT_METHODS="Payment methods" SHIPPING_METHODS="Shipping methods" DOCUMENTATION="Documentation" FORUM="Forum" EMAILS="Emails" ;control panel widgets NEW_WIDGET="New widget" HIKASHOP_CPANEL="Dashboard" LISTING="Listing" GAUGE="Gauge" GRAPH="Graph" PIE="pie" MAP="Map" START_DATE="Start date" END_DATE="End date" PERIOD="Period" HOURS="Hours" DAYS="Days" WEEKS="Weeks" MONTHS="Months" YEARS="Years" LIMIT="Limit" ENCODING_FORMAT="Encoding format" ALL_STATUSES="All statuses" DATE_TYPE="Date type" CREATED_FIELD="Created" DATE_GROUP="Group items per" REMOVE_WIDGET="Are you sure you want to remove this widget ?" SOUTH_AMERICA="South America" CENTRAL_AMERICA="Central America" NORTH_AMERICA="North America" AFRICA="All of Africa" CENTRAL_AFRICA="Central Africa" NORTHERN_AFRICA="Northern Africa" SOUTHERN_AFRICA="Southern Africa" EASTERN_ASIA="Eastern Asia" SOUTHERN_ASIA="Southern Asia" ASIA_AND_PACIFIC="Asia/Pacific region" CENTRAL_ASIA="Central Asia" MIDDLE_EAST="Middle East" NORTHERN_ASIA="Northern Asia" NORTHERN_EUROPE="Northern Europe" WESTERN_EUROPE="Western Europe" SOUTHERN_EUROPE="Southern Europe" ;back end control panel menus PRODUCTS_DESC_CREATE="Create/Edit/Delete your products" PRODUCTS_DESC_MANAGE="Handle pictures, files, prices, related products, etc" CHATACTERISTICS_DESC_MANAGE="You can also handle your products information based on characteristics" CATEGORIES_DESC_CREATE="Create/Edit/Delete categories of products" CUSTOMERS_DESC_CREATE="Manage and contact your customers" CUSTOMERS_DESC_MANAGE="You will be able to also manage their addresses and orders" ORDERS_DESC="Manage your customers orders" ORDERS_DESC_STATUS="Create/Edit/Delete orders statuses" AFFILIATES_DESC="Manage your affiliates" AFFILIATES_DESC_BANNERS="Create/Edit/Delete banners" AFFILIATES_DESC_SALES="Manage your affiliated sales" ONLY_COMMERCIAL="Only in commercial versions of HikaShop" ONLY_FROM_HIKASHOP_BUSINESS="Only from HikaShop Business" ZONE_DESC="Manage your store zones" ZONE_DESC_TAXES="Manage taxes and tax categories for your products" DISCOUNT_DESC="Create/Edit/Delete discounts and coupons" DISCOUNT_DESC_LIMITS="Handle restrictions on them" CURRENCY_DESC="Manage the currencies which will be available in your store" CURRENCY_DESC_RATES="Auto update of currency rates" PLUGINS_DESC_PAYMENT="Manage payment plugins" PLUGINS_DESC_SHIPPING="Manage shipping plugins" DISPLAY_DESC_VIEW="Edit easily any view in HikaShop" DISPLAY_DESC_CONTENT="Configure your HikaShop content menus & modules" DISPLAY_DESC_FIELDS="Custom Fields configuration" CONFIG_DESC_HIKASHOP_CONFIG="Configure HikaShop" CONFIG_DESC_HIKASHOP_MODIFY="Modify any string used in HikaShop" CONFIG_DESC_EMAIL="Modify any email used in HikaShop" CONFIG_DESC_HIKASHOP_PLUGIN="Turn ON/OFF HikaShop Plugins" UPDATE_DESC="Check for new update and see the changelog" HELP_DESC="Display the HikaShop help" FORUM_DESC="Access the forum for further help" ;back end general ERROR_SAVING="Error Saving" MAIN_INFORMATION="Main information" HIKASHOP_SUCC_SAVED="Successfully Saved" SUCC_DELETE_ELEMENTS="Successfully deleted %s record(s)" NAME_TRANSLATED="Translated name" ROOT="Root" EXPLORER="Explorer" RATE="Rate" ZONE="Zone" RESTRICTIONS="Restrictions" ADDRESS="Address" PROCESS_CONFIRMATION="Are you sure you want to proceed?" NEW_ORDERING_SAVED="New Ordering Saved" ERROR_ORDERING="Error Ordering Elements" ;config - main MAIN="Main" STORE_ADDRESS="Your shop address" ZONE_TAX_ADDRESS_TYPE="Type of address used for tax" BILLING="Billing" APPLY_DISCOUNTS="Apply discounts" BEFORE_TAXES="Before taxes" AFTER_TAXES="After taxes" DEFAULT_ADDRESS_TYPE="Default address type" MAIN_TAX_ZONE="Main tax zone" VAT_CHECK="VAT number check" NO_VAT_CHECK="No check" FORMAT_CHECK="Format check" ONLINE_CHECK="Online check" MAIN_CURRENCY="Main currency" RATES_REFRESH_FREQUENCY="Currency rates refresh frequency" DEFAULT_ORDER_STATUS="Default order status" CONFIRMED_ORDER_STATUS="Payment confirmed order status" CANCELLED_ORDER_STATUS="Cancelled order statuses" CART_RETAINING_PERIOD="Cart retaining period" CART_RETAINING_PERIOD_CHECK_FREQUENCY="Frequency of the check for the carts" CHECKOUT_FLOW="Checkout workflow" READ_MORE="Read more" DIMENSION_SYMBOLS="Dimension symbols" WEIGHT_SYMBOLS="Weight symbols" LAST_CHECK="Last check : %s" CHECKOUT_FORCE_SSL="Force SSL on checkout" DEFAULT_VARIANT_PUBLISH="Variant published by default" ORDER_NUMBER_FORMAT="Order number format" HIKA_QUANTITY_FIELD="Quantity field" HIKA_INSERT="Insert" EXCLUDE_DIMENSIONS="Exclude dimensions" ;config - display GENERAL_DISPLAY_OPTIONS="General display options" CSS_DISPLAY_OPTIONS="CSS options" PRODUCTS_DISPLAY_OPTIONS="Product options" DISPLAY_CHECKOUT_BAR="Display checkout progress bar" NO_CHECKOUT_PROGRESS="No checkout progress" CHECKOUT_PROGRESS="Checkout progress with end" CHECKOUT_PROGRESS_WITHOUT_END="Checkout progress without end" AFTER_ADD_TO_CART="After a product is added to the cart" ALWAYS_CHECKOUT="Always go to the checkout" STAY_IF_CART_MODULE_DISPLAYED="Stay if cart module displayed" STAY_AND_DISPLAY_POPUP_NOTICE="Stay and display a popup notice" ALWAYS_STAY="Always stay on the same page" WHEN_CART_IS_EMPTY="URL where to redirect when the cart is empty" LIMIT_NUMBER_OF_ITEMS_IN_CART="Maximum number of items in the cart" BUTTON_STYLE="Button style" NORMAL="Normal" ROUNDED="Rounded" MENU_STYLE="Menu position" TITLE_BOTTOM="Under the title" CONTENT_TOP="Above the main area" CONTINUE_SHOPPING_BUTTON_URL="Continue shopping button's URL" COMMENTS_ENABLED_ON_PRODUCTS="Enable comments on products" CHARACTERISTICS_DISPLAY="Characteristics selection method" DROPDOWN="Dropdown" TABLE="Table" CHARACTERISTICS_DISPLAY_TEXT="Display the characteristics name" QUANTITY_FIELD="Display the quantity field on the product page" AJAX_INPUT="Ajax input" NORMAL_INPUT="Normal input" NO_DISPLAY="No display" PRINT_INVOICE_FRONTEND="Allow users to print invoices on the front end" CATEGORY_EXPLORER="Back end categories explorer" CSS_FRONTEND="Front-end CSS File" CSS_BACKEND="Back-end CSS File" MODULES_MAIN_DEFAULT_OPTIONS="Modules main default options" PRODUCT_SHOW_MODULES="Modules under the product page" DEFAULT_PARAMS_FOR_PRODUCTS="Default parameters for products" DEFAULT_PARAMS_FOR_CATEGORIES="Default parameters for categories" DEFAULT_PARAMS_FOR_DIV="Default parameters for DIVs" SHOW_FOOTER="Show footer" FOOTER="Footer" CATALOGUE_MODE="Catalogue mode" SIMPLIFIED_REGISTRATION="Simplified registration" NO_REGISTRATION="No registration" WEIGHT_UNIT_PRICE="Display the cost per unit weight" ALLOW_CUSTOMERS_TO_PAY_ORDERS_AFTERWARD="Payment of orders not paid immediately" ;config - languages LANGUAGES="Languages" MULTI_LANGUAGE_EDIT="Activate the edition of content in multiple languages" INSTALL_JOOMFISH="You need to install Joomfish in order to be able to use multi language edition" DEFAULT_TRANSLATION_PUBLISH="Translation published by default" MUTLILANGUAGE_INTERFACE_DISPLAY="Display mode of the multilingual edition interface" EDIT_LANGUAGE_FILE="Edit the language File" ADD_LANGUAGE_FILE="Add the language File" SHARE="Share" SHARE_HIKASHOP_CONFIRMATION_1="This Language File will be sent to the Hikari Software translation team and may be included in the next version." SHARE_HIKASHOP_CONFIRMATION_2="By sharing this file, you allow Hikari Software to use your work for any purpose." SHARE_CONFIRMATION_3="You can add a personnal message in the following area which will be included in the e-mail sent to the team." HIKASHOP_LOAD_ENGLISH_1="HikaShop is actually not translated in this language." LOAD_ENGLISH_2="The english version will be loaded so that you can translate it." LOAD_ENGLISH_3="Once you are done, don't forget to share your translation with the rest of the community!" LOAD_LATEST_LANGUAGE="Load the latest version from our server" MISSING_LANGUAGE="Your language file is currently not installed." UPDATE_LANGUAGE="Your language file is not up to date." DONT_REMIND="I know, don't remind me" ;config - cron EMPTY_LOG="The log file is empty" SUCC_DELETE_LOG="Log file successfully deleted" ERROR_DELETE_LOG="Could not delete the Log file" EXIST_LOG="Log file does not exists" CRON_TRIGGERED="HikaShop Triggered at %s" CRON_NEXT="The system won't be triggered before %s" CRON_PROCESS="" CREATE_CRON="Create/Edit your Cron task" CRON="Cron" MIN_DELAY="Minimum delay between two cron tasks" NEXT_RUN="Next Run time" CRON_URL="Cron URL" REPORT="Report" REPORT_SEND="Send a report" REPORT_SEND_TO="Send the report to" REPORT_SAVE="Save the report" REPORT_SAVE_TO="Save the report to" REPORT_DELETE="Delete the report" REPORT_SEE="See the report" REPORT_EDIT="Edit Report Email" LAST_CRON="Last Cron" LAST_RUN="Last Run time" CRON_TRIGGERED_IP="Triggered from the IP" EACH_TIME="Each time HikaShop is triggered" ONLY_ACTION="Only if HikaShop executes an action" SIMPLIFIED_REPORT="Simplified Report" DETAILED_REPORT="Detailed Report" ;config - email FROM_NAME="From Name" FROM_ADDRESS="From Address" REPLYTO_NAME="Reply-to Name" REPLYTO_ADDRESS="Reply-to Address" BOUNCE_ADDRESS="Bounce Address" EMAILS_OPTIONS="Emails options" ADD_NAMES="Add names" CHARSET="Charset" WORD_WRAPPING="Word wrapping" EMBED_IMAGES="Embed images" EMBED_ATTACHMENTS="Embed attachments" MULTIPLE_PART="Multiple part" PAYMENTS_NOTIFICATIONS_EMAIL_ADDRESS="Payment notifications email address" ORDER_CREATION_NOTIFICATION_EMAIL_ADDRESS="Order creation notifications email address" ;config - files ALLOWED_FILES="Allowed files" ALLOWED_IMAGES="Allowed images" UPLOAD_FOLDER="Upload folder" UPLOAD_SECURE_FOLDER="Upload secure folder" PAYMENT_LOG_FILE="Payment log file" ORDER_STATUS_FOR_DOWNLOAD="Valid order statuses for download" DOWNLOAD_TIME_LIMIT="Download time limit" DOWNLOAD_NUMBER_LIMIT="Downloads number limit" DEFAULT_IMAGE="Default image" THUMBNAIL="Thumbnail" THUMBNAIL_X="Thumbnail width" THUMBNAIL_Y="Thumbnail height" THUMBNAIL_XY="Thumbnail (width x height)" IMAGE_X="Image width" IMAGE_Y="Image height" IMAGE_XY="Image (width x height)" MAX_X_POPUP="Full image popup max width" MAX_Y_POPUP="Full image popup max height" WATERMARK_ON_IMAGES="Watermark on images" WATERMARK_OPACITY="Watermark's opacity" ;categories CATEGORY_DESCRIPTION="Description" DIRECT_SUB_ELEMENTS="Direct sub elements" CATEGORY_ADDITIONAL_INFORMATION="Additional information" CATEGORY_PARENT="parent category" ALL_SUB_ELEMENTS="All sub elements" ALL_SUB_ELEMENTS_GROUP_BY_CATEGORY="Grouped by category" PRODUCT_CATEGORIES="Product categories" PRODUCT_CATEGORY="Product category" TAXATION_CATEGORIES="Tax categories" TAXATION_CATEGORY="Tax category" ORDER_STATUS="Order status" ORDER_STATUSES="Order statuses" USE="Use" MAX_UPLOAD="maximum upload file size : %s" DEFAULT_CATEGORIES_DELETE_ERROR="You cannot delete a default category" ;products PRODUCT_CODE="Code" PRODUCT_PRICE="Price" PRODUCT_QUANTITY="Quantity" PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION="Description" URL="Url" PRODUCT_META_DESCRIPTION="Meta description" PRODUCT_KEYWORDS="Keywords" VARIANTS="Variants" MANAGE_VARIANTS="Manage variants" UNLIMITED="Unlimited" PRODUCT_SALE_START="Product available from" PRODUCT_SALE_END="Product available until" PRODUCT_WEIGHT="Weight" RELATED_PRODUCTS="Related products" PRICES="Prices" PRICE="Price" PRICE_WITH_TAX="Price with tax" CURRENCY="Currency" MINIMUM_QUANTITY="Minimum quantity" FILENAME="Filename" SPECIFY_NAME_AND_CODE="Specify at least the name and the code of the product" DUPLICATE_PRODUCT="A product with the same code already exists" PRODUCT_VOLUME="Volume" PRODUCT_WIDTH="Width" PRODUCT_LENGTH="Length" PRODUCT_HEIGHT="Height" ADD_TO_CART_HTML_CODE="Add to cart HTML link" PRODUCT_MAX_QUANTITY_PER_ORDER="Maximum quantity per order" ;characteristics DEFAULT_VALUE="Default value" VALUES="Values" VALUE="Value" GO_TO_MAIN_PRODUCT="Go to the main product" ;Order statuses CREATED="created" PENDING="pending" CONFIRMED="confirmed" CANCELLED="cancelled" REFUNDED="refunded" SHIPPED="shipped" ORDER_STATUS_CREATED="created" ORDER_STATUS_PENDING="pending" ORDER_STATUS_CONFIRMED="confirmed" ORDER_STATUS_CANCELLED="cancelled" ORDER_STATUS_REFUNDED="refunded" ORDER_STATUS_SHIPPED="shipped" HIKASHOP_ORDER_STATUS_CHANGED_TO="HikaShop order status changed to" ;user PARTNERS_ONLY="Partners only" CUSTOMERS_ONLY="Customers only" JOOMLA_USER_OPTIONS="Joomla user options" ADDRESSES="Addresses" USERS="Users" ;partner PARTNERS="Partners" PARTNER_KEY="Partner key" CUSTOM_FEES="Custom fees" PARTNER_FEES_CURRENCY="Currency of fees" PARTNER_LEAD_FEE="Lead fee" PARTNER_ORDER_PERCENT_FEE="Percentage fee on sales" PARTNER_ORDER_FLAT_FEE="Flat fee on sales" PARTNER_CLICK_FEE="Click fee" PARTNER="Partner" PAYMENT_TO_PARTNER="Affiliate program payment to %s" PAY_X_TO_X="You are about to pay %s to %s." REDIRECTION_FOR_PAYMENT="If you want to be redirect to %s in order to pay, turn on the option below" PROCEED="Proceed" ALLOW_CURRENCY_SELECTION="Allow partners to select their currency" VALID_ORDER_STATUS="Valid order status" AFFILIATE_ADVANCED_STATS="Display affiliates advanced statistics" CLICK_MINIMUM_DELAY="Minimum delay before a new click from the same IP will be valid" VALIDITY_PERIOD="Validity period of a click for leads and sales" AFFILIATE_TERMS="Affiliate program terms & conditions article" READ_AFFILIATE_TERMS="Read the terms & conditions of the affiliate program" ;history HISTORY="History" REASON="Reason" INFORMATION="Information" ;shipping SHIPPING_MAX_VOLUME="Maximum volume" SHIPPING_MIN_VOLUME="Minimum volume" SHIPPING_MIN_WEIGHT="Minimum weight" SHIPPING_MAX_WEIGHT="Maximum weight" SHIPPING_MIN_PRICE="Minimum price" SHIPPING_MAX_PRICE="Maximum price" EDIT_PLUGINS_BEFORE_DISPLAY="You need to edit and save the plugins before they can appear on the checkout" X_PACKAGES="%s package(s)" ;discounts COUPONS="Coupons" DISCOUNT_CODE="Code" DISCOUNT_TYPE="Type" DISCOUNT_START_DATE="Start date" DISCOUNT_END_DATE="End date" DISCOUNT_VALUE="Value" DISCOUNT_QUOTA="Quota" MINIMUM_ORDER_VALUE="Minimum order value" PRODUCT_NOT_FOUND="Product not found" CATEGORY="Category" CATEGORY_NOT_FOUND="Category not found" INCLUDING_SUB_CATEGORIES="Including sub categories" DISCOUNT_FLAT_AMOUNT="Flat amount" DISCOUNT_PERCENT_AMOUNT="Percentage" DISCOUNT_USED_TIMES="Number of times used" X_LEFT="%s left" COUPON_AUTO_LOAD="Auto load in cart if possible" ;taxes TAXATIONS="Tax rules" TAXATION="Tax rule" MANAGE_RATES="Manage rates" MANAGE_TAX_CATEGORIES="Manage tax categories" ALL_RATES="All rates" CUSTOMER_TYPE="Customer type" ALL_CUSTOMER_TYPES="All customer types" INDIVIDUAL="Individual" COMPANY_WITHOUT_VAT_NUMBER="Company without tax number" COMPANY_WITH_VAT_NUMBER="Company with tax number" TAX_NAMEKEY="Tax namekey" RATES="Rates" VAT_NOT_FOR_YOUR_COUNTRY="Your country is not supported for tax numbers" VAT_NUMBER_NOT_VALID="The tax number you entered is not valid" SOAP_EXTENSION_NOT_FOUND="The online tax number check needs the SOAP extension for PHP. If you don't have it, please install it and then activate it. Otherwise, deactivate the online tax number check." ;email HTML_VERSION="HTML version" TEXT_VERSION="Text version" SEND_HTML="Send HTML" SENDER_INFORMATIONS="Sender Information" TO_NAME="To Name" TO_ADDRESS="To Address" EMAIL_SUBJECT="Email subject" ATTACHMENTS="Attachments" ATTACHED_FILES="Attached Files" ADD_ATTACHMENT="Attach a new file" REMOVE_CUSTOMIZATION_HTML="Remove HTML customization" REMOVE_CUSTOMIZATION_TEXT="Remove text customization" CRON_REPORT="Cron report" ORDER_NOTIFICATION="Order notification" ORDER_CREATION_NOTIFICATION="Order creation notification" ORDER_STATUS_NOTIFICATION="Order status notification" ADVICE_BOUNCE="The specified bounce e-mail address %s might cause the problem, please delete it (leave the field bounce address empty) and try again." ;email content ORDER_STATUS_NOTIFICATION_SUBJECT="Your order No. %s is now %s at %s" ORDER_CREATION_NOTIFICATION_SUBJECT="Your order No. %s is now %s at %s" ORDER_NOTIFICATION_SUBJECT="Your order No. %s at %s" USER_ACCOUNT_SUBJECT="Account details for %s at %s" CRON_REPORT_SUBJECT="Your cron has been triggered" DATE_ON_WEBSITE="The %s at %s" ORDER_STATUS_CHANGED_TO="The status of your order No. %s has been changed to %s." HI_CUSTOMER="Hi %s," ORDER_CREATION_SUCCESS_ON_WEBSITE_AT_DATE="We are pleased to confirm the creation of your order No. %s at %s on the %s at %s" YOUR_ORDER="Your order" SUMMARY_OF_YOUR_ORDER="SUMMARY OF YOUR ORDER" TOTAL_WITHOUT_VAT="TOTAL without taxes : %s" TOTAL_WITH_VAT="TOTAL with taxes : %s" ORDER_TOTAL_WITHOUT_VAT="TOTAL without VAT" ORDER_TOTAL_WITH_VAT="TOTAL with VAT" ORDER_VALID_AFTER_PAYMENT="Your order will be processed as soon as we receive your payment." THANK_YOU_FOR_YOUR_ORDER="Once again, thank you for your order at %s. We hope to see you again soon." THANK_YOU_FOR_YOUR_ORDER_BEGIN="Thank you for your order at %s." THANK_YOU_FOR_REGISTERING="Thank you for registering at %s." ACCOUNT_MUST_BE_ACTIVATED="Your account must be activated by clicking on the link below and you will be able to continue your order." YOU_CAN_LOG_IN_WITH="You can log in the website with the following username and password." BEST_REGARDS_CUSTOMER="Best regards,
%s" NEW_ORDER_SUBJECT="New order No. %s created on %s" HIKASHOP_MAIL_HEADER="If you don't see this email properly, click here to see your order details" ;currencies UPDATE_RATES="Update rates" UPDATE_RATES_WARNING="Updating your rates will erase your old rates" CURRENCY_CODE="Code" CURRENCY_SYMBOL="Symbol" CURRENCY_DISPLAY_EXAMPLE="Display example" CURRENCY_DISPLAYED="Displayed" CURRENCY_INFORMATION="Currency information" CURRENCY_PERCENT_FEE="Additional fee (in %)" RATES_SUCCESSFULLY_UPDATED="Rates successfully updated" MAIN_CURRENCY_NOT_SUPPORTED_ECB="Your main currency is not in the list of currencies supported by the European Central Bank feed. Thus, it is impossible to update your other currencies conversion rate from this feed" NO_DATA_IN_ECB_FEED="No data in the currencies rate feed of the European Central Bank" LOCALE_INFORMATION="Locale information" CURRENCY_FORMAT="Format" MON_DECIMAL_POINT="Decimal separation" MON_THOUSANDS_SEP="Groups separation" MON_GROUPING="Digits groups" POSITIVE_SIGN="Sign for positive values" NEGATIVE_SIGN="Sign for negative values" INT_FRAC_DIGITS="International fractional digits" FRAC_DIGITS="Local fractional digits" P_CS_PRECEDES="Symbol preceeds positive value" P_SEP_BY_SPACE="Symbol and positive value space separation" N_CS_PRECEDES="Symbol preceeds negative value" N_SEP_BY_SPACE="Symbol and negative value space separation" P_SIGN_POSN="Positive sign position" N_SIGN_POSN="Negative sign position" PARENTHESIS_AROUND="Parenthesis around" SIGN_BEFORE="Sign before" SIGN_AFTER="Sign after" SIGN_BEFORE_SYMBOL="Sign after symbol" SIGN_AFTER_SYMBOL="Sign before symbol" ;zones ZONE_NOT_FOUND="Zone not found" ZONE_NAME_ENGLISH="Name in english" ZONE_CODE_2="Code 2 letters" ZONE_CODE_3="Code 3 letters" ZONE_TYPE="Type" ZONE_INFORMATION="Zone information" SUBZONES="Sub-zones" SUBZONES_CHOOSER_DISABLED="You first need to save your zone once before you can choose its sub-zones" ALL_ZONES="All zones" COUNTRIES="Countries" STATES="States" TAX_ZONES="Tax zones" SHIP_ZONES="Shipping zones" DISCOUNT_ZONES="Discount zones" PAYMENT_ZONES="Payment zones" DUPLICATE_ZONE="Zone already used" ;banners IMAGE_URL="Image url" ;Australia Post SHIPPING_SERVICES="Shipping services" EXPRESS="Express" STANDARD="Standard" AIR="By air" SEA="By sea" EXPRESS_DESCRIPTION="" STANDARD_DESCRIPTION="" AIR_DESCRIPTION="" SEA_DESCRIPTION="" ;credit card CREDIT_CARD_NUMBER="Credit card number" EXPIRATION_DATE="Expiration date" CARD_VALIDATION_CODE="Card validation code" MM="mm" YY="yy" CVC_TOOLTIP_TITLE="Where to find it ?" CVC_TOOLTIP_TEXT="MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, Discover, and JCB credit and debit cards have a three-digit card security code on their back. American Express cards have a four-digit code printed on the front side of the card above the number." FILL_CREDIT_CARD_INFO="Please fill your credit card information" ;paypal PAYPAL_ADDRESS_TYPE="Customer address" PAYPAL_CONNECTION_FAILED="Connection to Paypal failed for the order %s" NO_ADDRESS="No address" CLICK_ON_BUTTON_IF_NOT_REDIRECTED="If you are not redirected after 10 seconds, please click on the button below." ;authorize GO_BACK_TO_SHOP="You can go back to the shop by clicking on this link" AUTHORIZE_LOGIN_ID="Login ID for Authorize.net" AUTHORIZE_TRANSACTION_KEY="Transaction key for Authorize.net" AUTHORIZE_MD5_HASH="Your MD5 Hash on Authorize.net" RETURN_TO_THE_STORE="Return to the store" ;moneybookers MONEYBOOKERS_MERCHANT_ID="Your Moneybookers customer ID" MONEYBOOKERS_SECRET_WORD="Your secret word on Moneybookers" ;bluepaid BLUEPAID_SHOP_ID="Your Bluepaid ID" ;bank transfer BANK_ACCOUNT_INFORMATION="Bank account information" BANK_TRANSFER="Bank transfer" PLEASE_TRANSFERT_MONEY="You can now transfer the amount of %s using the following information." INCLUDE_ORDER_NUMBER_TO_TRANSFER="Do not forget to include the order number ( %s ) in the comments of the bank transfer so that we can match it to your order." ;collect on delivery COLLECT_ON_DELIVERY="Collect On Delivery" AMOUNT_COLLECTED_ON_DELIVERY="The amount of %s will be collected upon delivery of your order (%s)" ;check CHECK_PAYMENT="Check" CHECK_INFORMATION="Check information" PLEASE_SEND_CHECK="You can now send us a check with the amount of %s using the following information." INCLUDE_ORDER_NUMBER_TO_CHECK="Do not forget to include the order number ( %s ) at the back of the check so that we can match it to your order." ;payment notification emails NOTIFICATION_OF_ORDER_ON_WEBSITE="This notification was for the order %s on the website %s" ACCESS_ORDER_WITH_LINK="You can access the order details directly by clicking on the link below after logging in your back end:
A %s notification was refused because the IP %s is not in the list of valid IPs :
A %s notification was refused because the connection to the confirmation server failed." CHECK_DOCUMENTATION="Check the documentation concerning this issue at %s" IP_NOT_VALID="IP not valid for the order %s" PAYMENT_NOTIFICATION_STATUS="Hello,
A %s notification was received with the status %s." STATUS_NOT_CHANGED="The order status was not changed" AUTOMATIC_PAYMENT_NOTIFICATION="automatic payment notification received" INVALID_AMOUNT="invalid amount" AMOUNT_RECEIVED_DIFFERENT_FROM_ORDER="Hello,
A %s notification was refused because the amount received (%s) is different from the order amount (%s)" ORDER_STATUS_CHANGED="The order is now %s." ;field interface FIELD_LABEL="Label" FIELD_COLUMN="Column name" FIELD_TYPE="Field type" REQUIRED="Required" CORE="Core" FIELD_SIZE="Size" FIELD_DEFAULT="Default value" FIELD_VALUES="Values" FIELD_COLUMNS="Columns" FIELD_ROWS="Rows" FIELD_TEXT="Text" FIELD_TEXTAREA="Textarea" FIELD_RADIO="Radio Button" FIELD_CHECKBOX="Checkbox" DISPLAY_BACKEND_FORM="Back-end Form" DISPLAY_FRONTCOMP="Front-end" DISPLAY_BACKEND_LISTING="Back-end Listing" EXTRA_INFORMATION="Extra information" FIELD="Field" FIELD_SINGLEDROPDOWN="Single Dropdown" FIELD_MULTIPLEDROPDOWN="Multiple Dropdown" FIELD_DATE="Date" FIELD_VALUE="Value" FIELD_TABLE="Table" FIELD_TITLE="Title" FIELD_ADDVALUE="Add a new value" FIELD_VALID="Please enter a value for the field %s" FIELD_ERROR="Custom Error Message" FORMAT="Format" FIELD_ZONE="Zone" TITLE="Title" FIRSTNAME="First name" MIDDLE_NAME="Middle name" LASTNAME="Last name" COMPANY="Company" STREET="Address" POST_CODE="Post code" CITY="City" TELEPHONE="Telephone" FAX="Fax" STATE="State" COUNTRY="Country" VAT_NUMBER="Tax number" CORE_FIELD_DELETE_ERROR="You cannot remove a core custom field. However, you can unpublish it" HIKASHOP_ENTRY="Entry" HIKASHOP_ENTRIES="Entries" DISPLAY_LIMITED_TO="Display limited to" SAVE_THE_FIELD_FIRST_BEFORE="You need to save the field first before setting this option" ADD_A_NEW_ENTRY="Add an additional entry" REMOVE_ENTRY="Remove this entry" CORRESPOND_TO_PRODUCT="Correspond to the product" FOR_THE_VALUE="For the value" FIELD_DISABLED="Disabled" ;modules and menus MODULES="Modules" HIKASHOP_OPTIONS="HikaShop Options" HIKASHOP_OPTIONS_EDIT="You need to save this item before accessing the HikaShop options" MENU="Menu" JOOMLA_MODULE_OPTIONS="Joomla module options" JOOMLA_MENU_OPTIONS="Joomla menu options" SHOW_TITLE="Show title" SHOW_IMAGE="Show image" SHOW_DESCRIPTION="Show description" TYPE_OF_CONTENT="Type of content" TYPE_OF_LAYOUT="Type of layout" LIST="List" DIV="Div" NUMBER_OF_COLUMNS="Number of columns" NUMBER_OF_ITEMS="Number of items" ORDERING_DIRECTION="Ordering direction" ASCENDING="Ascending" DESCENDING="Descending" SUB_ELEMENTS_FILTER="Sub elements filter" SELECT_A_CATEGORY="Select a category" SELECT="Select" ASSOCIATED_MODULES="Associated modules" SELECT_MODULES="Select modules" SHOW_CART_PRICE="Show prices in the cart" SHOW_CART_QUANTITY="Show quantities in the cart" SHOW_CART_DELETE="Show delete icons in the cart" CHECKOUT_SHOW_CART_DELETE="Show delete icons during checkout" SHOW_CART_PROCEED="Show proceed button in the cart" EMPTY_CART_MESSAGE="The cart is empty" MODULE_CLASS_SUFFIX="Module class suffix" MODULES_TO_DISPLAY_UNDER_MAIN_ZONE="Modules to display under the main area" SYNCHRO_WITH_ITEM="Synchronize with currently
displayed item when possible" USE_NAME_INSTEAD_TITLE="Use menu name instead of
category name for the title" PARAMS_FOR_PRODUCTS="Parameters for products" ORDERING_FIELD="Ordering field" CONTENT_ON_PRODUCT_PAGE="Content on product page" IN_SAME_CATEGORIES="In the same categories" IN_MODULE_PARENT_CATEGORY="In the module associated category" RANDOM_ITEMS="Random items" ADD_TO_CART_BUTTON="Display 'Add to cart' button" LINK_TO_PRODUCT_PAGE="Link to the product page" DISPLAY_PRICE="Display price" SHOW_TAXED_PRICES="Show taxed prices" NO_TAX="No tax" WITH_TAX="With tax" DISPLAY_BOTH_PAGINATION="Display both" DISPLAY_BOTH_TAXES="Display both" ORIGINAL_CURRENCY_PRICE="Show price in original currency" SHOW_DISCOUNTED_PRICE="Show discounted price" DISPLAY_DISCOUNT_AMOUNT="Display the discount amount" DISPLAY_PRICE_BEFORE_DISCOUNT="Display the price before the discount is applied" PRICE_DISPLAY_METHOD="Price display method" CHEAPEST_PRICE="Cheapest price" UNIT_PRICE_ONLY="Unit price only" PRICE_RANGE="Price range" PARAMS_FOR_CATEGORIES="Parameter for categories" SHOW_SUB_CATEGORIES="Show sub categories" NO_CHILD="No child" ALL_CHILDS="All direct sub categories" ALL_CHILDS_EXPANDED="All sub categories" NUMBER_OF_SUB_CATEGORIES="Number of sub categories" PARAMS_FOR_DIV="Parameters for DIV" TYPE_OF_ITEM_LAYOUT="Type of item layout" IMG="Image" IMG_DESC="Image and description (deprecated)" IMG_TITLE="Image and title" ITEM_BOX_HEIGHT="Item box height" ITEM_BOX_COLOR="Item box background color" ITEM_BOX_MARGIN="Item box margin" ITEM_BOX_ROUND_CORNER="Item box rounded corners" TEXT_CENTERED="Text centered" MENU_WITHOUT_ASSOCIATED_MODULE="You just saved a category listing menu without setting an associated module for it." ASSOCIATED_MODULE_NEEDED="If you want to display a product listing below the category listing, you need to add an associated product listing module." ADD_MODULE_AUTO="You can do so automatically by clicking here" ;view CLIENT="Client" REMOVE_CUSTOMIZATION="Remove customization" FRONT_END="Front end" BACK_END="Back end" FRONT_END_AND_BACK_END="Front end and back end" ALL_TEMPLATES="All templates" ;files ACCEPTED_TYPE="This file type ( %s ) is not accepted, the accepted file types are : %s" FAIL_UPLOAD="Could not upload the file %s to %s" WRITABLE_FOLDER="The folder %s is not writable" FILE_NOT_WRITABLE="Could not make the file %s writable" FAIL_SAVE="Could not save the file %s" ADD_FILE_VIA_BROWSE_BUTTON="You didn't add your file via the browse button" ;export/import FIELD_EXPORT="Fields to export" EXPORT_FORMAT="Exporting format" UPLOAD_FILE="Upload a file" CHARSET_FILE="File Charset" IMPORT="Import" IMPORT_ARGUMENTS="You need %s arguments per line" IMPORT_ERRORLINE="The line '%s' could not be imported" IMPORT_REPORT="%s products found : %s new products imported, %s invalid product code, %s already existing products" IMPORT_ERROR_FIELD="The column '%s' is not in the list of possible columns : %s. The column data was ignored" UNKNOWN="Unknown" PRODUCTS_FROM_CSV="Import products from CSV" PRODUCTS_FROM_TEXTAREA="Import products from text area" PRODUCTS_FROM_FOLDER="Import products from folder" FOLDER_PATH="Folder path" DELETE_FILES_AUTOMATICALLY="Delete files automatically" PRODUCT_TEMPLATE="Product template" NO_PRODUCT_TEMPLATE="No product template" FILE_SKIPPED="The type of the file '%s' is not accepted. The file was skipped." ;ftp DESCFTP="In order to be able to change this item, we need your FTP account details. Please enter them in the form fields below." DESCFTPTITLE="FTP Login Details" ;License LICENSE="License" ERROR_SAVING_LICENSE="Could not save the license : %s" SUCC_LICENSE="Your license has been validated successfully" ERROR_LICENSE="Your license could not be validated" ;install PLUG_INSTALLED="Plugin %s installed successfully" PLUG_ERROR="Error installing Plugin %s" MODULE_INSTALLED="Module %s installed successfully" MODULE_ERROR="Error installing Module %s" INSTALL_CONTINUE="Continue the Install Process" ERROR_PLUGINS_1="Some required HikaShop plugins have not been installed." ERROR_PLUGINS_2="Please make sure your plugins folders are writables : " ERROR_PLUGINS_3="Then click here to trigger the install process again." INSTALLEXT="" CONTACT="Please Contact us at %s" ;Joomla 1.6 HIKA_CONFIGURATION="Configuration" HIKA_CATEGORIES="Categories" HIKA_HELP="Help" HIKA_COPY="Copy" HIKA_DELETE="Delete" HIKA_USER="User" HIKA_EXPORT="Export" HIKA_NAME="Name" HIKA_EDIT="Change" HIKA_SAVE="Save" HIKA_CLOSE="Close" HIKA_FILES="Files" HIKA_APPLY="Apply" HIKA_USERNAME="Username" HIKA_FILE="File" HIKA_NUM="#" HIKA_TITLE="Title" HIKA_EDITOR="Editor" HIKA_NONE="None" HIKA_DEFAULT="Default" HIKA_VALIDDELETEITEMS="Are you sure you want to delete the selected Items?" HIKA_MINUTES="Minutes" HIKA_SECONDS="Seconds" HIKA_PRINT="Print" HIKA_EMAIL="E-mail" HIKA_ENABLED="Enabled" HIKA_PUBLISHED="Published" HIKA_DESCRIPTION="Description" HIKA_IMAGE="Image" HIKA_IMAGES="Images" HIKA_ORDER="Order" HIKA_LAST_MODIFIED="Last Modified" HIKA_ALL="all" HIKA_BANNERS="Banners" HIKA_VIEW="View" HIKA_TEMPLATE="Template" HIKA_ALIAS="Alias" HIKA_TYPE="Type" HIKA_LOGIN="Login" HIKA_PASSWORD="Password" HIKA_CLIENTID="Client ID" HIKA_REMEMBER_ME="Remember Me" HIKA_FORGOT_YOUR_PASSWORD="Forgot your password" HIKA_FORGOT_YOUR_USERNAME="Forgot your username" HIKA_REGISTER_REQUIRED="Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required." HIKA_REGISTER="Register" HIKA_VERIFY_PASSWORD="Verify Password" HIKA_REG_COMPLETE_ACTIVATE="Your account has been created and an activation link has been sent to the e-mail address you entered. Note that you must activate the account by clicking on the activation link when you get the e-mail before you can login." HIKA_REG_ACTIVATE_NOT_FOUND="There is no such account in our database or the account has already been activated." HIKA_REG_ACTIVATE_COMPLETE="Your Account has been successfully activated. You can now log in using the username and password you chose during the registration." HIKA_DETAILS="Details" HIKA_REGISTRATION="Registration" HIKA_CANCEL="Cancel" HIKA_BACK="Back" ; since version 1.4.0 CREDITCARD_WARNING="For security reasons, we strongly recommend you to delete the partial credit card information stored for this order once you retrieved it for processing. Also, remember to delete the email with the rest of the information once used." FORCE_MENU_ON_CHECKOUT="Force a menu on the checkout" PARAMS_FOR_LIST="Parameters for lists" UL_CLASS_NAME="UL class name" CUSTOMER_PAID_WITH_CREDIT_CARD="The customer paid with his credit card" END_OF_CREDIT_CARD_NUMBER="End of the credit card number" BEGINNING_OF_CREDIT_CARD_NUMBER="Beginning of the credit card number" CREDITCARD_INFORMATION="Information" CREDITCARD_PAYMENT="Credit card" THANK_YOU_SHARING="Thank you for your contribution" ; since version 1.4.1 CHARACTERISTICS_VALUES_ORDER="Characteristics values ordering" ALPHABETIC="Alphabetic" CREDIT_CARD_INVALID="Credit card number is invalid" CREDIT_CARD_EXPIRED="Credit card expired" CREDIT_CARD_OWNER="Credit card owner" CHARACTERISTICS_FIRST="Before configuring the variant of your product, you need first to create one or several characteristics with the menu Products->Characteristics, and then add one or several characteristics to your product" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_TERMS="Terms and conditions" APPEND_CHARACTERISTICS_VALUE_TO_PRODUCT_NAME="Append characteristics value to product name" CSV_SEPARATOR="CSV separator" COMMA="Comma" SEMICOLON="Semicolon" UPDATE_PRODUCTS="Update products information if the product_code already exists" CREATE_CATEGORIES="Create automatically missing categories" FORCE_PUBLISH="Force products to be published if no information
is given in the product_published column" ORDER_ADMIN_NOTIFICATION="Order administrator notification" USER_ACCOUNT="User account" ;since version 1.4.2 HIKASHOP_SAVE_OPTIONS_ONCE="Please save the HikaShop options as least once" MINI_CART="Mini cart" X_ITEMS_FOR_X="%s items for %s" TOTAL_IN_CART_X="Total : %s" ACCESS_LEVEL="Access level" HIKA_CUSTOM="Custom" COUPON_NOT_FOR_YOU="You are not allowed to use this coupon" MANUFACTURER_URL="Brand URL : %s" FILE_TYPE="File type" RESSOURCE_NOT_ALLOWED="You are not allowed to see this ressource" ;since version 1.4.3 AUTO_SUBMIT_SHIPPING_AND_PAYMENT_SELECTION="Auto submit shipping and payment methods selection" BECOME_PARTNER_QUESTION_REGISTRATION="Add a 'become partner' checkbox on the registration form" QUESTION_REGISTRATION_DEFAULT="Default value of the partner checkbox" BECOME_A_PARTNER="Become a partner" THANK_YOU_FOR_BECOMING_OUR_PARTNER="We also want to thank you for becoming our partner. Your partner ID will be %s and you will be able to access the affiliate program using this link : %s" OVERRIDE="Override" ;since version 1.4.4 HIKASHOP_ITEM="Item" CATALOGUE_MODE_WARNING="The catalogue mode will remove all the add to cart buttons of HikaShop on your front end" DISPLAY_ADD_TO_CART_BUTTON_FOR_FREE_PRODUCT="Display 'add to cart' button for free products" CHOOSE_OPTIONS="Choose options" ;since version 1.4.5 HIKA_NEW="New" NOT_ENOUGH_STOCK="Not enough stock" USER_GROUP_AFTER_PURCHASE="User group after purchase" CHECKOUT="Checkout" AUTO_SELECT_DEFAULT_SHIPPING_AND_PAYMENT="Auto select default shipping and payment methods" IF_ONLY_ONE_METHOD_AVAILABLE="If only one method is available" NOTICE_POPUP_DISPLAY_TIME="Notice popup display time" CONTACT_US_FOR_INFO="Contact us for more information" FOR_ALL_PRODUCTS="For all products" ON_A_PER_PRODUCT_BASIS="On a per product basis" DISPLAY_CONTACT_BUTTON="Display a contact button on the product page" CONTACT_REQUEST_FOR_PRODUCT="A contact request has been made for the product '%s'" CONTACT_REQUEST="A contact request has been made" CONTACT_REQUEST_SENT="You request has been sent successfully" ;since version 1.4.6 PAY_NOW="Pay now" ALLOW_CUSTOMERS_TO_CHANGE_THEIR_PAYMENT_METHOD_AFTER_CHECKOUT="Allow customers to change
their payment method after checkout" FORCE_SHIPPING_REGARDLESS_OF_WEIGHT="Force shipping regardless of weight" EDIT_INFOS="Edit your account information" PRODUCT_MIN_QUANTITY_PER_ORDER="Minimum quantity per order" CLICK_HERE_TO_GO_BACK_TO_PRODUCT="Click here to go back to the product page" CATEGORY_CONTENT_DOES_NOT_SUPPORT_TABLE_LAYOUT="The category content does not support table layout display" ;since version 1.4.8 PLEASE_WAIT_BEFORE_REDIRECTION_TO_X="Please wait while you are redirected to %s" ALLOW_NOTIFICATIONS_FROM_X="Allow payment notifications from %s" DEBUG="Debug" CANCEL_URL="Cancel url" RETURN_URL="Return url" IPS="IPs" REFRESH_IPS="Refresh IPs" INVALID_STATUS="Invalid status" PENDING_STATUS="Pending status" VERIFIED_STATUS="Verified status" LOGO="Your logo URL" STATUS_URL="The confirmation URL you need to enter
in your %s account configuration page" IPN_SECURITY_CODE="IPN security code" EWAY_CUSTOMER_ID="eWAY customer id" POPUP_BLOCKER_MESSAGE_EPAY="Notice! If you are using a pop-up blocker, you must hold down the CTRL key as you click the button." PAYMENT_ORDER_CONFIRMED="Payment confirmed" MERCHANT_NUMBER="Merchant number" WINDOW_STATE="Window State" MD5MODE="MD5 Mode" MD5KEY="MD5 Key" GROUP="Group" AUTHSMS="Auth SMS" AUTHEMAIL="Auth E-mail" INSTANTCAPTURE="Instant Capture" SPLITPAYMENT="Split payment" ADDFEE="Add fee to customer" POPUP_SAMEWINDOW="Same window" NOMD5="No MD5" BACKFROMEPAY="From ePay" TOANDBACKFROMEPAY="To and from ePay" VALID_PHONE="Please enter a valid phone number" HIKA_PAGINATION="Pagination" HIKA_TOP="Top" HIKA_BOTTOM="Bottom" ;since version 1.4.9 YOU_NEED_TO_ORDER_AT_LEAST_X_X="You need to order at least %s %s" DIMENSIONS_DISPLAY="Dimensions display" OPTIONS_FOR_X="Click here to access the display options of the products listing (%s)" PAYMENT_OPTIONS="Payment options" ALLOW_PARTIAL_PAYMENT="Partial payment" MINIMUM_COST="Minimum (value)" MINIMUM_ORDER_PERCENT="Minimum (percent)" GIVE_BACK_POINTS_IF_CANCELLED="Give back points on cancellation" BASIC_POINTS_RULES="Points earning" PRODUCT_POINTS="Products" LIMITE_POINTS_BY_TYPE="Limit by type" EARN_POINTS_ON_SHIPPING="Shipping gives points" CATEGORIES_POINTS="Points earning on categories" POINTS="Points" LIMITE_POINTS_BY_CATEGORY="Limit by category" GROUPS_POINTS="Points earning on groups" LIMITE_POINTS_BY_GROUP="Limit by group" YOU_HIKA_HAVE="You have %s points (or %s)." PAY_FULL_ORDER_POINTS=" You can pay the full order with your points, it will cost you %s points." PAY_FULL_ORDER_NO_SHIPPING=" You can pay the full order with your points (no shipping included), it will cost you %s points." COUPON_GENERATE=" A coupon will be automatically generated " CAUTION_POINTS="(CAUTION! YOUR POINTS WILL BE REMOVED!)" COUPON_GENERATE_PARTIAL=" You can use your points to generate a coupon of %s which will be automatically add to your order." NOT_ENOUGH_POINTS="You don't have enough point to finalize this order!" ERROR_POINTS="Error, you cannot validate this order." EQUALS=" = " MAXIMUM_ORDER_PERCENT="Maximum (percent)" ;since version 1.5.0 SHIPPING_MIN_ZIP="Minimum post code" SHIPPING_MAX_ZIP="Maximum post code" EMPTY_CART_MESSAGE_OVERRIDE="Empty cart message override" PRICE_WITH_OPTIONS="Price with options" DOWNLOADS="Downloads" SHIPPING_PREFIX="Prefix" SHIPPING_SUFFIX="Suffix" INCLUDE_VIRTUAL_PRODUCTS_PRICE="Include virtual
products price" CPI_STORE_KEY="CPI store key" DISCOUNT_QUOTA_PER_USER="Quota per user" NOT_ENOUGH_PRODUCTS_FOR_COUPON="The coupon you entered cannot be used for less than %s products in your cart" MINIMUM_NUMBER_OF_PRODUCTS="Minimum number of products" LINK_ON_MAIN_CATEGORIES="Link on main categories" ATOS_PAYMENT_MEANS="Payment means" ATOS_MERCHANT_ID="Merchant id" ATOS_MERCHANT_COUNTRY="Merchant country" ATOS_UPLOAD_FOLDER="Upload folder" ATOS_LOGO_FOLDER="Logo folder" ATOS_UPLOAD_REQUEST="Choose request file" ATOS_UPLOAD_RESPONSE="Choose response file" ATOS_CERTIFICATE="Choose your certificate" ATOS_DELAY="Payment delay" ENABLE_VALIDATION="Enable validation mode" ATOS_INSTALLMENTS="Multiple payments" INSTALLMENTS_SEPARATED_BY=" installments separated by " FORCE_MULTIPLE_PAYMENTS="Force multiple payments" PAYMENT_IN_X_TIME="Payment in %s installments" PAY_FULL_ORDER="Pay the full order" SELECT_CARDS="Select usable cards" PAYMENT_NOTIFICATION_ERROR="An error error have occurred during the payment process. Message returned: %s - Error code: %s" PAYMENT_NOTIFICATION_PROBLEM="%s payment notification : %s " ORDER_CANCEL_BY_USER="Order cancelled by user" ORDER_HAVE_BEEN="The order have been %s" ATOS_BINARIES_FOLDER="Binaries folder" ATOS_PARAM_FOLDER="Parameters folder" ;since version 1.5.1 NO_FEED="No feed" RSS_ONLY="Only the RSS feed" ATOM_ONLY="Only the Atom feed" ALL_FEED="Atom & RSS feed" DISPLAY_OUT_OF_STOCK_PRODUCTS="Display out of stock products" SEND_DETAILS_OF_ORDER="Send details of the order" OPTIONS="Options" MANAGE="Manage" ACL_WRONG_CONFIG="You can not exclude yourself from the configuration management" ADDRESS_OVERRIDE="Address override" HIKA_NEXT="Next" ;since version 1.5.2 CUSTOM_TEXT="Custom text" PUT_STORE_OFFLINE="Put the store offline" SHOP_IN_MAINTENANCE="The shop is in maintenance" MANUFACTURERS="Brands" MANUFACTURER="Brand" CATEGORY_META_DESCRIPTION="Meta description" CATEGORY_KEYWORDS="Keywords" BUSINESS_HOURS="Business hours" OPENS_AT="Opens at: " CLOSES_AT="Closes at: " THE_STORE_IS_ONLY_OPEN_FROM_X_TO_X="The store is only open from %s to %s" FREE_DOWNLOAD="Free download" FROM_HIKASHOP="From HikaShop" FROM_TEMPLATE="From %s template override" ALLOW_USERS_TO_PRINT_CART="Allow users to print their cart" CLEAN_CART_WHEN_ORDER_IS="Clean cart when order is" SIGNATURE="Signature" ENVIRONNEMENT="Environnement" SHARED_KEY="Shared Key" HASH_METHOD="Hash method" CV2_MANDATORY="CV2 Mandatory" ADDRESS1_MANDATORY="Street mandatory" CITY_MANDATORY="City mandatory" POSTCODE_MANDATORY="Postcode mandatory" STATE_MANDATORY="State mandatory" COUNTRY_MANDATORY="Country mandatory" GATEWAY_DOMAIN="Gateway domain" GATEWAY_PORT="Gateway port" ;since version 1.5.3 LIMIT_REACHED="Limit reached. Quantity reduced for product: %s" LIMIT_REACHED_REMOVED="Limit reached. You can't add the product: %s" ENABLE_CAROUSEL="Enable carousel" IMAGE_WIDTH="Item width" IMAGE_HEIGHT="Item height" TYPE_OF_CAROUSEL_EFFECT="Type of carousel effect" SLIDE_DIRECTION="Slide direction" TRANSITION_EFFECT="Transition effect" CAROUSEL_EFFECT_DURATION="Carousel effect duration" PRODUCTS_BY_SLIDE="Product per slide" SLIDE_ONE_BY_ONE="Slide one by one" AUTO_SLIDE="Auto-slide" AUTO_SLIDE_DURATION="Time between two auto-slide" SLIDE_PAGINATION_TYPE="Pagination type" PAGINATION_IMAGE_WIDTH="Thumbnail width" PAGINATION_IMAGE_HEIGHT="Thumbnail height" PAGINATION_POSITION="Pagination position" DISPLAY_BUTTONS="Display carousel button" PANE_HEIGHT="Pane height" ITEM_BOX_BORDER="Item box border" HORIZONTAL="Horizontal" VERTICAL="Vertical" LINEAR="Linear" BOUNCE="Bounce" ELASTIC="Elastic" SINUSOIDAL="Sinusoidal" QUADRATIC="Quadratic" EXPONENTIAL="Exponential" NO_PAGINATION="No pagination" THUMBNAILS="Thumbnails" DOTS="Dots" NUMBERS="Numbers" PRODUCT_NAME="Products name" SLIDE="Slide" FADE="Fade" PRODUCT_TRANSITION_EFFECT="Item effect transition" PRODUCT_EFFECT_DURATION="Item effect duration" USE_AJAX_WHEN_POSSIBLE_FOR_ADD_TO_CART="Use AJAX when possible
for add to cart buttons" TRANSACTION_DECLINED_WRONG_CARD="Your transaction was declined. Please reenter your credit card or another credit card information." TRANSACTION_DECLINED="Your transactino was declined." TRANSACTION_PROCESSING_ERROR="There was an error while processing your transaction: %s" PLEASE_SELECT_SOMETHING="Please make a selection from the list" NO_SHIPPING="No shipping" INPUT_FILTERING="Input filtering" MAXLENGTH="Maximum length" BROWSE_FILE="Please browse for a file to import" SEF_URL_OPTIONS="SEF url options" ACTIVATE_SMALLER_URL="Activate smaller url" PRODUCT_SHOW_SEF_NAME="Product SEF name" CATEGORY_LISTING_SEF_NAME="Category SEF name" UPS_ACCESS_CODE="UPS Access Key" UPS_USER_ID="UPS User ID" SHIPPER_NUMBER="UPS account number" DESTINATION_TYPE="Destination type" PICKUP_TYPE="Pickup type" WAREHOUSE="Warehouse" UNITS="Units" GROUP_PACKAGE="Group packages" INCLUDE_PRICE="Include prices" UPS_HANDLING_FEES="Handling fees" UPS_PERCENTAGE_HANDLING_FEES="Handling fees percent" UPS_WEIGHT_APPROXIMATION="Weight approximation" DIMENSION_APPROXIMATION="Dimension approximation" DELETE_ZONE="Delete Zone" HIKA_LEFT="Left" HIKA_RIGHT="Right" CARD_TYPE="Card type" ;since version 1.5.4 INHERIT_PARENT_GROUP_ACCESS="Inherit parent group access" ENTER_INFO_REGISTER_IF_NEEDED="You need to enter your %s %s. If you don't have yet a %s account, you can create a new account by clicking here" CART_PRODUCT_IMAGE="Image" ADD_EXISTING_PRODUCT="Add an existing product" HIKA_REFRESH="Refresh" LEADS="Leads" PAYMENT_EMAIL_ADDRESS="Payment e-mail address" AFFILIATE_PAYMENT_DELAY="Minimum delay before paying the affiliate commission" PAYABLE="Payable" AMOUNT_DELAY="Items more than %s old" CLICKS_ALL="All clicks" X_AND_INFERIOR="Under %s" X_AND_SUPERIOR="%s and above" FROM_X_TO_Y="%s to %s" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_FIELDS="Fields" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_ADD_STEP="Add Step" APPLY_ON="Apply on" SUBMIT_ON_CLICK="Submit on click" DELETABLE_FILTER="Deletable filter" DYNAMIC_DISPLAY="Dynamic display" TITLE_POSITION="Title position" CURSOR="Cursor" PRODUCT_INFORMATION="Product information" SORT="Sort" PRODUCT_SURFACE="Surface" HIKA_INSIDE="Inside" MAXIMIZE_TEXT_SIZE="Maximum text size" INLINE_BUTTON="Inline button" HIKA_TOP_LEFT="Top left" HIKA_TOP_RIGHT="Top right" HIKA_TOP_CENTER="Top center" HIKA_BOTTOM_LEFT="Bottom left" HIKA_BOTTOM_RIGHT="Bottom right" HIKA_BOTTOM_CENTER="Bottom center" CURSOR_NUMBER="Cursor number" CURSOR_MIN="Cursor minimum value" CURSOR_MAX="Cursor maximum value" CURSOR_STEP="Cursor steps" CURSOR_EFFECT="Cursor effect" CURSOR_WIDTH="Cursor width" FROM_SAME_MANUFACTURER="From the same brand" FILTERS="Filters" HEIGHT="Height" SHOW_FILTER_BUTTON="Show filter button" DISPLAY_FIELDSET="Display fieldset" FILTER_BUTTON_POSITION="Filter button position" THE_PRODUCT_IS_OUT_OF_STOCK="The product %s has a stock of only %s items." ESTIMATED_TIME_AFTER_SEND="Estimated delivery date: %s days after shipping it" SHIPPING_DELIVERY_DELAY="Estimated delivery date: %s" NO_ESTIMATED_TIME_AFTER_SEND="No estimated delivery date" DELIVERY_HOUR="Delivery hour: %s" NO_DELIVERY_HOUR="No delivery hour" OUT_OF_STOCK_NOTIFICATION_SUBJECT="Out of stock notification for the website %s" OUT_OF_STOCK="Out of stock notification" GROUP_OPTIONS_WITH_PRODUCT="Group options with product" ;since version 1.5.5 CHECKOUT_WORKFLOW_EDITION="Advanced checkout workflow edition" HIKA_UNPUBLISHED="Unpublished" AUP_X_POINTS_HAS_BEEN_DEDUCTED_FROM_YOUR_ACCOUNT="%s points have been deducted from your account" CONFIGURE_YOUR_PAYMENT_METHODS="Please configure your payment methods" NO_PAYMENT_METHODS_FOUND="No payment methods found" CANCEL_ORDER="Cancel Order" CANCELLABLE_ORDER_STATUS="Cancellable orders statuses" ADD_ME_WAITLIST="Notify me when available" WAITLIST_SUBSCRIBE="You will be notified when the product will be available again." ACTIVATE_WAITLIST="Activate Waitlist feature" WAITLIST_SUBSCRIBE_LIMIT="Maximum of waitlist subscriber per product" WAITLIST_SEND_LIMIT="Maximum emails sent per product" WAITLIST_NOTIFICATION_SUBJECT="Product now in stock" WAITLIST_SUBSCRIBE_FOR_PRODUCT="You have subscribed to the stock notification for the product: %s" WAITLIST_FOR_PRODUCT="Notify me when the product '%s' will be available" THERE_IS_NOW_QTY_FOR_PRODUCT="There is now %s product(s) in stock" ACCESS_TO_THE_ORDER="You can access this order details via this link." SEE_PRODUCT="See the product." MAKE_A_REFUND_IF_POSSIBLE="Don't forget to make a manual refund of the order." COMPARE_MODE="Activate compare mode" COMPARE_LIMIT="Compare limitation" ADD_TO_COMPARE_LIST="Compare product" COMPARE_PRODUCTS="Compare Products" REMOVE_FROM_COMPARE_LIST="Do not compare product" COMPARE_LIMIT_REACHED="The compare list is full" SELECT_DATE_IN_PAST="Please select a date in the past" SELECT_DATE_IN_FUTURE="Please select a date in the future" ALLOW="Allow" ALL_DATES="All dates" ONLY_PAST_DATES="Only past dates" ONLY_FUTURE_DATES="Only future dates" ORDER_CANCEL="Order cancel" WAITLIST_NOTIFICATION="Wait list notification" ALREADY_REGISTER_WAITLIST="You have already subscribed to this wait list" HEADER_IMAGE="Paypal header url" ;since version 1.5.6 INCORRECT_DATE_FORMAT="Incorrect date format" DETAILED_TAX_DISPLAY="Detailed tax display" CUMULATIVE_TAX="Cumulative tax" PAYMENT_NOTIFICATION="%s payment notification : payment %s" PAYMENT_NOTIFICATION_FOR_ORDER="%s payment notification : payment %s for order no.%s" HIKA_TITLE_MR="Mr" HIKA_TITLE_MRS="Mrs" HIKA_TITLE_MISS="Miss" HIKA_TITLE_MS="Ms" HIKA_TITLE_DR="Dr" DISCOUNT_CODE_ALREADY_USED="Discount code already used. Please change it" DISPLAY_CUSTOM_ITEM_FIELDS="Display custom item fields" RECENTLY_VIEWED="Recently viewed" SHOW_NUMBER_OF_PRODUCTS="Show the number of products" ONLY_DISPLAY_CATEGORIES_WITH_PRODUCTS="Only display categories with products" LAYOUT_ON_PRODUCT_PAGE="Layout on product page" HIKA_INHERIT="Inherit" SHOW_DEFAULT="Default" SHOW_REVERSED="Reversed" SHOW_TABULAR="Tabular" SIMPLIFIED_REGISTRATION_WITH_PASSWORD="Simplified registration with password" SIMPLIFIED_BREADCRUMBS="Simplified breadcrumbs" PRODUCT_PAGE_IMAGE_X="Product page image width" PRODUCT_PAGE_IMAGE_Y="Product page image height" PRODUCT_PAGE_IMAGE_XY="Product page image (width x height)" ;since version 1.5.7 ORDER_ADMIN_NOTIFICATION_SUBJECT="A new order has been created on your website" REMOVE_COUPON="Remove coupon" NO_MANUFACTURER="No brand" HIKA_EMAIL_CONFIRM="E-mail confirmation" THE_CONFIRMATION_EMAIL_DIFFERS_FROM_THE_EMAIL_YOUR_ENTERED="The confirmation email differs from the email your entered. Please enter it again." DISPLAY_EMAIL_CONFIRMATION_FIELD="Display email confirmation field" READONLY="Read only" SPECIFY_A_NAME="Please specify a name." NOT_COMPAT_WITH_SORTING="Caution: You cannot have a %s filter and apply it to sorting. The filter type has been changed to %s." NO_TITLE_INSIDE="Caution: You cannot put the title inside a radio button or a checkbox. The title position has been changed to top." NO_CURRENCY_SELECTED="Caution: You have to choose at leat one currency. A currency have been selected automatically for you." CUSTOM_FIELD_NOT_AVAILABLE_FOR_CATEGORY="Caution: The chosen custom field is not available for this category." MIN_MAX_NOT_SET="Error: You have to define a maximim and a minimum value for your cursor." HIKA_ADMIN_CONFIRM_ACTIVATION="An administrator will now have to validate the activation of your account." VOTE_AND_COMMENT_PLEASE="Please enter a vote and a comment" THANKS_FOR_PARTICIPATION="Thanks for your participation" THANKS_FOR_COMMENT="Thanks for your comment" PLEASE_COMMENT="Please leave a comment" LET_COMMENT_TO_VALID_VOTE="To valid your vote, please enter a comment" THANK_FOR_VOTE="Thanks for your vote" VOTE_UPDATED="Vote updated" ONLY_REGISTERED_CAN_VOTE="You must be registered in order to post a vote" ONLY_REGISTERED_CAN_COMMENT="You must be registered in order to post a comment" VOTE_ERROR="An error has occured, please try again later" MUST_HAVE_BUY_TO_VOTE="You must have bought this item in order to post a vote or a comment" ENABLE_STATUS="Choose which module you want to enable" ACCESS_VOTE="Choose the access level for votes or comments" STAR_NUMBER="Number of stars for the rating" NUMBER_COMMENT_BY_PRODUCT="Number of comments to be shown per page" USEFUL_RATING="Enable useful rating for each comment" VOTE="Vote" ALREADY_VOTE_USEFUL="You already voted for this comment" VOTE_AVERAGE="Average" MULTI_VOTE="Allow multi comment if votes and comments are connected" SHOW_LISTING_COMMENT="Users must be registered to see other comments" REGISTER_NOTE_COMMENT="Users must be registered to note other comments" ENTER_PSEUDO_VOTE="You have to enter your username" EMAIL_COMMENT="If users are not logged in, require email address for comments" COMMENT_BY_PERSON_BY_PRODUCT="Maximum number of comments per user for one product" PSEUDO_REQUIRED="You have to enter your username" EMAIL_INVALID="Please check your email address" REACH_LIMIT_OF_COMMENT="You reached your limit of comments for this product" FULL_COMMENT="Entire comment" VOTE_ENTER_ITEM_ID="Please enter the item ID." PUBLISHED_COMMENT="Auto publish new comments" DISPLAY_VOTE_OF_PRODUCTS="Display vote in products page" DISPLAY_VOTE_IN_CATEGORIES="Show vote in categories" DISPLAY_VOTE="Display votes" EMAIL_NEW_COMMENT="Send email for new comments" RATING="Rating" HIKA_IP="Ip" WRONG_ITEM_ID="No items match this item id" NEW_COMMENT_NOTIFICATION_SUBJECT="A new comment has been posted." NEW_COMMENT="New comment " SEE_COMMENT="Link to the comment" COMMENT_CONTENT="Comment posted" COMMENT_ITEM_NAME="Item name" PRODUCT_COMMENT="Comment" PRODUCT_NEW_COMMENT="Post a comment" VENDOR_NAME="Vendor name" TEMPLATE="Template" HIKA_FILE_MODE="Set file mode" HIKA_FILE_MODE_UPLOAD="Upload file" HIKA_FILE_MODE_PATH="Specify file location" HIKA_PATH="File path" COM_HIKASHOP_CATEGORY_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE="Categories listing" COM_HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE="Checkout" COM_HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_LEGACY_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE="Checkout (Legacy)" COM_HIKASHOP_ADDRESS_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE="User addresses" COM_HIKASHOP_AFFILIATE_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE="Affiliate program" COM_HIKASHOP_ENTRY_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE="Entry registration" COM_HIKASHOP_ORDER_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE="Customer orders" COM_HIKASHOP_PRODUCT_FORM_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE="Product page" COM_HIKASHOP_PRODUCT_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE="Products listing" COM_HIKASHOP_USER_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE="Registration form" COM_HIKASHOP_USER_PANEL_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE="User control panel" COM_HIKASHOP_COMPARE_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE="Comparison page" COM_HIKASHOP_CONTACT_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE="Contact page" STYLES_FOR_FRONTEND="Styles for the front-end" STYLE_HIKASHOP="Easily adapt HikaShop
to your template with Styles" STYLE_TOOLTIP_TITLE="HikaShop Styles" STYLE_TOOLTIP_TEXT="With HikaShop styles you can easily adapt HikaShop to your Joomla template. Click on the link to learn more about that !" OVERRIDE_SHIPPING_ADDRESS="Override shipping address" DISPLAY_OTHER_PRODUCT_SHORTCUT="Show shortcuts to other category products" SUBSCRIPTION_LEVEL="Subscription level" VIEW_SUBSCRIPTIONS="Show your subscriptions" SUBSCRIPTIONS="Subscriptions" OVERRIDE_SHIPPING_ADDRESS_TEXT="Override shipping address text" HIKA_HIDE="Hide" SHIPPING_PRICES="Shipping prices" USE_PRICE_PER_PRODUCT="Use price per product" PRICE_PER_PRODUCT="Price per product" PERCENT_AMOUNT_PER_PRODUCT="Percentage per product" HIKA_USER_NAME="Name" ;since 1.5.8 HIKA_PREVIOUS="Previous" EMPTY_FILENAME="" DOWNLOAD_NOW="Download" AUP_DISCOUNT="Points discount" AUP_USE_POINTS="Points used" USE_VIRTUAL_POINTS="Use virtual points" USE_VIRTUAL_COUPON="Use virtual coupons" GROUP_POINTS_WARNING_LEVEL="Group points: Warning level" MISSING_X_POINTS_TO_REDUCTION="Missing %d point(s) to have a reduction of %s" HIKASHOP_NO_COMMENT_YET="No comments have been posted yet." HIKASHOP_VOTE_BOUGHT_COMMENT="This person has bought this item." HIKASHOP_LISTING_COMMENT="List of the comments:" HIKASHOP_POST_COMMENT="Post a comment ..." HIKASHOP_NO_USEFUL="No vote yet" VOTE_USEFUL_STYLE="Set the useful vote style" HELPFUL="Helpful" VOTE_COMMENT_SORT="Choose how the comments have to be sorted" HIKASHOP_LET_A_COMMENT="Give your advice about this item:" CART_PRODUCT_CODE="Code" DISPLAY_CODE="Display product code" FREE_PAYMENT="" HIKASHOP_PAYMENT="Payment fee" ASSOCIATED_CATEGORY="Associated category" BANNER="Banner" ;since 1.5.9 FEE="Fee" GROUP_POINTS_BY="Group points by" MAXIMUM_POINTS="Maximum points" GIVE_POINTS_ON_STATUSES="Give points on statuses" PLEASE_FILL_ADDITIONAL_INFO="Please fill additional information" GLOBAL_ON_LISTINGS="Global on listings" PAGE_TITLE="Page title" ADD_TO_WISHLIST="Add to wishlist" CART_TO_WISHLIST="Convert cart in wishlist" WISHLIST_TO_CART="Convert wishlist in cart" DISPLAY_THE_WISHLIST="Show the wishlist" SAVE_WISHLIST="Save the wishlist" ADD_TO_WISHLIST_BUTTON="Display 'Add to wishlist' button" COUPON_NO_VALUE_WHEN_DISCOUNT="Coupon has no value when used with current product discount(s)." COUPON_LIMITED_VALUE_WHEN_DISCOUNT="Coupon has limited value when used with current product discount(s)." NEW_WISHLIST="Create a new wishlist" NEW_CART="Create a new cart" DISPLAY_THE_WISHLISTS="Show the wishlists" DISPLAY_THE_CARTS="Show the carts" HIKA_SET_AS_CURRENT="Set as current" HIKA_CURRENT="Current" HIKA_STOCK="Stock" CANADAPOST_TURNAROUND="Warehouse turnaround time (Hours)" CANADAPOST_READYTOSHIP="Ready to ship" WISHLISTS="Wishlists" WISHLIST="Wishlist" CARTS="Carts" HIKA_ACTION="Action" HIKA_NOT_SALE_ANYMORE="Not on sale anymore" WISHLIST_EMPTY="The wishlist is empty" HIKA_UNLIMITED="Unlimited" SHOW_COMMENT_DATE="Display the date of each comments" CART_WISHLIST="Cart/Wishlist" HIKASHOP_SEND_COMMENT="Send a comment" HIKASHOP_CART_NAME="Cart name" HIKASHOP_NOT_AUTHORIZED="You are not authorized to see this resource" HIKASHOP_WISHLIST_LINK="Link to the wishlist" HIKASHOP_EVERYBODY="Everybody" HIKASHOP_NOBODY="Nobody" HIKASHOP_REGISTERED_USERS="Registered users" HKASHOP_USER_ID="User ID" HIKA_NEW_WISHLIST_BACKEND="Please add the products, then save, and finally add the other information." HIKA_NO_CARTS_FOUND="No cart found" HIKA_NO_WISHLISTS_FOUND="No wishlist found" VERTICAL_DISTANCE="Vertical distance" HORIZONTAL_DISTANCE="Horizontal distance" DISCOUNT_NOT_FOUND="Discount not found" HIKA_BADGES="Badges" HIKA_BADGE="Badge" HIKASHOP_REPORTS="Reports" HIKASHOP_REPORT="Report" YESTERDAY="Yesterday" LAST_24H="Last 24h" THIS_WEEK="This week" THIS_MONTH="This month" THIS_YEAR="This year" PREVIOUS_WEEK="Last week" PREVIOUS_MONTH="Last month" PREVIOUS_YEAR="Last year" COLUMN="Column" LINE="Line" AREA="Area" DISPLAY_TYPE="Display Type" COMPARE="Compare" DISPLAYED_INFORMATION="Displayed Information" LAST_PARTNER="Last Partner" BEST_PARTNER="Best Partner" TOTAL_PARTNER="Total Partner" LAST_CUSTOMER="Last Customer" BEST_CUSTOMER="Best Customer" TOTAL_CUSTOMER="Total Customer" BEST="Best" WORST="Worst" CONFIGURE_WIDGET_ROW="Please configure your first row" SPECIFIC_OPTIONS="Specific Options" LAST_PERIOD="Last period" LAST_YEAR="Last year" CURRENT_REPORT="Current report" NOT_SPECIFIED="Not Specified" LAST_SEVEN_ORDERS="Last 7 Orders" SALES_THIS_MONTH="Sales this month" MAIN_STATISTICS="Main statistics" WEEKLY_PERFORMANCE="Weekly performance" TOP_SALES="Top sales" ORDER_STATUSES_THIS_WEEK="Order statuses this week" SALES_COMPARISON_BETWEEN_THIS_YEAR_VS_LAST_YEAR="Sales comparison" FIVE_BEST_CATEGORIES_OVER_THE_LAST_TWO_WEEKS="5 best categories over the past 2 weeks" ORDERS_BY_CURRENCY="Orders by currency" ORDERS_TO_SHIP="Orders to ship" COM_HIKASHOP_BRAND_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE="Brands listing" HIKASHOP_RANDOM_MODULE="Random products" HIKASHOP_CATEGORIES_1_MODULE="Categories on 1 level" HIKASHOP_CATEGORIES_2_MODULE="Categories on 2 levels" HIKASHOP_BEST_SELLERS_MODULE="Best sellers" HIKASHOP_LATEST_MODULE="Latest products" HIKASHOP_BEST_RATED_MODULE="Best rated" FEDEX_ORIGINATION_POSTCODE="Origination postcode" FEDEX_ACCOUNT_NUMBER="Account number" FEDEX_METER_ID="Meter ID" FEDEX_API_KEY="API Key" FEDEX_SHOW_ETA_DELAY="Show delay" FEDEX_SHOW_ETA="Show ETA" FEDEX_SHOW_NOTES="Show Notes" FEDEX_USE_BOX_DIMENSION="Use dimension" SHIPPING_GROUPED_BOX_DIMENSIONS="Dimensions and weight of grouped packages" SHIPPING_YOUR_PACKAGING="Your packaging" SHIPPING_PACKAGING_TYPE="Packaging type" SHIPPING_BOX_DIMENSIONS="Box dimensions" ORDERING="Ordering" SET_USER_ADDRESS="Set user adress" X_CHARACTERS_REMAINING="%s characters remaining" POSITION="Position" ;since 1.6.0 CHECKOUT_CONVERT_CART="Display the convert cart in wishlist button" PRODUCT_SUCCESSFULLY_ADDED_TO_WISHLIST="Product successfully added to the wishlist" PLEASE_SELECT_A_PRODUCT_FIRST="Please select a product first" ENABLE_WISHLIST="Enable the wishlists" ENABLE_MULTI_CART="Enable multi carts" STORE_OFFLINE_WARNING="WARNING ! Turning on this option will disable HikaShop pages on your website frontend !" HIKASHOP_WISHLIST_CREATED="The new wishlist will be displayed when products inside." HIKASHOP_CART_CREATED="The new cart will be displayed when products inside." DISPLAY_FILTERS="Display Filters" DISPLAY_FILTERS_ON_PRODUCT_LISTING="Display filters on product listing" HIKA_FIND_IT_HELPFUL="%s of %s find it helpful" ACCESS_CODE="Access key" PIN="Pin" ;since 2.0.0 SHARED_SSL="Shared SSL" DISPLAY_THE_CART="Display the cart" DISPLAY_MANUFACTURER="Display the manufacturer" HIKA_RECUR_DURATION_TIME="Recurring products don't have the same duration time, please keep only products with same duration in this cart." HIKA_RECUR_ONE_SUBS_ALLOWED="Only one subscription allowed." HIKA_RECUR_BOTH_PRODUCT_TYPE="Recurring products & not recurring products in cart, please keep only one type of products in this cart." REATTEMPT="Retry in case of payment failure" HIKA_SUBSCRIPTION_COMPONENT="Subscription component" PRICE_FROM="Use price from" OUT_OF_DATE_SUBSCRIPTION="Your subscription %s has expired." ACCESS_ORDER_WITH_LINK_FRONTEND="You can access the order details directly by clicking on the link below after logging in:
%s" SUBSCRIPTION_EOT="Subscription expired" PREVIOUS_PRODUCT="Previous product" NEXT_PRODUCT="Next product" WEIGHT_DISPLAY="Weight Display" UPDATE_PRODUCT_QUANTITY="Update the product quantity instead of replacing it" INVOICE_NUMBER="Invoice Number" INVOICE_NUMBER_FORMAT="Invoice Number format" INVOICE_ORDER_STATUSES="Invoice order statuses" SUBJECT="Subject" MENUS="Menus" AUP_POINTS="Points" DEFINED_LIMITS="Defined limits" HIKASHOP_USER_DETAILS="Your details" COM_HIKASHOP_CART_LISTING_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE="Cart listing" COM_HIKASHOP_CART_FORM_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE="Cart Display" VOTE_COMMENT_SORT_FRONTEND="Allow users to sort comments" HIKASHOP_COMMENT_ORDER_DATE="Latest Comment" HIKASHOP_COMMENT_ORDER_HELPFUL="Most helpful" ;since 2.1.0 INVOICE_INFORMATION="Invoice information" INVOICE_MESSAGE="Your invoice amount is: " INVOICE_ORDER_NUMBER="The order number for this invoice: " NO_DATA="No data" BEST_PRODUCT_THIS_YEAR="Best product this year" BEST_CUSTOMER_ALL_TIME="Best customer of all times" ORDERS_CREATED_TODAY="Orders created today" BEST_CATEGORY_THIS_MONTH="Best category this month" HIKASHOP_IMAGE_ROOTDIR="HikaShop Images" HIKA_RESTRICTIONS="Restrictions" INVOICE_RESET_FREQUENCY="Invoice number reset frequency" EVERY_YEARS="Every years" EVERY_MONTHS="Every months" FROM="From" TO="to" LOGIN_REGISTRATION="Login & Registration" VOTE_AND_COMMENT="Vote & Comment" HIKA_WAITLIST="Waitlist" HIKA_FEATURES="Features" HIKA_ADVANCED="Advanced" HIKA_ADVANCED_SETTINGS="Advanced settings" USE_BOOTSTRAP_ON_FRONT="Use bootstrap design" MAIN_PRICE_OVERRIDE="Main product price percentage" UPDATE_AFTER_ORDER_CONFIRM="Update the product stock on confirmed status" COUPON_APPLIES_TO_PRODUCT_ONLY="Coupon percentage applies to product only" STANDARD_BEHAVIOR="Standard behavior" IGNORE_DISCOUNTED_PRODUCTS="Ignore discounted products" OVERRIDE_DISCOUNTED_PRODUCTS="Override discounted products" COUPON_HANDLING_OF_DISCOUNTED_PRODUCTS="Coupon handling of discounted products" FORCE_AFFILIATION_TO="Force affiliation to" NO_PARTNER="No partner" CURRENT_CUSTOMER_PARTNER="Current customer partner" ;since 2.1.1 NO_AFFILIATION_IF_CART_PRESENT="No affiliation if cart present" NO_DISCOUNT="No discount" ORDER_CANCEL_SUBJECT="An order has been cancelled on your website" HIDE_WISHLIST_GUEST="Hide wishlist button for guest users" HIKASHOP_ADD_TO="Add to" HIKA_USER_ACCOUNT_ADMIN_NOTIFICATION_SUBJECT="Account Details for %s at %s" HIKA_USER_ACCOUNT_ADMIN_NOTIFICATION_BODY="Hello administrator,

A new user '%s', username '%s', has registered at %s." KEEP_SIZE="Keep size" POPUP_MODE="Popup mode" PRODUCT_MSRP_BEFORE="Common price:" PRODUCT_MSRP_AFTER="Our price:" CATEGORY_TREE_REBUILT="The category tree has been rebuilt" REBUILD="Rebuild" PRODUCT_CANONICAL="Canonical URL" PRODUCT_MSRP="Retail price" EMAIL_ADDRESS_ALREADY_USED="Email address already used for a user account. Please login or use another email address." HIKASHOP_COMPARE_LIST="Compare" WISHLIST_TO_COMPARE="Display compare button in wishlist display" COMPARE_TO_WISHLIST="Display add to wishlist button in compare page" DISPLAY_WAITLIST_BUTTON="Display the waitlist button" ;since 2.1.2 SITE_ID="Site" SELECT_A_SITE="Select a site" IMAGE_IN_CART="Display image in cart" DAYS_AFTER_ORDERING="Created %s days ago and not paid yet" LOGIN_REQUIRED_FOR_WISHLISTS="You must be logged in to use the wishlists." ;since 2.1.3 ENCRYPTION_KEY="Encryption key" TEST_MODE="Test mode" ONLINE_COMMUNICATION="Online communication" RESPONSE_REQUIRED="Response required" HIKA_HOSTED="Hosted" HIKA_REDIRECT="Redirect" USE_CHOSEN="Use Chosen library" AWS_KEY_ID="Access Key ID" SECRET_KEY="Secret Access Key" ;since 2.2.0 DISPLAY_BADGE="Display Badge" SORT_ASCENDING="%s ascending" SORT_DESCENDING="%s descending" IN_STOCK_CHECKBOX="In Stock Checkbox" SHOW_RESET_BUTTON="Show reset button" HIKA_PLUGIN="Plugin: " PLUGIN_GENERIC_CONFIGURATION="Generic configuration" PLUGIN_SPECIFIC_CONFIGURATION="Specific configuration" HIKA_NO_RESCTION="No restriction" SET_HISTORY_MESSAGE="Set history message" SANDBOX="Use Sandbox" HIKA_FORMAT="Format" PARTNER_PAYMENT_STATUS="Partner payment" SHIPPING_INFORMATION="Shipping information" SHIPPED_BY="Shipped by: %s" ITEMS_VOLUME_TOO_SMALL_FOR_SHIPPING_METHODS="The cart items combined volume is too small for all the possible shipping methods" ITEMS_WEIGHT_TOO_SMALL_FOR_SHIPPING_METHODS="The cart items combined weight is too small for all the possible shipping methods" ORDER_TOTAL_TOO_HIGH_FOR_SHIPPING_METHODS="Your order total price is too high to display a shipping method" ORDER_QUANTITY_TOO_SMALL_FOR_SHIPPING_METHODS="The cart items combined quantity is too small for all the possible shipping methods" ORDER_QUANTITY_TOO_HIGH_FOR_SHIPPING_METHODS="The cart items combined quantity is too high for all the possible shipping methods" X_PRODUCTS_ARE_NOT_SHIPPABLE_TO_YOU="The %s item(s) in your cart cannot be shipped to you" SHIPPING_MIN_QUANTITY="Minimum quantity" SHIPPING_MAX_QUANTITY="Maximum quantity" TRIGGERS="Triggers" ADD_TRIGGER="Add a trigger" TRIGGER_SELECT="Select a trigger" BEFORE_A_PRODUCT_IS_CREATED="Before a product is created" BEFORE_A_PRODUCT_IS_UPDATED="Before a product is updated" BEFORE_A_PRODUCT_IS_DELETED="Before a product is deleted" BEFORE_A_PRODUCT_IS_COPIED="Before a product is copied" AFTER_A_PRODUCT_IS_CREATED="After a product is created" AFTER_A_PRODUCT_IS_UPDATED="After a product is updated" AFTER_A_PRODUCT_IS_DELETED="After a product is deleted" AFTER_A_PRODUCT_IS_COPIED="After a product is copied" BEFORE_A_CATEGORY_IS_CREATED="Before a category is created" BEFORE_A_CATEGORY_IS_UPDATED="Before a category is updated" BEFORE_A_CATEGORY_IS_DELETED="Before a category is deleted" AFTER_A_CATEGORY_IS_CREATED="After a category is created" AFTER_A_CATEGORY_IS_UPDATED="After a category is updated" AFTER_A_CATEGORY_IS_DELETED="After a category is deleted" BEFORE_AN_ORDER_IS_CREATED="Before an order is created" BEFORE_AN_ORDER_IS_UPDATED="Before an order is updated" BEFORE_AN_ORDER_IS_DELETED="Before an order is deleted" AFTER_AN_ORDER_IS_CREATED="After an order is created" AFTER_AN_ORDER_IS_UPDATED="After an order is updated" AFTER_AN_ORDER_IS_DELETED="After an order is deleted" BEFORE_A_USER_IS_CREATED="Before a user is created" BEFORE_A_USER_IS_UPDATED="Before a user is updated" BEFORE_A_USER_IS_DELETED="Before a user is deleted" AFTER_A_USER_IS_CREATED="After a user is created" AFTER_A_USER_IS_UPDATED="After a user is updated" AFTER_A_USER_IS_DELETED="After a user is deleted" BEFORE_AN_ADDRESS_IS_CREATED="Before an address is created" BEFORE_AN_ADDRESS_IS_UPDATED="Before an address is updated" BEFORE_AN_ADDRESS_IS_DELETED="Before an address is deleted" AFTER_AN_ADDRESS_IS_CREATED="After an address is created" AFTER_AN_ADDRESS_IS_UPDATED="After an address is updated" AFTER_AN_ADDRESS_IS_DELETED="After an address is deleted" EVERY_MINUTES="Every minutes" EVERY_HOURS="Every hours" EVERY_DAYS="Every days" EVERY_WEEKS="Every weeks" FILTER_SELECT="Select a filter" PRODUCT_TYPE="Product type" CSV_IMPORT="CSV products" PRODUCT_COLUMN="Product columns" PRICE_COLUMN="Price columns" CATEGORY_COLUMN="Category columns" CHARACTERISTIC_COLUMN="Characteristics" PRODUCT_RELATED_COLUMN="Related product columns" PRODUCT_OPTION_COLUMN="Option product columns" ADD_FILTER="Add a filter" ACTION_SELECT="Select an action" ADD_ACTION="Add an action" DISPLAY_RESULTS="Display the results" EXPORT_CSV="Export a csv file" UPDATE_VALUES="Update the values" DELETE_ELEMENTS="Delete the elements" UPDATE_CATEGORIES="Update the categories" UPDATE_RELATEDS="Update the product relateds" UPDATE_OPTIONS="Update the product options" IN_CSV="In csv" NOT_IN_CSV="Not in csv" SAVE_ON_CSV_IMPORT_MASSACTION="Save the products on massaction csv import." HIKA_NUMERIC="Numeric" HIKA_STRING="String" OTHER="Other" HIKA_BEGINS_WITH="Begins with" HIKA_ENDS_WITH="Ends with" HIKA_CONTAINS="Contains" HIKA_NOT_CONTAINS="Don't contains" HIKA_START="Start" HIKA_IN="In" HIKA_NOT_IN="Not in" SELECT_ALL="Select all" UNSELECT_ALL="Unselect all" VERIFY_FILE="Verify the file" HIKA_VALID_FILE="The file is valid" HIKA_EMPTY_FILE="The file is empty" HIKA_CANNOT_OPEN="The file cannot be openned" SELECT_CORRESPONDING_COLUMNS="Please select the corresponding columns" REMOVE="Remove" DELETE_FILTERED_ELEMENTS="Delete the filtered elements" REPLACE="Replace" CATEGORY_TYPE="Category type" PARENT_CATEGORY_COLUMN="Parent category columns" ORDER_COLUMN="Order columns" ORDER_PRODUCT_COLUMN="Order product columns" ADDRESS_COLUMN="Address columns" USER_COLUMN="User columns" USER_WITH_ACL="Users with ACL" DISPLAY_BOTH="Display both" DONT_HIKA_HAVE="Doesn't have" CHANGE_STATUS="Change status" NEW_ORDER_STATUS="New order status" SEND_NOTIFICATION_EMAIL="Send a notification email" DATA="Data" HIKA_AND="And" PROCESS_WARNING="The process will be executed" HIKA_MASSACTION="Mass actions" WRONG_VALUE="Wrong value" PROCESS="Process" SELECTED_PRODUCTS="%s results" WRONG_COLUMN_TYPE="Wrong type for this column, the type is %s" TABLE_NOT_EXIST="The table %s does not exist" COLUMN_NOT_EXIST="The column %s does not exist" EXPORT_PATH="Export path" GROUP_NAME="Group name" SEARCH_PROCESSING="Search processing" CHOOSE_SORT_OPTIONS="Please select at least one sort option" ERR_NO_MASSACTION_TABLES="No massaction plugin found. Please check that the system massaction plugin is enabled" UPDATE_PRODUCT_STOCK="Update the stock of the product" PURCHASED_AT="Purchased at" FIRST_PURCHASED_AT="First purchased at" LAST_PURCHASED_AT="Last purchased at" NB_DOWNLOADED="Number of downloads" COM_HIKASHOP_DOWNLOADS_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE="Customer download space" ENABLE_CUSTOMER_DOWNLOADLIST="Enable customer download space" DISPLAY_THE_DOWNLOADS="Show the downloads" HIKA_ADD_ORDER_PRODUCT="Add a product to the order" HIKA_MODIFY_ORDER_PRODUCT="Modify the product information for the order" HIKA_SET_ORDER_ADDITIONALS="Edit order additional information" HIKA_CONFIRM_DELETE_ORDER_PRODUCT="Are you sure that you want to delete that product from that order ?" ALL_VIEWS="All views" HIKA_CONFIRM_USER="Do you confirm the selection of this user?" USERPOINTS_DISCOUNT="Points discount" USERPOINTS_USE_POINTS="Points used" USERPOINTS_POINTS="Points" USER_ACCOUNT_ADMIN_NOTIFICATION="User account administrator notification" HIKA_CUSTOMER_EMAIL="Customer email" RECURRING_PAYMENT_FOR_ORIGINAL_ORDER="Recurring payment for original order" NEGOTIATED_RATE="Negotiated rate" CHANGE_USER_GROUP="Change the user group" HIKA_SUBSCRIPTION="Regular subscription" HIKA_SUBSCRIPTION_GLOBAL="Global subscription" RECURRING_TYPE="Type of subscription" RECURRING_PERIOD="Recurring payment period" ;since 2.2.1 ADD_SELECT_VALUE="Add a 'Please select' value" PLEASE_SELECT="Please select" PLEASE_SELECT_COUNTRY_FIRST="Please select a country first" AT_LEAST_ONE_FIELD_PUBLISHED="You need to publish at least one another field of the same table first" RECURRING_ORDER="Reoccuring" MERCHANT_ID="Merchant id" SECURE_SECRET="Secure secret" INCLUDE_SHIPPING="Include shipping" HIKAPOINTS_USE_X_POINTS="You used %d points" HIKAPOINTS_EARN_X_POINTS="You earned %d points" ADDRESS_UNPUBLISHED_CAUSE_USED_IN_ORDER="Address unpublished because it is used in an order" ADD_CHARACTERISTICS_TO_MAIN_PRODUCTS_ONLY="The characteristics can only be added to main products, not variants" RECURRING_TIMES="Number of instalments" HIKA_SUBSCRIPTION_INSTALMENTS="Instalment subscription" SELECT_RECURRING_TIMES="Select the number of instalments" UPDATE_CHARACTERISTICS="Update the characteristics" VERSION="Version" RECENT="Recent" SORT_DESCENDING_RECENT="Most recent" SORT_ASCENDING_RECENT="Older" SORT_DESCENDING_SALES="Best sales" SORT_ASCENDING_SALES="Worst sales" SORT_DESCENDING_CLICKS="Most viewed" SORT_ASCENDING_CLICKS="Less viewed" CREATION_DATE="Creation date" MODIFICATION_DATE="Modification date" GENERATE_VARIANT_AUTO="Generate variants automatically" HIKA_WIZARD="Wizard" WELCOME_WIZARD="Welcome to the HikaShop Installation Assistant. Please fill the form below before proceeding." WIZARD_SHOP_ACCESS="SHOP ACCESS
Select how you want to access the HikaShop pages on your website frontend." WIZARD_LISTING_TYPE="PRODUCTS LAYOUT
Choose how you want to display your products between these three listing types." WIZARD_LOCATION="LOCATION
Select your country and state, and then enter your complete shop address." WIZARD_MAIN_PARAMETERS="MAIN PARAMETERS
Define the main parameters of your shop." PRODUCTS_LISTING_MENU="Menu item for products" PRODUCTS_LISTING_MENU_DESC="A menu item will be added
to your main menu allowing
access to a listing of your products" CATEGORIES_LISTING_MENU="Menu item for categories" CATEGORIES_LISTING_MENU_DESC="A menu item will be added
to your main menu allowing
access to a listing of your categories" CATEGORIES_LISTING_MODULE="List of categories in a module" CATEGORIES_LISTING_MODULE_DESC="A list of product categories
will be displayed on the side
area of your website" PRODUCTS_LISTING_DIV="Listing in : Grid" PRODUCTS_LISTING_DIV_DESC="This will display your
listings in a grid" PRODUCTS_LISTING_LIST="Listing in : List" PRODUCTS_LISTING_LIST_DESC="This will display your
listings in a list" PRODUCTS_LISTING_TABLE="Listing in : Table" PRODUCTS_LISTING_TABLE_DESC="This will display your
listings in a table" USE_JOOMLA_LANGUAGES="We detected that you have the Joomla languages %s installed on your website. Do you want to use them in HikaShop ?" CANT_GET_LANGUAGE_FILE_CONTENT="We could not retrieve the HikaShop translation file for your current language. You can download it on our website via the menu Download->Languages and follow the instructions there to set it in place on your website." HIKA_PAYPAL_EMAIL_OPTIONAL="Paypal email address (optional)" SAVE_AND_CREATE_FIRST_PRODUCT="Save & go create your first product !" WIZARD_MONEY="Currency and Taxes configuration" TAX_NAME="Tax name (for example GST or VAT)" WIZARD_TAX_NAME_SAMPLE="(for example GST or VAT)" WIZARD_LANGUAGE="Language configuration" WIZARD_PAYPAL="Paypal configuration" YOUR_ADDRESS="Your address" HIKA_SKIP="Skip" SHOW_WISHLIST_FREE_PRODUCTS="Show wishlist for free products" ;since 2.2.2 ALL_IN_ONE_PAGE="All in one page" SWITCHER="Switcher" GUEST="Guest" REGISTRATION_DISPLAY_METHOD="Display method for registration" LOGIN_OR_REGISTER_ACCOUNT_OR_GUEST="Login, create a new account or continue as a guest" LOGIN_OR_GUEST="Login or continue as a guest" REGISTER_ACCOUNT_OR_GUEST="Create a new account or continue as a guest" IDENTIFICATION="Identification" CANCEL_URL_DEFINE="You have to specify this payment cancel URL on your configuration account" RETURN_URL_DEFINE="You have to specify this payment return URL on your configuration account" NOTIFY_URL_DEFINE="You have to specify this payment notification URL on your configuration account" COM_VIRTUEMART_ORDER_STATUS_CONFIRMED_BY_SHOPPER="Confirmed" HIKA_SET_ORDER_CUSTOMER="Set order customer" ROUND_PRICES_DURING_CALCULATIONS="Round prices during calculations" CHECKOUT_BUTTON_FINISH="Finish" SHOW_SHIPPING_SAME_ADDRESS_CHECKBOX="Show shipping 'same address' checkbox" PERCENTAGE_FEE_EXCLUDING_SHIPPING="Percentage fee excluding shipping" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_CART_STATUS="Cart status" USER_MESSAGE="User message" CONTACT_BEGIN_MESSAGE="You have a contact request" SUMMARY_OF_THE_ORDER="Summary of the order" MIJO_IMPORT_CURRENCIES="Do you want to import your Mijoshop currencies rates ?" ADD_TO_CART_POPUP_SIZE="Add to cart popup size" TERMS_AND_CONDITIONS_POPUP_SIZE="Terms & Conditions popup size" NO_METHOD_CLICK_NEW="No method found, use the new button to create your first method configuration" SEND_USER_MESSAGE="Send user message" PRODUCTS_FROM_X="Import from %s" X_IMPORT_DESC="The %s import will import the information below from %s to HikaShop" OPENC_DATABASE_NAME="Database's name where your Opencart's data are hosted : " OPENC_WARNING="Warning : To work, the import has to be made from only one server. Your Opencart's database must be on the same server than your HikaShop (Joomla) database, and both databases must be accessible by the Joomla website database user. If your Opencart's database is on a different server, please import it manually to the server where your HikaShop's database is hosted." OPENC_WEBSITE_PATH="Opencart's website root path : " OPENC_WARNING_IMAGES=" You have to specify below your Opencart's website root path to import your images. If you don't, images just won't be imported." OPENC_IMPORT_CURRENCIES="Do you want to import your Opencart currencies rates ?" POINTS_MODE="Points mode" POINTS_GIVE_WHEN_USE="Give points when using some" HIKA_POINTS_GIVE="Give on full price" HIKA_POINTS_NOTGIVE="Don't give" HIKA_POINTS_GIVE_REMOVE="Give on price with point discount" GIVE_VIRTUAL_POINTS="Give virtual points" LIMIT_POINTS_BY_TYPE="Limit by type" LIMIT_POINTS_BY_CATEGORY="Limit by category" HIKASHOP_USER_POINTS="HikaShop user points" ;since 2.2.3 DISPLAY_ADD_TO_WISHLIST_BUTTON_FOR_FREE_PRODUCT="Display 'add to wishlist' button for free products" HIKA_LISTING_LIST_EMPTY="No subcategories" REMOVE_CUSTOMIZATION_PRELOAD="Remove Preload customization" USERPOINTS_HAVE_X_POINTS="You have %d points." USERPOINTS_NO_POINTS="You don't have points." USERPOINTS_USER_FOR_DISCOUNT="You can use %d points to have a discount of %s." USERPOINTS_USE_DISCOUNT_QUESTION="Do you want to use these points ?" HIKA_DEFAULT_IMAGE_EMPTY_UPLOAD="No image - Drag & Drop here or use the upload button" CHECKOUT_SEF_NAME="Checkout SEF name" IMAGE_POPUP_MODE="Image popup mode" HIKA_VALIDATE="Validate" VOTE_TARGET="Target" MANAGE_VOTE_CATEGORIES="Manage vote categories" MAIN_VOTE="Main vote: " WIZARD_PRODUCT_TYPE="Product type" WIZARD_PRODUCT_TYPE_SOLD="Kind of product sold" WIZARD_VIRTUAL="Virtual goods (mp3, eBooks, etc)" WIZARD_REAL="Shippable goods" WIZARD_BOTH="Both" TOO_MANY_VARIANTS="Your characteristics will generate too many variants, you should use options or custom item fields instead or you might get Fatal PHP errors due to resources restrictions on your server." MASSACTION_NO_CHARACTERISTICS="You don't have any characteristics, so this action is not possible." TERMINAL_ID="Terminal ID" ;since 2.3.0 CONTACT_EMAIL_TITLE="Contact request" CONTACT_USER_MESSAGE="Message of the user" HIKA_VARIANTS_MIDDLE_SEPARATOR=" " STRIPE_PUBLISHABLE_KEY="Publishable key (Stripe account)" STRIPE_SECRET_KEY="Secret key (Stripe account)" STRIPE_FORM="To process your payment, please fill the form below" VM_LANGUAGES="Before starting the import, please select below the main language you want for your contents (products descriptions, manufacturers...) :" NO_SHIPPING_REQUIRED="No shipping needed" RECURRING_TIMES_VALUE="%s installments" TERMS_AND_CONDITIONS_SELECT_ARTICLE="Select one article which will be displayed for the Terms & Conditions" API_USERNAME="API's username" API_PASSWORD="API's password" API_SIGNATURE="API's signature" API_VERSION="Paypal API's version" REMOVE_ID_IN_URLS="Remove products and categories id in URLs" HIKASHOP_NEW_ADDRESS_ITEM="- New Address -" HIKASHOP_NEW_ADDRESS="New Address" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_ADDRESS_SELECTOR="Address selector" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_ADDRESS_SELECTOR_POPUP="Popup" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_ADDRESS_SELECTOR_LIST="List" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_ADDRESS_SELECTOR_DROPDOWN="Dropdown list" MINI_ADDRESS_FORMAT="Mini address format" FIELD_AJAX_IMAGE="Ajax Image" FIELD_AJAX_FILE="Ajax File" IMAGE_FORCE_SIZE="Force images size" IMAGE_SCALE_MODE="Image scale mode" IMAGE_KEEP_RATIO="Keep ratio" IMAGE_CROP="Crop" SEND_CART_DETAIL="Send cart detail to paypal" DISPLAY_BUTTON_CHECKOUT="Display 'Proceed to checkout' Paypal's button on checkout view" DISPLAY_BUTTON_CART="Display 'Proceed to checkout' Paypal's button on cart view" ADD_PARTNER_TO_USER_ACCOUNT_DURING_REGISTRATION="Add partner to user account during registration" SHOW_CART_PRODUCT_NAME="Show products name in the cart" TAXCLOUD_TAX="Tax (%s)" LAST_7D="Last 7 days" LAST_30D="Last 30 days" LAST_365D="Last 365 days" ALLOW_CUSTOMERS_TO_REORDER="Allow customers to reorder" VM_TABLE_PREFIX="Prefix of Virtuemart tables in your database : " REORDER="Reorder" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_CARTSTATUS="Cart status" WAREHOUSE_SELECTION="Selection of warehouse" HIKASHOP_CONFIRM_DELETE_ADDRESS="Are you sure you want to delete this address ?" ;since 2.3.1 ASK_ADDRESS_ON_REGISTRATION="Ask address on registration" INSTALLMENT_FOR_ORDER="Installment for the order number: %s" ADD_TO_CART_QUANTITY="Quantity field on 'Add to cart' button" SHOW_CART_COUPON="Show coupon in the cart" SHOW_CART_SHIPPING="Show shipping in the cart" SHIPPING_PRICE="Shipping price" SHIPPING_TAX="Shipping tax" ALIAS_AUTO_FILL="Alias automatic filling" QUANTITY_LAYOUT_ON_PRODUCT_PAGE="Quantity layout on product page" SHOW_REGROUPED="Show regrouped" SHOW_LEFTRIGHT="Show left and right" SHOW_SELECT="Show select" SHOW_SIMPLE="Show simple" SHOW_SIMPLIFIED="Show simplified" SHOW_DEFAULT_DIV="Show default in div" CHOOSE_SHIPPING_SERVICE="Please select at least one shipping service" ENTER_INFO="Please enter your %s %s" DATE_DESC="Date - reverse order" COUPON_OVERRIDE_DISCOUNT_PRODUCTS="Override discounted products" LIMIT_POINTS_BY_GROUP="Limit by group" USERPOINTS_EARN_POINTS="You can earn %s points with this order" FORCE_CANONICAL_URLS_ON_LISTINGS="Force canonical URLs on listings" NO_GENERATE_URL="No, generate the URLs" USE_CANONICAL_URL_IF_SPECIFIED="Use canonical URL if specified" USE_CANONICAL_URL_AND_GENERATE_IT_IF_MISSING="Use canonical URL and generate it if missing" HIKA_ADD_IMAGE="Add an Image" SHIPPING_BLOCKED="Blocked" TAXABILITY_CODE="Product Taxability Code" WRONG_SHIPPING_ADDRESS="Wrong shipping address" PRODUCT_ASSOCIATION_IN_BOTH_WAYS="Make product association in both ways" ; Date picker DATE_PICKER="Advanced date picker" DATE_PICKER_OPTIONS="Date picker options" DATE_PICKER_OPT_DEFAULT_TODAY="Default today" DATE_PICKER_OPT_INLINE_DISPLAY="Display inline" DATE_PICKER_OPT_MONDAY_FIRST="Monday first" DATE_PICKER_OPT_OTHER_MONTH="Show other months" DATE_PICKER_OPT_FORBIDDEN_DAYS="Forbidden days" DATE_PICKER_OPT_EXCLUDES="Exclude days" DATE_PICKER_INCORRECT_DATE_FOR="Incorrect date for the field '%s'" DATE_PICKER_OPT_CHANGE_MONTH="Month selector" DATE_PICKER_OPT_CHANGE_YEAR="Year selector" DATE_PICKER_OPT_SHOW_BTN_PANEL="Show buttons panel" DATE_PICKER_OPT_SHOW_MONTHS="Show months" DATE_PICKER_WAITING_DAYS="Waiting days" DATE_PICKER_HOUR_EXTRA_DAY="Hour for extra day" USER_TOTAL_PURCHASE="User total purchase" ORDER_TOTAL_QUANTITY="Order number" ORDER_TOTAL_AMOUNT="Order amount" PRODUCT_TOTAL_QUANTITY="Product number" MASSACTION_ORDERING_DIRECTION="Ordering direction" REPLACE_BY="Replace by" ;since 2.3.2 X_ITEM_FOR_X="%s item for %s" X_ITEM_IN_STOCK="%s item in stock" FIELD_TARGET_BLANK="Open in new window" AUTO_KEYWORDS_AND_METADESCRIPTION_FILLING="Automatic product keywords and metadescription filling" KEYWORDS_NUMBER="Number of generated keywords" MAX_SIZE_OF_METADESCRIPTION="Maximum size of the metadescription" KEYWORDS_EXCLUSION_LIST="Keywords exclusion list" HIKASHOP_DATE_FORMAT="%Y-%m-%d" HIKASHOP_EXTENDED_DATE_FORMAT="%Y-%m-%d %H:%M" CHANGE_SUB_ELEMENT_FILTER_TO_REORDER_ELEMENTS="You can change the top right sub element filter to 'Direct sub elements' in order to reorder elements" PRELOAD_VERSION="Preload version" INVOICE_DATE="Invoice creation date" CART_MODULE_ITEMID="Itemid for the 'Show the wishlist' button redirect" CHECK_DATABASE="Check database" WIZARD_SAMPLE_DATA="Sample data" WIZARD_ACTIVATE_DATA="Install sample data on your website" WIZZARD_DATA_ERROR="An error has occured while %s the sample data file. You can try again by clicking here." WIZZARD_DATA_ERROR_COPY="An error has occured while copying the file : %s. You can try again by clicking here." WIZARD_DATA_END="All sample data have been imported correctly." ; since 2.3.3 X_ORDERS_AUTHORIZATION_RENEW="%s orders authorization renewed" PLEASE_WAIT_BEFORE_SUBMISSION_TO_X="Please wait while submitting data to %s" CLICK_ON_BUTTON_IF_NOTHING="If nothing happens after 10 seconds, please click on the button below." HIKA_LIMITATIONS="Limitations" CONFIGURE_X_PAYMENT_PLUGIN_ERROR="You have to configure %s for the %s plugin payment first : check your plugin's parameters, on your website backend." CURL_ERROR="The sample data installation needs the CURL library installed but it seems that it is not available on your server. Please contact your web hosting to set it up, and try again." PLUGIN_ACCESS_WARNING="Some of the plugins %s have a restricted access. Please ensure that their access is set to 'Public' via the Joomla plugins manager or they won't work properly." HIKASHOP_NO_RESULT="No products found." PDF_INVOICE="Invoice %s" DEACTIVATE_BUFFERING_AND_COMPRESSION="Deactivate buffering and compression for files download" TAX_EU_DIR2008_8_ART59="Supply of services located where the recipient is established (art 59. Directive 2008/8/CE)" TAX_EU_DIR2008_8_ART44="Supply of services located where the recipient is established (art 44. Directive 2008/8/CE)" TAX_EU_DIR2008_8_ART196="VAT due by the co-contracting party (art 196 Directive 2008/8/CE)" TAX_EU_2015_B2C="Supply of services located where the recipient is established (Execution rule 282/2011 (EU) - Directive 2006/112/CE)" INTERNAL_CODE="Internal code" TAX_NOTE="Tax note" PURCHASE_ORDER_NUMBER="Purchase Order Number : " PLEASE_ENTER_A_PURCHASE_ORDER_NUMBER="Please enter a Purchase Order Number" HIKASHOP_WISHLIST_NAME="Wishlist name" WARNING_IMAGE_TOO_BIG_FOR_MEMORY="Warning ! The image %s is too big to be processed because of the memory limitation on your server. Either use a smaller image or increase the memory_limit parameter of the php.ini of your server." HIKA_CONTACT="Contact" GUEST_CHECKOUT_NOT_POSSIBLE_WITH_USER_GROUP_AFTER_PURCHASE="You cannot proceed to a guest checkout as some of the products in your cart require a registration to our website. Please register an account or remove these products from your cart in order to proceed." ;since 2.3.5 PAYMENT_CAPTURE_ORDER_STATUS="Payment capture order status" MORNING="Morning" AFTERNOON="Afternoon" WEEKDAY="Weekday" STATEPROVINCE_CODE="State/Province code" HIKA_USERGROUP_ON_REGISTRATION="User group on registration" SENDING_TYPE="Sending type" DISPLAY_OPENING_HOURS_PICKUP_POINT="Display opening hours of pick up points" AUTO_DETERMINATION="Auto-determination" RESIDENTIAL_ADDRESS="Residential address" COMMERCIAL_ADDRESS="Commercial address" AVAILABILITY_COLLECTION="Availability for collection" PACKAGE_WEIGHT="Package weight percentage" CHOOSE_PICKUP_POINT="Please choose your pick up point" PICKUP_POINT="Pick up point" FLOATING_TAX_PRICES="Floating tax prices" CURSOR_TITLE_SEPARATOR=": " REDIRECT_POST_MODE="Redirect POST mode" MASS_CSV_EMAIL_SUBJECT="Mass Action CSV File" MASS_CSV_EMAIL_BODY="CSV file exported at: %s" MASS_CUSTOM_EMAIL_BODY="Custom notification text" MASS_NOTIFICATION_PRODUCT_EMAIL_BODY="You have a notification from a product mass action." MASS_NOTIFICATION_ADDRESS_EMAIL_BODY="You have a notification from an address mass action." MASS_NOTIFICATION_CATEGORY_EMAIL_BODY="You have a notification from a category mass action." MASS_NOTIFICATION_ORDER_EMAIL_BODY="You have a notification from an order mass action." MASS_NOTIFICATION_USER_EMAIL_BODY="You have a notification from an user mass action." MASS_SEND_EMAIL="Send email" MASS_EMAIL_BODY_DATA="Body data" FILL_PATH_TO_USE_EMAIL="You must fill a valid path to use the email function." AFFILIATE_NO_SELF_AFFILIATION="No self affiliation" DEFAULT_PRODUCT_TYPE="Default product type" HIKA_VOTE_NOTHING="Nothing" HIKA_VOTE_ONLY="Vote only" HIKA_COMMENT_ONLY="Comment only" HIKA_VOTE_OR_COMMENT="Vote & Comment" HIKA_VOTE_AND_COMMENT="Vote & Comment connected" HIKA_VOTE_PUBLIC="Public" HIKA_VOTE_REGISTERED="Registered" HIKA_VOTE_BOUGHT="Bought" HIKA_VOTE_USEFUL_COUNT="3 of 5 find it helpful" HIKA_VOTE_USEFUL_HAND="3 up 2 down" UL_DISPLAY_SIMPLELIST="Display in simplelist (ul/li)" ;since 2.4.0 DEFAULT_REGISTRATION_VIEW="Default registration view" UNPAID_ORDER_STATUSES="Unpaid order statuses" OVERRIDE_TAX_ZONE="Override tax zone" TOTAL_TAX_AMOUNT="Total tax amount" TOTAL_AMOUNT="Total amount" AMOUNT_X="Amount (%s)" ROUNDING_INCREMENT="Rounding increment" FIELD_PLACEHOLDER="Placeholder" ;since 2.5.0 OPENC_TABLE_PREFIX="OpenCart table prefix" HIKA_MAIL_ISSUE_ACTIVATION="There was an issue with the email sending process, so the activation link has not been sent to the e-mail address you entered. Please contact the administrator." ELEMENT_WITH_SAME_ALIAS_ALREADY_EXISTS="An element with the same alias already exists" HIKA_VARIANT_SEPARATOR=": " DOT="Dot" CSV_DECIMAL_SEPARATOR="CSV decimal separator" THE_X_IS_MISSING_FOR_THE_PRODUCT_X="The %s is missing for the product %s" MIN_QTY="Min Qty" ACL="ACL" HIKA_PRODUCT_IMAGES_EMPTY="No images" HIKA_PRODUCT_IMAGES_EMPTY_UPLOAD="No images - Drag & Drop here or use the upload button" HIKA_PRODUCT_FILES_EMPTY="No files" HIKA_PRODUCT_FILES_EMPTY_UPLOAD="No files - Drag & Drop here or use the upload button" EDIT_IMAGE="Image edition" ADD_FILE="Add file" QUANTITY_PER_ORDER="Quantity per order" HIKA_RANGE_TO="To" HIKA_QTY_RANGE_TO="To" PRODUCT_SALE_DATES="Available from" HIKA_CHARACTERISTIC="Characteristic" HIKA_ADD_VARIANTS="Add variants" HIKA_DUPLICATE="Duplicate" CONFIRM_CLOSING_VARIANT_IN_EDITION="Please confirm that you want to close the variant you're editing" PLEASE_CONFIRM_DELETION_X_VARIANTS="Please confirm the deletion of {NUM} variants" HASH_SALT="Hash salt" HIKA_PRODUCTION="Production" HIKA_TEST="Test" HIKA_SANDBOX="Sandbox" IFRAME="Iframe" CARRIER="carrier" SERVICE="service" TRACKING_NUMBER="tracking number" MAIN_OPTIONS="main options" PRICES_AND_TAXES="prices and taxes" RESTRICTIONS_AND_DIMENSIONS="restrictions and dimensions" IMAGES_AND_FILES="images and files" PLEASE_CONFIRM_DELETION="Please confirm deletion" HIKASHOP_FILE="File" HIKA_ADD_PRICE="Add price" HIKA_UPLOAD_IMAGE="Upload Image" HIKA_UPLOAD_FILE="Upload File" FIELD_REGEX="Regular expression check" PRODUCT_TAXATION_CATEGORY="Tax category" PRODUCT_CODE_SKU="Product code (SKU)" BRAND_URL="Brand url" PAGE_LAYOUT="Page layout" QUANTITY_LAYOUT="Quantity input" HIKA_PRODUCT_CODE="Product code" CONTACT_BUTTON="Contact button" ;since 2.6.0 EMAIL_HISTORY="Email history" EMAIL_LOG="Email log" PIPE="Pipe" HIKA_TRANSLATIONS="Translations" HIKA_TRANSLATABLE="Translatable" PLEASE_SELECT_A_VALUE_FOR_EACH_CHARACTERISTIC="Please select a least a value for each characteristic of your product" PRICES_USING_UNPUBLISHED_CURRENCY="Your are using currencies which are not available anymore: %s" HIKA_AUTOMATIC="Automatic" SERVER_CURRENT_URL_MODE="Server current URL mode" HIKA_VOTE_ITEM_ID_MISSING="The vote can't be passed, the Item ID is missing" HIKA_VOTE_TYPE_MISSING="The vote type is required" HIKA_VOTE_PSEUDO_REQUIRED="Username required" HIKA_VOTE_EMAIL_REQUIRED="A correct email address is required" HIKA_VOTE_REGISTRATION_REQUIRED="You must be registered to vote or comment" HIKA_VOTE_ITEM_BOUGHT_REQUIRED="You must buy the item to vote or comment" HIKA_VOTE_NOT_ALLOWED="No vote submissions allowed" HIKA_VOTE_WRONG_RATING_VALUE="The rating has not a valid value" HIKA_VOTE_EMPTY_COMMENT="The comment must not be empty" HIKA_VOTE_WRONG_VOTE_COMMENT_VALUE="The vote or the comment value is not correct, unset or empty" HIKA_VOTE_MISSING_VOTE_COMMENT_VALUE="Missing value for the comment or the vote value is wrong or unset" HIKA_VOTE_LIMIT_REACHED="You have reached your limit of comments for that product" HIKA_VOTE_MISSING_ENTRY="The vote entry has not been found" HIKA_VOTE_USEFUL_RATING_DISABLED="Useful rating for the comments is not enabled" HIKA_VOTE_MUST_BE_REGISTERED_FOR_USEFUL_RATING="You must be registered to note other comments" HIKA_MASSACTION_SYSTEM_PLUGIN_PUBLISHED="The plugin system 'hikashopmassaction' has automatically been published." ENTRIES_FIRST="Before configuring your entry, you need to first create and publish one or several 'Entry' custom fields with the menu Display->Custom fields" MAIL_FOLDER="Emails folder" POSTFINANCE_AUTHORIZED_PAYMENT="Your payment is authorized." HIKASHOP_WISHLIST_NAME_VALUE="Wishlist %s of %s" REMOVE_ID_IN_CART_URLS="Remove cart id in URLs" CART_SEF_NAME="Cart SEF name" WISHLIST_SEF_NAME="Wishlist SEF name" CATEGORY_LISTING_VIEW_OVERRIDE_WARNING="You have an override on the view 'category / listing' so the settings under the tab 'Product Options' will potentially not be used. Please backup your modifications and delete the override." USE_MENU_SETTINGS_INSTEAD_OF_ASSOCIATED_ONES="These settings are no more used, please edit the settings in this menu parameters." HAVE_HAVE_DONT_HAVE="Have / Don't have" HIKA_DONT_HAVE="Don't have" HIKA_HAVE="Have" BOX_COLOR="Background color" BOX_MARGIN="Margin" BOX_BORDER="Border" BOX_ROUND_CORNER="Rounded corners" OUT_OF_STOCK_PRODUCTS="Out of stock products" CUSTOM_ITEM_FIELDS="Custom item fields" HIKA_CATEGORY_SETTINGS="Category data display" HIKA_ITEMS="Items" HIKA_ITEM_LAYOUT="Item Layout" HIKA_ITEM_BOX_SETTINGS="Item Box configuration" HIKA_CAROUSEL_SETTINGS="Carousel options" HIKA_CAROUSEL_ADDITIONAL_SETTINGS="Additional carousel options" HIKA_DATA_DISPLAY="Data display" HIKA_PRODUCT_DATA_DISPLAY="Product data display" HIKA_PRODUCT_FEATURES_DISPLAY="Product features display" HIKA_CAROUSEL_EFFECT="Carousel effect" HIKA_EFFECT_DURATION="Effect duration" HIKA_TRANSITION_DELAY="Transition delay" HIKA_SWITCH_BUTTONS="Switch buttons" HIKA_LAYOUT_TYPE="Layout type" HIKA_MAIN_CATEGORY="Main category" MENU_NAME_AS_TITLE="Use the menu
name as title" HIKA_OUT_OF_STOCK="Out of stock" HIKA_LINK_TO_DETAIL_PAGE="Link to detail page" HIKA_DISCOUNT_DISPLAY="Discount" HIKA_PRICE_TYPE="Which price" HIKA_ORIGINAL_CURRENCY="Original currency" HIKA_SUB_CATEGORIES="Show children" HIKA_SUB_CATEGORIES_NUMBER="Children quantity" HIKA_TRANSITION_EFFECT="Transition effect" HIKA_LINK_MAIN_CATEGORIES="Link on main" HIKA_PRODUCTS_NUMBER="Products number" HIKA_ONLY_WITH_PRODUCTS="Only with products" HIKA_SYNCHRONIZE="Synchronize" HIKA_RELATION="Relation" HIKA_PRODUCT_RELATION="Show products based on the following criterias" HIKA_PRICE_DISPLAY="Price data display" HIKA_CART_IMAGE="Product image" HIKA_PROCEED_BUTTON="Proceed button" HIKA_PRODUCT_NAME="Product name" HIKA_PRODUCT_QUANTITIES="Product quantities" HIKA_DELETE_BUTTON="Delete button" HIKA_DELETE_BUTTON_DESC="Allow the customer to remove items in %s" HIKA_EMPTY_MESSAGE="Empty message" HIKA_EMPTY_MESSAGE_DESC="Message displayed when the %s is empty" HIKA_ITEM_ID="Item id" HIKA_CART_SHIPPING_DESC="Display the shipping informations if available" HIKA_CART_COUPON_DESC="Display the coupon informations in %s if available" HIKA_MINI_CART_DESC="When this option is enabled the %s will only display the total amount, and not display the products" CART_MODULE_ITEMID_DESC="Please fill the id of the wishlist menu, if you do not have wishlist menu, you have to create it or disable the option 'Show the wishlist'" DISPLAY_THE_WISHLIST_BUTTON="Wishlist button" DISPLAY_THE_WISHLIST_BUTTON_DESC="Display the 'Show the wishlist' button" HIKA_UL_SETTINGS="UL settings" SHIPPING_METHODS_WONT_DISPLAY_IF_NO_WEIGHT="The shipping methods selection won't display on your checkout if you don't enter a weight in your product" WAITLIST_REQUEST_FOR_PRODUCT="Wait list request for product %s" WAITLIST_EMAIL_TITLE="Wait list subscription notification" WAITLIST_BEGIN_MESSAGE="A user subscribed to the notification wait list for the product below." WAITLIST_ADMIN_NOTIFICATION="Wait list administrator notification" HIKA_VOTE_TOOLTIP="Average: %s
Total: %s
Your vote: %s" HIKA_NO_VOTE="No vote" NO_SHIPPING_METHOD_FOUND_FOR_WAREHOUSE="No shipping method found for the warehouse : %s" NO_SHIPPING_AVAILABLE_FOR_WAREHOUSE="No shipping method found for the warehouse" ;since 2.6.1 WRONG_VAT_NUMBER_COUNTRY_CODE="Your VAT number can not be used with the country you selected. Please select the right country ( CODE: %s) or make sure your VAT starts with %s" ORDER_X_NOT_FOUND="The order %s cannot be found." ORDER_X_NOT_PAID_ANYMORE="The order %s cannot be paid anymore." FIELD_ATTRIBUTE="Attributes" HK_SET_CANONICAL="Set canonical url" SHOW_NONE="None" HIKA_SEARCH_LIMIT="Number of Search items to return" HIKA_ITEMID="The id of the menu to append to the URLs so that the product page uses the corresponding HikaShop options" HIKA_FULL_BREADCRUMB_PATH="If the id set above is a products listing menu and that this option is toggled on, the breadcrumb path will contain the full category tree down to the product" HIKA_OUT_OF_STOCK_PRODUCTS="Allow out of stock products to be displayed in the search results" HIKA_NEW_PAGE="Open links on a new page" HIKA_SEARCH_VARIANTS="Search variants" HIKA_FIELDS="Select the fields you want to be searchable" HIKA_ACY_HELP="Click on the help button to get some help" CUSTOM_TEMPLATE="Click on the Custom template button to create a custom layout that will override the default view" ADD_VAT_TO_PRICE="Select yes or no depending if you want to add the vat to the displayed price or not" ONLY_PRODUCT_IN_STOCK="Using the products insertion via the category selection, should AcyMailing only display products in stock?" DEFAULT_ITEMID="ID of the menu attached to HikaShop" DISPLAY_HIKASHOP_FILTERS_ON_MASSACTIONS="This option will have to be turned off if you have too many products or the filters edition interface of AcyMailing will crash" DISPLAY_HIKASHOP_FILTERS_ON_NEWSLETTERS_EDITION="This option will have to be turned off if you have too many products or the newsletters edition interface of AcyMailing will crash" CORE_APPLICATION="Causes this application to not appear in the users applications list but it will allow this application to appear in the user profile automatically if selected." AVAILABLE_POSITIONS="Select one or more available positions from the list. You can use Ctrl-click to select more than one item." MANY_SUBSCRIPTIONS="Allow many subscriptions in the cart" FORCE_MENU="Here you can force the menu which will be used for the link of the downloads by entering the id of a menu item" SEND_A_COPY_TO="You can specify an e-mail address here which will be added as BCC" STATUSES_FOR_EMAIL_ATTACHMENTS="By default, the PDF is attached only to the notification email when the order is getting confirmed (based on the setting in the configuration). You can configure here one or several statuses (separated by a comma) so that it overrides the status of the configuration." PDF_INVOICE_FOOTER="This text will be displayed in the footer of the PDF invoice" PDF_MARGES="The margins (in mm) of the generated PDFs. The order is: Left,Top,Right,Bottom" FONT_TO_USE="If you have issues with your language characters, you can change here the font used by the plugin. Each font will support a different set of languages so please try them one by one" OVERRIDE_ON_THE_FRONTEND="Override the print invoice button on the frontend" OVERRIDE_ON_THE_BACKEND="Override the invoice button on the backend" CART_FREQUENCY="Frequency at which the carts/orders will be checked (in seconds)" CART_LAST_UPDATE="Last date on which the carts/orders were checked via the CRON task" RESERVATION_PERIOD="The amount of time during which the product will be reserved in the cart." FEED_TRIGGER="Trigger the feed processing" FEED_FREQUENCY="Frequency at which the feed will be checked (in seconds)" LAST_UPDATE="Last date on which the products were updated via the CRON task" FEED_PATH="The path of the feed" FEED_PRICES_FEE="For each price in the feed, add a percentage fee" FORCE_TAXE_CATEGORY_ID="For each product, you can force its tax category (provide the id of the tax cateogry)" CSV_FILE="Path to the CSV file to import" CSV_CHARSET="You can select here the charset of your CSV file" CSV_FREQUENCY="Frequency at which the CSV file will be imported (in seconds)" COLUMN_NAMES="Column names and their corresponding name in the database. It should be like that: old_column1_name:new_column1_name;old_column2_name:new_column2_name" DELETE_PRODUCTS_NOT_IN_CSV="Delete variants not in the CSV" DATEPICKER_SET_HOUR="This option can fixed some issues when using server with special timezone configuration" LIMIT_GROUP_1="The id of the first group of users" LIMIT_GROUP_2="The id of the second group of users" DOWNLOAD_LIMIT_1="The download limit for the first group of users" DOWNLOAD_LIMIT_2="The download limit for the second group of users" ORDERS_GEOLOCATION="Activate geolocation for orders" CUSTOMERS_GEOLOCATION="Activate geolocation for customers" ENABLE_AUTO_UPDATE="Automatically update your google merchant feed via FTP" GOOGLE_FTP_USER_NAME="Google FTP username" GOOGLE_FTP_PASSWORD="Google FTP password" GOOGLE_FTP_USER_NAME_DESC="Your google account FTP username" GOOGLE_FTP_PASSWORD_DESC="Your google account FTP password" GOOGLE_FILE_NAME="The file name you specified on your google merchant account (It has to end with '.xml')" LOCAL_XML_FILE_PATH="You can optionally enter here a relative path from your website root directory (for example products/list.xml if you want it accessible on http://mywebsite.com/products/list.xml) so that the plugin saves the file on your website on each cron" GOOGLE_FREQUENCY="Frequency at which the google feed will be updated (in seconds)" INCREASE_PERFORMANCES="If you have issues with memory limits or timeouts when using that plugin, you can turn on that option" USE_PRODUCTS_BRAND="Do you want to use the brand configured in the 'Brand' setting of your products ?" BRAND_OVERRIDE="You can override here the products brand (the brand setting of the products won't be used). You can either enter here a brand name, or the column name of the product custom field with the brand name set for each product." GOOGLE_PRODUCTS_CATEGORY="Your products' category (optional except for : 'Apparel and Accessories', 'Media', and 'Software'). If you enter here the column name of a custom product field, it will use the value of the custom field for each product allowing you to have a different category for each product." PRICE_DISPLAYED="Choose the price you want to display if there is more than one" TAXED_PRICES="Should the prices have tax applied" PRODUCT_CONDITION="Your products condition ( you can use either 'used', 'new' or 'refurbished' and no other value is allowed). If you enter here the column name of a custom product field, it will use the value of the custom field for each product allowing you to have a different condition for each product." SHORT_DESCRIPTION="Display the description to the Readmore tag." MESSAGE_IF_NO_DEDSCRIPTION="Message displayed if a product doesn't have a description" GOOGLE_PRODUCTS_ITEMID="If you want to display your products in a special context you can select here a menu item" ADD_PRODUCT_CODE="Display or not the product code as MPN in the XML feed" GOOGLE_PRODUCTS_GTIN="If you enter here the column name of a custom product field, it will use the value of the custom field for each product allowing you to have a GTIN for each products for which the custom field is filled. If you leave this field empty, no GTIN will be added to the feed." IN_STOCK_PRODUCTS_ONLY="Only add the products with a stock above 0" IDENTIFIER_EXISTS="Tells google if an identifier (brand, gtin, mpn) exists for your products (you can use either 'TRUE' or 'FALSE' and no other value is allowed). If you enter here the column name of a custom product field, it will use the value of the custom field for each product allowing you to have a identifiers for some products and not for others." GOOGLE_PRODUCTS_AGE_GROUP="Your products' age group (you can use either 'Adult', 'Kids', 'Toddler', 'Infant' or 'Newborn' and no other value is allowed). If you enter here the column name of a custom product field, it will use the value of the custom field for each product allowing you to have a different age group for each product." GOOGLE_PRODUCTS_GENDER="Your products' gender (you can use either 'Male','Female' or 'Unisex' and no other value is allowed). If you enter here the column name of a custom product field, it will use the value of the custom field for each product allowing you to have a different gender for each product." GOOGLE_PRODUCTS_SIZE="Your products' size. If you enter here the column name of a custom product field, it will use the value of the custom field for each product allowing you to have a different size for each product." GOOGLE_PRODUCTS_COLOR="Your products' color. If you enter here the column name of a custom product field, it will use the value of the custom field for each product allowing you to have a different color for each product." GOOGLE_PRODUCTS_SHIPPING="The shipping rules for your product. Rules must be separated by a comma. Each rule has four variables separated by a colon. For example, if you want two shipping methods for France, a standard one at 5 euros and an express one at 10 euros you should write: FR::Standard:5.00 EUR,FR::Express:10.00 EUR . If you enter here the column name of a custom product field, it will use the value of the custom field for each product allowing you to have different shipping rules for each product." GOOGLE_PRODUCTS_DOWNLOAD_XML_FILE="Download the XML file. Then, you can import it manualy in your google account" FORCE_USER_LOGOUT_ON_GROUP_UPDATE="Force user logout on group update (only with the Joomla session hanlder option set to use the database)" CUSTOM_PRODUCT_FIELD_NAME="The name of the custom product field where the language is selected for each product" KASHFLOW_USERNAME="Your username on Kashflow" KASHFLOW_PASSWORD="Your password on Kashflow" CUSTOMERS_SOURCE="You can enter here the ID/name of the source of your customers. You can also enter a custom user field column name and the system will use automatically the value of that field for each customer." CUSTOMERS_DISCOUNT_PERCENTAGE="You can enter here the discount percentage of your customers. You can also enter a custom user field column name and the system will use automatically the value of that field for each customer." KASHFLOW_DISPLAY_DISCOUNT="You can enter here either 0 or 1 to set whether your customers should see discounts (for KashFlow). You can also enter a custom user field column name and the system will use automatically the value of that field for each customer." CUSTOMERS_PAYMENT_TERMS="You can enter here the delay (number of days) for invoices payment for your customers. You can also enter a custom user field column name and the system will use automatically the value of that field for each customer." KASHFLOW_NOMINAL_CODE="You can enter here the nominal code of your products (for KashFlow). You can also enter a custom product field column name and the system will use automatically the value of that field for each product." KASHFLOW_SHIPPING_COSTS_NOMINAL_CODE="You can enter here the nominal code of your coupons (for KashFlow)." KASHFLOW_COUPONS_NOMINAL_CODE="You can enter here the nominal code of your shipping costs (for KashFlow)." KASHFLOW_PROJECT_ID="You can enter here the ID of the project to which the invoices will be attached to in KashFlow." ORDER_AUTO_CANCEL_PERIOD="Period before an order is cancelled (in seconds)" ORDER_AUTO_CANCEL_LAST_UPDATE="Last date on which the orders were checked via the CRON task" ORDER_AUTO_CANCEL_NOTIFY_CUSTOMERS="Send the order status notification to the customer when his order is automatically cancelled" OUT_OF_STOCK_PERIOD="Period before you are notified that products are out of stock (in seconds)" PRODUCTS_LAST_UPDATE="Last date on which the products' stock was checked via the CRON task" OUT_OF_STOCK_LIMIT="You can enter here the product quantity under which you will be notified" RATES_FREQUENCY="Frequency at which the ECB feed will be checked (in seconds)" RATES_LAST_UPDATE="Last date on which the rates were updated via the CRON task" RATES_SOURCE="You can select here the data source for your currency rates" SUBSCRIPTION_FREQUENCY="Frequency at which the subscriptions will be checked (in seconds)" SUBSCRIPTION_LAST_UPDATE="Last date on which the subscriptions were checked via the CRON task" TAXCLOUD_CHECK_ADDRESS="It requires the USPS id" USE_ORIGIN_ADDRESS_ON_OVERRIDE="You can configure your shipping methods to override the shipping address of the customer. That's for example useful when you want to offer a local pickup at the store option instead of shipping. In that case, the default behavior is to use the origin address as destination address, but you can also turn off that option to have the TaxCloud plugin skips the tax calculations and HikaShop will then use the tax rules you configured in the backend." USER_ACOUNT_FORCE_MENU="Here you can force the menu which will be used for the link of the customer account by entering the id of a menu item" VALID_ORDER_STATUSES="List of the valid order statuses. If empty, it uses the HikaShop configuration value" FREE_ORDER_SEND_CONFIRMATION_EMAIL="Send the confirmation email when free orders are confirmed automatically" WAITLIST_NOTIFY_PERIOD="Period (in seconds)" QUICKICON_GROUP="The group of this plugin (this value is compared with the group value used in Quick Icons modules to inject icons)" ICON_LEGEND="Text displayed below the icon" ITEMID_FOR_CATEGORIES="The id of the menu to append to the URLs so that the cateogry page uses the corresponding HikaShop options" SEARCH_MANUFACTURERS="Allow search for manufacturers" ITEMID_FOR_MANUFACTURERS="The id of the menu to append to the URLs so that the manufacturer page uses the corresponding HikaShop options" AYAH_PUBLISHER_KEY="Publisher key you get after registering on areyouahuman.com website" AYAH_SCORING_KEY="Scoring key you get after registering on areyouahuman.com website" CAPTCHA_DISPLAY_AFTER="The plugin will display the captcha after the selected field on your registration form" CAPTCHA_CAPTION="Text displayed for the captcha field." CAPTCHA_THEME="Theme used for the captcha" CAPTCHA_USE_IN_CONTACT_FORMS="The plugin will display the captcha on your contact forms" DISPLAY_POSITION_ON_CONTACT_FORMS="If you display the captcha on the contact forms, where do you want it to be displayed?" CAPTCHA_USE_IN_COMMENT_FORMS="The plugin will display the captcha on your comment forms" DISPLAY_POSITION_ON_COMMENT_FORMS="If you display the captcha on the comment forms, where do you want it to be displayed?" TAXES_HANDLING="Should taxes be taken into account" CUSTOM_PRICE_COLUMN_NAME="Enter here the column name of the custom item field where the user can enter his amount so that the plugin can use it as the product price" CUSTOM_PRICE_LETTER_COUNT_COLUMN_NAME="Enter here the column name of the custom item field where the user can enter his text so that the plugin can adapt the price based on the number of letters in the field" EXCLUDED_CHARACTERS="Enter here characters that you want to be excluded from the counting" CUSTOM_PRICE_WORD_COUNT_COLUMN_NAME="Enter here the column name of the custom item field where the user can enter his text so that the plugin can adapt the price based on the number of words in the field" WEIGHT_CUSTOM_FIELD_COLUMN_NAME="The weight custom field column name" API_ENTRY_POINT="Gives the entry point for the API system" TOKEN_DURATION="Duration of the validaty for a user token" TOKEN_HASH_SALT="Salt used for the token generation. Generated automatically if empty" PARTNER_KEY_NAME="Name of the affiliate key" AFFILIATE_AFTER_INITIALISATION="If turn off, the affiliate will only be registered after the routing of the pages have been done (it might not work with SEF in some cases, but might avoid problems in some others)" USE_UNIVERSAL_ANALYTICS="Use or not the new API of google analytics (ga.js or universal.js)" GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ACCOUNT="Your Google Analytics Account with the format UA-XXXXX-X" GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ACCOUNT_CURRENCY="Your Google Analytics Account currency (three letter code)" SINGLE_SUBMISSION="Only submit the order once ; the moment it receives the invoice id" DEBUG_MODE="Enable or not the debug mode (use the ga_debug.js file" ENABLING_DISPLAY_FEATURES="Only with Universal Analytics" ANALYTICS_DIRECT_CALL="Always use the direct call with Universal Analytics (no js display in pages for order confirmation)" TARGETING_USER_GROUPS="Select some Joomla user groups which will be able to buy free products" GLOBAL_OVERRIDE="Create a global override of the HikaShop configuration (otherwise, create a local override)" GEOLOCATION_TIMEOUT="The timeout value after which the connection to the geolocation server is considered failed (in sec)" GEOLOCATION_SERVICE="Select here the geolocation service that you want to use" GEOLOCATION_API_KEY="Your IPInfoDB service's API key that you can get on http://ipinfodb.com/register.php" GEOLOCATION_CURRENCY="Select currency based on the geolocated zone of the user" GEOLOCATION_ZONES_BLOCKED="Block the people in these zones (provide a list of zone ids separated by commas)" GEOLOCATION_ZONES_AUTHORIZED="Authorize the people in these zones (provide a list of zone ids separated by commas). If filled, the blocked zones will be ignored" GEOLOCATION_COMPONENTS_CHECKED="Check zones access only for these components (provide a list of component folder names separated by commas)" PRODUCTINSERT_MENU="The id of the hikashop products listing menu where to redirect" ITEMID_FOR_REGISTRATION="You can force there the menu item to use for the registration page. You should select a menu item of HikaShop here. If not selected, or if selecting a non HikaShop menu item, it can potentially generate an error after the redirection. " ADWORDS_ID="The ID of your Google Adwords account" DISPLAY_FACEBOOK_BUTTON="Display or not the Facebook like button" DISPLAY_TWITTER_BUTTON="Display or not the twitter button to share the product page" DISPLAY_GOOGLE_BUTTON="Display or not Google +1 button" DISPLAY_PINTEREST_BUTTON="Display or not Pinterest button" DISPLAY_ADDTHIS_BUTTON="Display or not AddThis button" SOCIAL_BUTTON_POSITION="Postion of the twitter and facebook buttons on your product page" SOCIAL_WIDTH_DIV="The width of your div (in px)" SOCIAL_TAG_TYPE="Coding language used for implementing the Facebook button" FACEBOOK_DISPLAY_STYLE="Choose the style of the facebook button" SHOW_FACEBOOK_FACES="Show or not the face of the people who used your Facebook button" SHOW_SEND_BUTTON="Show or not the send button next to the like button (doesn't work if you use the iframe)" VERB_TO_DISPLAY="Choose the verb to display on your button" COLOR_THEME="The color of the Facebook button" FACEBOOK_BUTTON_FONT="The font of the Facebook button" SOCIAL_PRODUCT_TYPE="Type of the linked content" FACEBOOK_ADMIN="The name or ID of your facebook account" TWITTER_COUNT_DISPLAY="Choose the style of the twitter count display" TWEET_TEXT="If you want to display a special text into the tweet. If this field is empty, the name of the page will be used." MENTION_TO="Name of the account which will be mentioned in the tweet" GOOGLE_BUTTON_SIZE="Choose the size of the Google +1 button" SHOW_GOOGLE_COUNT="Show or not the number of person who used this button" PINTEREST_COUNT_DISPLAY="Choose the style of the Pinterest count display" ADDTHIS_DISPLAY="Choose the style of the addThis button" SOCIAL_SERVICES_EXCLUDE="Services you don't want to display (i.e. 'myspace, facebook'). You can find the list of service here: http://www.addthis.com/services/list#.UbXcsj6VBVU" DISPLAY_CUSTOM_USER_FIELDS="Enable display custom user fields on the user profile edition page" RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY="Public key you get after registering on ReCaptcha website" RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY="Private key you get after registering on ReCaptcha website" CAPTCHA_USE_IN_REGISTRATION_FORMS="The plugin will display the captcha on your registration forms" SHIPSTATION_USERNAME="Enter here the username of the merchant link to Shipstation setting references" SHIPSTATION_PASSWORD="Enter here the password of the merchant link to Shipstation setting references" EMAIL_HISTORY_NUMBER_OF_DAYS="Enter here how many days you want to keep emails on database" PLEASE_SEND_PURCHASEORDER="You can now send us a purchase order for the amount of %s using the following information." INCLUDE_ORDER_NUMBER_TO_PURCHASEORDER="Do not forget to include the order number ( %s ) with the purchase order so that we can match it to your order." SEARCH_LIMIT="Search Limit" ITEMID="Itemid" NEW_PAGE="New page" FULL_BREADCRUMB_PATH="Full breadcrumb path" HIKA_CUSTOM_TEMPLATE="Custom template" HIKA_ADD_VAT_TO_PRICE="Add the VAT to the price" HIKA_ONLY_PRODUCT_IN_STOCK="Only products in stock" HIKA_DEFAULT_ITEMID="Default Itemid" HIKA_DISPLAY_HIKASHOP_FILTERS_ON_MASSACTIONS="Display the HikaShop filters on massactions" HIKA_DISPLAY_HIKASHOP_FILTERS_ON_NEWSLETTERS_EDITION="Display the HikaShop filters on newsletters edition" HIKA_CORE_APPLICATION="Core Application" HIKA_AVAILABLE_POSITIONS="Available Positions" HIKA_MANY_SUBSCRIPTIONS="Many subscriptions" HIKA_FORCE_MENU="Force menu" HIKA_SEND_A_COPY_TO="Send a copy to" HIKA_STATUSES_FOR_EMAIL_ATTACHMENTS="Statuses for email attachment" MARGES="Marges" HIKA_FONT_TO_USE="Font to use" HIKA_OVERRIDE_ON_THE_FRONTEND="Override on the frontend" HIKA_OVERRIDE_ON_THE_BACKEND="Override on the backend" FREQUENCY="Frequency" HIKA_LAST_UPDATE="Last update" TRIGGER="Trigger" HIKA_FEED_PATH="Feed path" PRICES_FEE="Prices fee" HIKA_FORCE_TAXE_CATEGORY_ID="Force tax category id" HIKA_COLUMN_NAMES="Column names" HIKA_DATEPICKER_SET_HOUR="Set hour to noon when processing time" HIKA_RESERVATION_PERIOD="Reservation period" LIMIT_GROUP_ONE="Group 1" DOWNLOAD_LIMIT_ONE="Download limit 1" LIMIT_GROUP_TWO="Group 2" DOWNLOAD_LIMIT_TWO="Download limit 2" HIKA_ORDERS_GEOLOCATION="Orders geolocation" HIKA_CUSTOMERS_GEOLOCATION="Customers geolocation" HIKA_HIKASHOP="HikaShop" HIKA_ENABLE_AUTO_UPDATE="Enable Auto Update" FTP_USER_NAME="FTP User Name" FTP_PASSWORD="FTP Password" FILE_NAME="File Name" HIKA_LOCAL_XML_FILE_PATH="Local xml file path" HIKA_INCREASE_PERFORMANCES="Increase performances" HIKA_USE_PRODUCTS_BRAND="Use products brand" HIKA_BRAND_OVERRIDE="Brand override" HIKA_PRICE_DISPLAYED="Price Displayed" HIKA_TAXED_PRICES="Taxed prices" HIKA_PRODUCT_CONDITION="Product Condition" HIKA_SHORT_DESCRIPTION="Short Description" HIKA_MESSAGE_IF_NO_DEDSCRIPTION="Message If No Description" ADD_PRODUCT_CODE_MPN="Use product code as mpn" GTIN="GTIN" HIKA_IN_STOCK_PRODUCTS_ONLY="In stock products only" HIKA_IDENTIFIER_EXISTS="Identifier exists" AGE_GROUP="Age group" GENDER="Gender" PRODUCT_SIZE="Size" PRODUCT_COLOR="Color" HIKA_FORCE_USER_LOGOUT_ON_GROUP_UPDATE="Force user logout on group update" HIKA_CUSTOM_PRODUCT_FIELD_NAME="Custom product field name" HIKA_CUSTOMERS_SOURCE="Customers source" NUMBER_OF_DAYS="Number of days" HIKA_CUSTOMERS_DISCOUNT_PERCENTAGE="Customers discount percentage" DISPLAY_DISCOUNT="Display discount" HIKA_CUSTOMERS_PAYMENT_TERMS="Customers payment terms" NOMINAL_CODE="Nominal Code" SHIPPING_COSTS_NOMINAL_CODE="Shipping costs Nominal Code" COUPONS_NOMINAL_CODE="Coupons Nominal Code" PROJECT_ID="Project ID" NOTIFY_CUSTOMERS="Notify customers" STOCK_LIMIT="Stock limit" HIKA_RATES_SOURCE="Rates source" TAXCLOUD="TaxCloud" API_ID="API Id" UFPS="USPS" USPS_ID="USPS Id" TAXCLOUD_ADDRESS_1="Address 1" TAXCLOUD_ADDRESS_2="Address 2" TAXCLOUD_ZIP_4="Zip4" TAXCLOUD_ZIP_5="Zip5" CHECK_ADDRESS="Check address" HIKA_USE_ORIGIN_ADDRESS_ON_OVERRIDE="Use origin address on override" DEFAULT_TIC_ID="Default TIC id" SHIPPING_TIC_ID="Shipping TIC id" BROWSE_TIC_CATEGOGIES="Browse TIC categories" HIKA_VALID_ORDER_STATUSES="Valid order statuses" ACTIVE_CHECKOUT_STEP="Active checkout step" HIDE_WHEN_NO_POINTS="Hide when no points" SHOW_POINTS="Show points" ASK_FOR_NO_COUPON="Ask for no coupon" DO_NOT_USE_POINT_BY_DEFAULT="Do not use point by default" SHOW_EARN_POINTS="Show earn points" SEND_CONFIRMATION_EMAIL="Send confirmation email" HIKA_ITEMID_FOR_CATEGORIES="Itemid for categories" HIKA_MANUFACTURERS="Manufacturers" HIKA_ITEMID_FOR_MANUFACTURERS="Itemid for manufacturers" PUBLISHER_KEY="Publisher key" SCORING_KEY="Scoring key" HIKA_CAPTCHA_CAPTION="Captcha Caption" DISPLAY_AFTER="Display after" THEME="Theme" USE_IN_CONTACT_FORMS="Use in contact forms" HIKA_DISPLAY_POSITION_ON_CONTACT_FORMS="Display position on contact forms" USE_IN_COMMENT_FORMS="Use in comment forms" HIKA_DISPLAY_POSITION_ON_COMMENT_FORMS="Display position on comment forms" HIKA_TAXES_HANDLING="Taxes handling" COLUMN_NAME_OF_THE_FIELD="Column name of the field" HIKA_EXCLUDED_CHARACTERS="Excluded characters" HIKA_WEIGHT_CUSTOM_FIELD_COLUMN_NAME="Weight custom field column name" HIKA_API_ENTRY_POINT="API entry point" HIKA_TOKEN_DURATION="Token duration" HIKA_PARTNER_KEY_NAME="Partner key name" AFTER_INITIALISATION="After initialisation" GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ACCOUNT_1="Google Analytics Account 1" GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ACCOUNT_1_CURRENCY="Google Analytics Account 1 currency" GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ACCOUNT_2="Google Analytics Account 2" GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ACCOUNT_2_CURRENCY="Google Analytics Account 2 currency" GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ACCOUNT_3="Google Analytics Account 3" GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ACCOUNT_3_CURRENCY="Google Analytics Account 3 currency" GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ACCOUNT_4="Google Analytics Account 4" GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ACCOUNT_4_CURRENCY="Google Analytics Account 4 currency" GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ACCOUNT_5="Google Analytics Account 5" GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ACCOUNT_5_CURRENCY="Google Analytics Account 5 currency" HIKA_SINGLE_SUBMISSION="Single submission" ANALYTICS_DEBUG_MODE="Debug Mode (for ga.js)" EXTRA_MODULES="Extra modules" ENHANCED_LINK_ATTRIBUTION="Enhanced Link Attribution" HIKA_ENABLING_DISPLAY_FEATURES="Enabling Display Features" ALWAYS_USE_DIRECT_CALL="Always use direct call (UA)" HIKA_USE_UNIVERSAL_ANALYTICS="Use universal analytics" HIKA_TARGETING_USER_GROUPS="Targeting user groups" HIKA_GLOBAL_OVERRIDE="Global override" TIMEOUT="Timeout" HIKA_GEOLOCATION_SERVICE="Geolocation service" API_KEY="API key" SET_CURRENCY="Set currency" ZONES_BLOCKED="Zones blocked" ZONES_AUTHORIZED="Zones authorized" COMPONENTS_CHECKED="Components checked" HIKA_ITEMID_FOR_REGISTRATION="Menu item for registration" HIKA_ADWORDS_ID="Adwords ID" HIKA_DISPLAY_FACEBOOK_BUTTON="Display Facebook button" HIKA_DISPLAY_TWITTER_BUTTON="Dislpay Twitter button" HIKA_DISPLAY_GOOGLE_BUTTON="Display Google +1 button" HIKA_DISPLAY_PINTEREST_BUTTON="Display Pinterest button" HIKA_DISPLAY_ADDTHIS_BUTTON="Display AddThis button" HIKA_SOCIAL_BUTTON_POSITION="Button position" HIKA_SOCIAL_TAG_TYPE="Tag type" HIKA_FACEBOOK_DISPLAY_STYLE="Facebook display style" HIKA_SHOW_FACEBOOK_FACES="Show Facebook faces" HIKA_SHOW_SEND_BUTTON="Show Send button" HIKA_VERB_TO_DISPLAY="Verb to display" HIKA_COLOR_THEME="Color theme" HIKA_FACEBOOK_BUTTON_FONT="Facebook button font" HIKA_FACEBOOK_ADMIN="Facebook admin" HIKA_TWITTER_COUNT_DISPLAY="Twitter count display" HIKA_TWEET_TEXT="Tweet text" HIKA_MENTION_TO="Mention to" HIKA_GOOGLE_BUTTON_SIZE="Google button size" HIKA_SHOW_GOOGLE_COUNT="Show Google count" HIKA_PINTEREST_COUNT_DISPLAY="Pinterest count display" HIKA_ADDTHIS_DISPLAY="AddThis display" HIKA_SOCIAL_SERVICES_EXCLUDE="Services exclude" HIKA_DISPLAY_CUSTOM_USER_FIELDS="Display custom user fields on user profile edition page" PUBLIC_KEY="Public key" PRIVATE_KEY="Private key" USE_IN_REGISTRATION_FORMS="Use in registration forms" FOR_SHIPSTATION_SETTING_PAGE="For Shipstation setting page" EMAIL_NOTIFICATION_TO_CUSTOMER="Email notification to customer" ADD_SHIPSTATION_DATA="Add shipstation data in customer email notification" USE_SHIPSTATION_FOR="Use Shipstation for :" UPDATE_ORDER_STATUS="Update order status" UPDATE_ORDER_STATUS_TO_SHIPPED="Update order status to shipped" HIKA_DEBUG_MODE="Debug mode" PRODUCT_PAGE="Product page" PRODUCT_LISTING_PAGE="Product listing" PRODUCT_COMPARE_PAGE="Product compare" CATEGORY_LISTING_PAGE="Category listing" CHECKOUT_PAGE="Checkout page" NO_VAT="No VAT" YES_VAT="Yes, include the VAT" ONLY_PRODUCT_IN_STOCK_YES="Yes, only in stock" ONLY_PRODUCT_IN_STOCK_NO="No, display all products" CONTENT="Content" SIDEBAR_TOP="Sidebar Top" SIDEBAR_BOTTOM="Sidebar Bottom" INCREASE_PERFORMANCES_A_LOT="A lot" INCREASE_PERFORMANCES_A_LOT_MORE="A lot more" INCREASE_PERFORMANCES_NO_LIMIT="No limit !" CHEAPEST_PRICE_DISPLAYED="Cheapest" AVERAGE_PRICE_DISPLAYED="Average" MOST_EXPENSIVE_PRICE_DISPLAYED="Most Expensive" UNIT_PRICE_DISPLAYED="Unit" EUROPEAN_CENTRAL_BANK="European Central Bank" YAHOO_FINANCE="Yahoo Finance" ALPHA_USER_POINTS="AltaUserPoints" EASY_SOCIAL="EasySocial" EMAIL="Email" RED="Red" WHITE="White" BLACK="Black" CLEAN="Clean" AFTER_RECEIVE_COPY="After the receive a copy" AFTER_MESSAGE_TEXTAREA="After the message textarea" AFTER_EMAIL_ADDRESS_INPUT="After the e-mail address input" AFTER_COMMENT_TEXTAREA="After the comment textarea" AFTER_USERNAME_INPUT="After the username input" NO_TAXES="No taxes" TAXES_HANDLING_ON_TOP="On top of the amount" TAXES_HANDLING_ALREADY_INCLUDED="already included in the amount" GEOLOCATION_GEOPLUGIN="GeoPlugin" GEOLOCATION_IPINFODB="IPInfoDB" GEOLOCATION_BOTH="Both" SOCIAL_TAG_TYPE_XFBML="XFBML" SOCIAL_TAG_TYPE_IFRAME="IFRAME" FACEBOOK_DISPLAY_STYLE_STANDARD="Standard" FACEBOOK_DISPLAY_STYLE_BUTTON_COUNT="Button count" FACEBOOK_DISPLAY_STYLE_BOX_COUNT="Box count" FACEBOOK_DISPLAY_STYLE_BUTTON="Button" SOCIAL_VERB_LIKE="Like" SOCIAL_VERB_RECOMMEND="Recommend" THEME_LIGHT="Light" THEME_DARK="Dark" SOCIAL_PRODUCT_TYPE_PRODUCT="Product" SOCIAL_PRODUCT_TYPE_ALBUM="Album" SOCIAL_PRODUCT_TYPE_BOOK="Book" SOCIAL_PRODUCT_TYPE_COMPANY="Company" SOCIAL_PRODUCT_TYPE_DRINK="Drink" SOCIAL_PRODUCT_TYPE_GAME="Game" SOCIAL_PRODUCT_TYPE_MOVIE="Movie" SOCIAL_PRODUCT_TYPE_SONG="Song" BUTTON_SIZE_STANDARD="Standard" BUTTON_SIZE_SMALL="Small" BUTTON_SIZE_MEDIUM="Medium" BUTTON_SIZE_TALL="Tall" ADDTHIS_DISPLAY_COMPACT="Compact" ADDTHIS_DISPLAY_BIG="Big" ADDTHIS_DISPLAY_COUNT="Count" USE_SHIPSTATION_FOR_PAID_ORDERS="Paid orders (With Invoice )" USE_SHIPSTATION_FOR_UNPAID_ORDERS="Unpaid orders (Created status)" HIKA_VOTE_TOTAL="Total" HIKA_VOTE_CUSTOMER_VOTE="Your vote" ONE_SHIPPING_METHOD_PER_PRODUCT="Only one shipping method available :" SEVERAL_SHIPPING_METHOD_PER_PRODUCT="These shipping methods are available :" HIKA_FOR_AN_ORDER_OF="For %s %s, %s : " HIKA_DISPLAY_PER_PRODUCT_SHIPPING="Display on frontend shipping with minimum quantity" HIKA_MASS_PRODUCT_CREATED="This product has correctly been created: %s" HIKA_MASS_PRODUCT_CREATION_ERROR="Product creation error" YOU_HAVE="You have %s points (or %s)." HIKA_FRONTEND_POSITION="Frontend position" TOP_BEGIN="Top begin" TOP_END="Top end" LEFT_BEGIN="Left begin" LEFT_END="Left end" RIGHT_BEGIN="Right begin" RIGHT_MIDDLE="Right middle" RIGHT_END="Right end" BOTTOM_BEGIN="Bottom begin" BOTTOM_MIDDLE="Bottom middle" BOTTOM_END="Bottom end" ;since 2.6.2 HIKA_SAVE_AND_NOTIFY="Save & Notify" FIELD_ORDER_INVOICE="Invoice" FIELD_ORDER_SHIPPING_INVOICE="Shipping Invoice" FIELD_ORDER_SHOW="Front-end order details page" FIELD_ORDER_CHECKOUT="Checkout" FIELD_ORDER_FORM="Order edition form" FIELD_ORDER_EDIT_FIELDS="Order additional information" FIELD_ORDER_LISTING="Back-end Listing" FIELD_ORDER_NOTIFICATION="Order notification" FIELD_ORDER_STATUS_NOTIFICATION="Order status notification" FIELD_ORDER_CREATION_NOTIFICATION="Order creation notification" FIELD_ORDER_ADMIN_NOTIFICATION="Order administrator notification" FIELD_ORDER_PAYMENT_NOTIFICATION="Payment notification" FIELD_PRODUCT_SHOW="Product page" FIELD_PRODUCT_COMPARE="Comparison page" FIELD_PRODUCT_LISTING="Back-end Listing" FIELD_PRODUCT_FRONTEND_LISTING="Front-end Listing" FIELD_PRODUCT_FORM="Product Editing page" FIELD_PRODUCT_INVOICE="Invoice" FIELD_PRODUCT_SHIPPING_INVOICE="Shipping Invoice" FIELD_PRODUCT_ORDER_FORM="Back-end Order details page" FIELD_PRODUCT_BACKEND_CART_DETAILS="Back-end Cart details page" FIELD_PRODUCT_FRONTEND_CART_DETAILS="Front-end Cart details page" FIELD_PRODUCT_ORDER_NOTIFICATION="Order notification" FIELD_PRODUCT_ORDER_STATUS_NOTIFICATION="Order status notification" FIELD_PRODUCT_ORDER_CREATION_NOTIFICATION="Order creation notification" FIELD_PRODUCT_ORDER_ADMIN_NOTIFICATION="Order administrator notification" FIELD_PRODUCT_PAYMENT_NOTIFICATION="Payment notification" FIELD_ITEM_SHOW_CART="Front-end Cart details page" FIELD_ITEM_CHECKOUT="Checkout" FIELD_ITEM_ORDER="Front-end order details page" FIELD_ITEM_PRODUCT_LISTING="Front-end Product Listing" FIELD_ITEM_PRODUCT_SHOW="Product Page" FIELD_ITEM_PRODUCT_CART="Cart Module" FIELD_ITEM_ORDER_FORM="Back-end order details page" FIELD_ITEM_INVOICE="Invoice" FIELD_ITEM_SHIPPING_INVOICE="Shipping Invoice" FIELD_ITEM_EDIT_PRODUCT_ORDER="Product editing form in order" FIELD_ITEM_BACKEND_CART_DETAILS="Back-end Cart details page" FIELD_ITEM_ORDER_NOTIFICATION="Order notification" FIELD_ITEM_ORDER_STATUS_NOTIFICATION="Order status notification" FIELD_ITEM_ORDER_CREATION_NOTIFICATION="Order creation notification" FIELD_ITEM_ORDER_ADMIN_NOTIFICATION="Order administrator notification" FIELD_ITEM_PAYMENT_NOTIFICATION="Payment notification" HIKA_CANT_SELECT_USER_NO_JOOMLA_ACCOUNT="This user cannot be selected, he does not have Joomla account." HIKA_DISPLAY_SHIPPING_PRICE_PER_PRODUCT_ON_PRODUCT_PAGE="Display shipping price per product on product page" HIKA_DISPLAY_SHIPPING_ON_PRODUCT_PAGE="Display on product page" HIKA_VOTE_DO_FALSE_FROM_PLUGIN="The vote has been cancelled by a third component." PLEASE_NOTE_THAT_THIS_OTPION_SHOULD_BE_TURNED_OFF_IN_MOST_CASES="Please note that this option should be turned off in most cases" ;since 2.6.3 HIDE_CART="Hide if empty" ;since 2.6.4 DELETE_FILE_AFTER_IMPORT="Delete file after import" ELEMENT_DESCRIPTION="Element description" SHOW_HTML5="Show HTML5" HIKA_HAVE_DONT_HAVE="have / don't have" ADD_ON_CSV_IMPORT_MASSACTION="Create products if not existing" PDF_SHIPPING_INVOICE="Shipping invoice %s" SHIPPING_INVOICE_NUMBER="Shipping invoice Number" DISCOUNTED_ONLY="Discounted only" DUPLICATE_WINDOW="Duplicate Window" BUTTON_ON_CONTROL_PANEL="Button on control panel" PERIOD_AFTER_ORDERING="Created %s %s ago and not paid yet" HIKA_ABANDONED_CART="Abandonned cart" ECOMM_PRODID_LABEL="Column name for ecomm_prodid" ECOMM_PRODID_DESC="You need to enter here the column name of a custom product field, it will use the value of the custom field for each product allowing you to have a different ecomm_prodid for each product. The system can also use the product code of each product." ;since 3.0.0 TERMS_UNDEFINED="No article defined as Terms & Conditions or the article doesn't exist" WIZARD_INSTALL_EU_TAXES="Install European taxes" HIKA_SLOT="Slot" HIKA_VIEW_MORE="View more" HIKA_STAT_PERIOD="Period" HIKA_STAT_NUMBER="Number" HIKA_STAT_ALL="All" HIKA_STAT_YEAR="Year" HIKA_STAT_MONTH="Month" HIKA_STAT_WEEK="Week" HIKA_STATS_TOTAL_PRODUCTS="Total products" HIKA_STATS_TOTAL_ORDERS="Total orders" HIKA_STATS_AVERAGE_ORDER_PRICE="Average order price" HIKA_STATS_ORDERS_THIS_MONTH="Sales past 30 days" HIKA_STATS_LAST_ORDERS="Last orders" HIKA_STATS_CURRENT_ORDERS="Current orders" HIKA_STATS_GEO_SALES="Geographic sales" HIKA_STATS_BEST_CUSTOMER="Best customer" HIKA_STATS_BEST_PRODUCT="Best product" HIKA_STATS_BEST_CATEGORY="Best category" HIKA_STATS_CONVERSION_RATE="Conversion rate" HIKA_PERIOD_ALL="All" HIKA_PERIOD_THIS_YEAR="This year" HIKA_PERIOD_THIS_MONTH="This month" HIKA_PERIOD_THIS_WEEK="This week" HIKA_PERIOD_THIS_DAY="This day" HIKA_PERIOD_PAST_YEAR="Past year" HIKA_PERIOD_PAST_MONTH="Past month" HIKA_PERIOD_PAST_WEEK="Past week" HIKA_PERIOD_PAST_DAY="Past day" HIKA_PERIOD_PREVIOUS_YEAR="Previous year" HIKA_PERIOD_PREVIOUS_MONTH="Previous month" HIKA_PERIOD_PREVIOUS_WEEK="Previous week" HIKA_PERIOD_PREVIOUS_DAY="Previous day" HIKA_PERIOD_BY_YEAR="Group by year" HIKA_PERIOD_BY_MONTH="Group by month" HIKA_PERIOD_BY_WEEK="Group by week" HIKA_PERIOD_BY_DAY="Group by day" YOU_CAN_NOW_ACCESS_YOUR_ORDER_HERE="You can now access your order here." RELATED_PRODUCTS_FROM_CART="Related products from cart only" HIKA_DISPLAY_MODE="Display mode" DISPLAY_MODE_FOR_XFBML="Display mode available only for the XFBML tag type" SHARE_BUTTON_ONLY="Share button only" SHOW_SELECT_PRICE="Show select by price" HIKASHOP_LEGACY_SETTINGS="Legacy settings" CHECKOUT_LEGACY_MODE="Checkout legacy" OPTION_ADD_TO_CART_LEGACY="Add to cart legacy" DASHBOARD_LEGACY="Backend dashboard legacy" HIKA_OK="OK" BUNDLED_PRODUCTS="Bundled products" HIKA_CSS_BUTTON="CSS for buttons" HIKA_CSS_BUTTON_CART="Extra CSS for add to cart buttons" HIKA_CSS_BUTTON_WISHLIST="Extra CSS for add to wishlist buttons" THE_STORE_IS_CLOSED="The store is closed." OPEN_HOURS="Open hours :" OPENS_ON="Opens on" CLOSES_ON="Closes on" FROM_X_ON_X_TO_X_ON_X="From %s %s to %s %s" EVERY_DAY_FROM_X_TO_X="Every day from %s to %s" HIKA_HH="HH" HIKA_MM="MM" PLUGIN_X_IS_NOT_CONFIGURED_CORRECTLY_MISSING_DATA="The plugin %s is not configured correctly. One or several input fields are empty." PLUGIN_X_IS_NOT_CONFIGURED_CORRECTLY_DAYS_ISSUE="The plugin %s is not configured correctly. Only one day selector is set to 'all'." HIKA_HEIGHT_CONSISTENCY="Height consistency" HIKA_INFINITE_SCROLL="Infinite scroll" HIKA_LOAD_MORE="Load more..." REMOVE_THIS_SELECTION="Remove this selection" HIKA_ORDERSTATUSES="Order Statuses" HIKA_ORDERSTATUS="Order Status" DOWNLOAD="Download" CANCELLABLE="Cancellable" UNPAID="Unpaid" CAPTURE="Capture" CREATED_DESC="The order status which will be assigned to a new order" CONFIRMED_DESC="The order status which will be assigned to an order when a payment notification is received (used for stock managment mainly)" INVOICE_DESC="You can select here the statuses for which the system will create the invoice number of an order if not already set" DOWNLOAD_DESC="The statuses for which the files of products will be downloadable by the customers" CANCELLED_DESC="The order statuses identifying an order that is cancelled (used for stock managment mainly)" CANCELLABLE_DESC="The order statuses for which the customer will see a 'Cancel' button on his orders listing. If clicked on, it will send a notification to the shop owner and will change the order status to cancelled" UNPAID_DESC="The order statuses for which the customer will see a 'Pay' button on his orders listing. If clicked on, the customer will be redirected to the payment gateway of the payment method of his order. This requires the option 'Payment of orders not paid immediately' to be turned on the in the HikaShop configuration." CAPTURE_DESC="N/A" AFFILIATE_DESC="The order statuses for which the orders affiliate commission will be taken into account" HIKA_NAMEKEY="Namekey" HIKA_SEARCH="Search" HIKASHOP_CART="Cart" HIKASHOP_WISHLIST="Wishlist" PRODUCT_AVAILABLE="Product available" PRODUCT_UNAVAILABLE="Product unavailable" HIKA_NO_NAME="No name" CURRENT_CART="Current cart" HIKA_ADD_PRODUCT="Add product" HIKASHOP_USER_WISHLIST="Wishlist of: %s" HIKASHOP_ACTIONS="Actions" HIKA_MORE="More" HIKA_CONFIRM_DELETE_CART="Are you sure that you want to delete the selected carts ?" HIKA_CONFIRM_DELETE_WISHLIST="Are you sure that you want to delete the selected wishlists ?" HIKA_CONFIRM_CANCEL_ORDER="Are you sure that you want to cancel the order ORDER_NUMBER ?" HIKASHOP_SOME_PRODUCT_NOT_ADDED_TO_CART="Some products cannot be added to the cart" PAY_ORDER_X_NOW="Pay now the order %s" NO_CUSTOM_ENTRY_FIELDS_FOUND="No custom entry field found. You can create them via the menu Display>Custom fields" JOOMLA_REGISTRATION_DEACTIVATED="Beware that the 'Allow User Registration' setting of the Joomla user manager is deactivated and thus, it will be deactivated on the HikaShop checkout and the HikaShop registration page too." INVALID_VALUE_CUSTOM_FIELD="Value '%s' instead of the id of a user group in the custom field '%s'. Please report to administrator." CUSTOM_FIELDS_X="Custom '%s' fields" ADDRESS_FORMAT="Address format" COULD_NOT_DELETE_THE_FILE="Could not delete the file %s" ADDRESS_FORMAT_RESET_SUCCESSFULLY="Address format reset successfully" RESET_ADDRESS_FORMAT_TO_DEFAULT="Reset address format to default" EMPTY_THE_CART="Empty the cart" HIKA_CART_DROPDOWN="Dropdown cart" CART_MODULE_DROPDOWN_LEFT="Left padding" CART_MODULE_DROPDOWN_LEFT_DESC="" CART_MODULE_DROPDOWN_RIGHT="Right padding" CART_MODULE_DROPDOWN_RIGHT_DESC="" ADD_TO_CART_ON_LISTINGS="Add to cart on listings" TYPE_QTY_ONE_PER_PRODUCT="One per product" TYPE_QTY_GLOBAL="Global" HIKA_BOUGHT_X_TIMES="Bought %d time(s)" HIKA_BOUGHT_BY="Bought by" CART_SHARE_INVALID_TOKEN="That wishlist is restricted, you need the valid token to see it" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_POSITION="Display position" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_POSITION_DESC="The notification can be diplayed on multiple position" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_REFERENCE_LBL="Display location" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_REFERENCE_DESC="The notification can be diplayed near the add to cart button or in the web page" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_DELAY_LBL="Auto-hide delay" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_DELAY_DESC="The number of milliseconds after which the notification will be hidden automatically" HIKA_CARTNOTIF_REF_GLOBAL="Web page" HIKA_CARTNOTIF_REF_BUTTON="Add to cart button" HIKA_CARTNOTIF_POS_TOPRIGHT="Top right" HIKA_CARTNOTIF_POS_TOPCENTER="Top center" HIKA_CARTNOTIF_POS_TOPLEFT="Top left" HIKA_CARTNOTIF_POS_BOTTOMRIGHT="Bottom right" HIKA_CARTNOTIF_POS_BOTTOMCENTER="Bottom center" HIKA_CARTNOTIF_POS_BOTTOMLEFT="Bottom left" PRODUCT_ADDED_TO_CART="Product added to the cart" PRODUCT_ADDED_TO_WISHLIST="Product added to the wishlist" PRODUCT_NOT_ADDED_TO_CART="Product not added to the cart" PRODUCT_NOT_ADDED_TO_WISHLIST="Product not added to the wishlist" PRODUCT_UNSUCCESSFULLY_ADDED_TO_CART="Product not added to the cart" PRODUCT_UNSUCCESSFULLY_ADDED_TO_WISHLIST="Product not added to the wishlist" HIKASHOP_EDIT_ADDRESS="Edit address" HIKA_UPGRADE_HIKASHOP="Upgrade your HikaShop" MOVE_TO_CART="Move to cart" MOVE_TO_WISHLIST="Move to wishlist" HIKA_MAIL_FILES_EMPTY_UPLOAD="No files - Drag & Drop here or use the upload button" HIKA_SELECT_DEFAULT_ADDRESS="Select default address" EMAIL_TEMPLATE="Email template" HIKA_DISCOUNT_FEATURES="Discount Features" HIKA_ADVANCED_RESTRICTIONS="Advanced Restrictions" MAIN_ATTRIBUTES="Main Attributes" EXTRA_ATTRIBUTES="Extra Attributes" PRODUCT_ID="Product ID" HIKA_SUBMIT="Submit" PAYMENT_REFUSED="Payment refused" LOGIN_NOT_VALID="Login not valid" HIKA_CARTNOTIF_REF_POPUP="Popup" HIKA_CARTNOTIF_POS_RIGHT="Right" HIKA_CARTNOTIF_POS_LEFT="Left" ;since 3.0.1 HIKA_STATISTICS="Statistics" STATISTICS_ORDER_STATUS="Order statuses for statistics" STATISTICS_DESC="The statistics on the dashboard will only take into account the orders with the order statuses selected here." NOT_ENOUGH_QTY_FOR_PRODUCT="Not enough quantity selected for product %s" TOO_MUCH_QTY_FOR_PRODUCT="Too much quantity selected for product %s" INVALID_MIN_MAX_FOR_PRODUCT="Invalid min/max quantity restrictions for product %s" X_DOWNLOADS_MADE="%s downloads made" ;since 3.1.0 ALLOW_REGISTRATION_AFTER_GUEST_CHECKOUT="Allow registration after guest checkout" ONLY_WITH_GUEST_MODE="Only with guest mode" INVALID_USER="Invalid user" REGISTRATION_AFTER_GUEST_CHECKOUT_NOT_ALLOWED="Registration after guest checkout not allowed." INVALID_REQUEST="Invalid request" USER_ACCOUNT_ALREADY_CREATED="User account already created." CLICK_HERE_TO_EASILY_CREATE_YOUR_USER_ACCOUNT="Click here to easily create your user account on our website. That way, next time you purchase on our online shop, you won't have to reenter your address." PRODUCT_QUANTITY_CHANGED="The product %s quantity has been changed from %s to %s" HIKA_REDIRECT_BACK="Redirect back" HIKA_REDIRECT_BACK_ON_PROFILE_SAVE="Redirect the user back to the control panel when the profile is saved." DISPLAY_VIEW_FILES="Display view files" HIKA_NO_ADDRESS="No address" HIKA_SELECT_IMAGE="Select an image" HIKA_ENTER_IMAGE_PATH="Enter an image path / URL" STORE_LOCALLY="Store locally" HIKA_SELECT_PAYMENT="Please select your payment" HIKA_ALL_VARIANTS="All variants" HIKA_INLINE="Inline" X_ITEMS="%s items" X_ITEM="%s item" MINI_CART_PROCEED_TO_CHECKOUT="Proceed to checkout" PRODUCTS_ADDED_TO_CART="Products added to the cart" PRODUCTS_ADDED_TO_WISHLIST="Products added to the wishlist" PRODUCTS_SUCCESSFULLY_ADDED_TO_CART="Products successfully added to the cart" PRODUCTS_SUCCESSFULLY_ADDED_TO_WISHLIST="Products successfully added to the wishlist" ;since 3.1.1 HIKA_SUBMIT_FIELDS="Update additional fields" CAROUSEL_LEGACY="Carousel legacy" PLEASE_FILL_FORM_BEFORE_PROCEEDING="Please fill the form before proceeding." CART_UPDATED="Cart updated" COM_HIKASHOP_DASHBOARD_VIEW_TITLE="Dashboard" COM_HIKASHOP_DASHBOARD_VIEW_DESC="View statistics on your shop." COM_HIKASHOP_PRODUCTS_VIEW_TITLE="List all products" COM_HIKASHOP_PRODUCTS_VIEW_DESC="Shows a list of all the products." COM_HIKASHOP_PRODUCT_CREATE_TITLE="Create a product" COM_HIKASHOP_PRODUCT_CREATE_DESC="Show a form to create a new product." COM_HIKASHOP_CATEGORIES_VIEW_TITLE="List all categories" COM_HIKASHOP_CATEGORIES_VIEW_DESC="Shows a list of all the categories." COM_HIKASHOP_CATEGORY_CREATE_TITLE="Create a category" COM_HIKASHOP_CATEGORY_CREATE_DESC="Show a form to create a new category." COM_HIKASHOP_USERS_VIEW_TITLE="List all users" COM_HIKASHOP_USERS_VIEW_DESC="Shows a list of all the users." COM_HIKASHOP_ORDERS_VIEW_TITLE="List all orders" COM_HIKASHOP_ORDERS_VIEW_DESC="Shows a list of all the orders." COM_HIKASHOP_ORDER_CREATE_TITLE="Create an order" COM_HIKASHOP_ORDER_CREATE_DESC="Show a form to create a new order." COM_HIKASHOP_DISCOUNTS_VIEW_TITLE="List all discounts" COM_HIKASHOP_DISCOUNTS_VIEW_DESC="Shows a list of all the discounts." COM_HIKASHOP_DISCOUNT_CREATE_TITLE="Create a discount" COM_HIKASHOP_DISCOUNT_CREATE_DESC="Show a form to create a new discount." COM_HIKASHOP_CONFIGURATION_VIEW_TITLE="Configuration page" COM_HIKASHOP_CONFIGURATION_VIEW_DESC="Displays the configuration page." COM_HIKASHOP_HELP_VIEW_TITLE="Documentation page" COM_HIKASHOP_HELP_VIEW_DESC="Displays the documentation page." COM_HIKASHOP_ABOUT_VIEW_TITLE="About page" COM_HIKASHOP_ABOUT_VIEW_DESC="Displays information about HikaShop." IMPOSSIBLE_WITH_JOOMLA_REGISTRATION_DEACTIVATED="This option is not available with the Joomla registration deactivated." CHANGE_GUEST_INFORMATION="Change guest information" ADD_HIKA_LANG="Add HikaShop language file to your website, then the file will be editable." AVAILABLE_HIKA_LANG="HikaShop Language file is available and editable." IMPOSSIBLE_HIKA_LANG="Impossible to edit this file, the HikaShop language file must be first added." EDIT_HIKA_LANG="Edit / customize your HikaShop language file." HIKA_NOT_DEFAULT_VARIANT="No default variant selected." IMG_DESCRIPTION="Image and description" BEFORE_NUMBER_OF_PRODUCTS=" (" AFTER_NUMBER_OF_PRODUCTS=")" PRODUCT_SAVE_UNKNOWN_ERROR="Error Saving" CCV_MISSING="The CCV code is missing. Please fill it in." ;since 3.2.1 PRODUCTS_SEARCH="Products" PRODUCT_CATEGORIES_SEARCH="Product categories" MANUFACTURERS_SEARCH="Brands" POINTS_ROUND_DOWN="Round points down" CREATE_ORDER="Create order" ORDER_COULD_NOT_BE_CREATED_FROM_CART="The order couldn't be created from that cart." THE_ORDER_X_WAS_SUCCESSFULLY_CREATED="The order %s was successfully created." STORE_IMAGES_LOCALLY="Store images locally" STORE_FILES_LOCALLY="Store files locally" LIMIT_REACHED_PRODUCT_NOT_ADDED_TO_CART="Limit reached. You can't add more than %2$s items for the product %1$s." HIKA_CART_DROPDOWN_HOVER="Dropdown cart (hover)" HIKA_CART_TAXES_DESC="Display the taxes information if available" POINTS_ROUDING="Rouding point value by" HIKA_LOADING_CHART="Loading chart" ;since 3.2.2 RECURRING_PERIOD_MSG="Recurring payment each %s %s" RECURRING_SUM_PERIOD_MSG="Recurring payment of %s each %s %s" RECURRING_PERIOD_D="day(s)" RECURRING_PERIOD_W="week(s)" RECURRING_PERIOD_M="month(s)" RECURRING_PERIOD_Y="year(s)" MOBILE_DEVICES="Mobile devices" HIKA_ALWAYS="Always" COLLAPSABLE_FILTERS="Collapsable filters" THE_EMAIL_HAS_BEEN_RESENT="The email has been resent" AN_ERROR_HAPPENED_DURING_THE_RESENDING_OF_THE_EMAIL="An error happened during the resending of the email" RESEND="Resend" FIELD_PRODUCT_CHECKOUT="Checkout" HIKA_MOD_DISPLAY_ERROR="You have to set at least one element to display in your module cart" HIKA_MOD_DISPLAY_ERROR_PROCEED="Set another element to display" PLEASE_FIRST_CREATE_AN_ORDER="Please first create an order." PLEASE_SELECT_AN_ORDER_FOR_THE_PREVIEW="Please select an order for the preview" PLEASE_SELECT_A_USER_FOR_THE_PREVIEW="Please select a user for the preview" MASSACTION_NOTIFICATION="Mass action notification" PRODUCT_SELECTION_METHOD="Product selection method" OPEN_GRAPH_META_ONLY="Open Graph meta tag only" AUTOMATIC_TAXES="Automatic taxes" ;since 3.3.0 GO_IN_VARIANTS_TAB_AND_GENERATE_VARIANTS="The product has characteristics but not variants. Click on the 'Variants' tab and add variants to it." PLEASE_ENTER_EMAIL_ADDRESSES="Please enter email addresses" WISHLIST_SHARE_SUBJECT="%s (%s) is sharing his wishlist (%s) with you" AN_ERROR_OCCURED_DURING_THE_SENDING_OF_THE_EMAIL="An error occured during the sending of the email" THE_EMAIL_HAS_BEEN_SENT_SUCCESSFULLY="The email has been sent successfully" ENTER_HERE_THE_EMAILS_THAT_WILL_RECEIVE_THE_WISHLIST="Enter here the emails that will receive the wishlist" EMAILS_FOR_SHARING="Emails for sharing" SEND_ME_A_COPY="Send me a copy" THE_EMAIL_ADDRESS_X_IS_INVALID="The email address '%s' is invalid" SHARE_YOUR_WISHLIST="Share your wishlist" WISHLIST_SHARE="Wishlist sharing notification" HIKA_USED="Used" HIKA_REFURBISHED="Refurbished" PLEASE_FIRST_CREATE_A_WISHLIST="Please first create a wishlist" PLEASE_SELECT_A_WISHLIST_FOR_THE_PREVIEW="Please select a wishlist for the preview" HIKA_CONDITION="Condition" WISHLIST_EMAIL_TITLE="Wishlist %s on %s" WISHLIST_BEGIN_MESSAGE="%s shared a wishlist with you." DISPLAY_THE_WISHLIST_OF_USER="Display the wishlist of %s" PRODUCT_SORT_PRICE="Product sort price" COM_HIKASHOP_WAITLIST_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE="Waitlist page" HIKA_CATEGORY_IMAGE_EMPTY_UPLOAD="No image - Drag & Drop here or use the upload button" DESCRIPTION_DEFAULT_FORMAT="Description default format" CONTENTPARSER_MARKDOWN="Markdown" HIKA_CART_PAYMENT_DESC="Display the payment informations if available" ;since 3.4.0 KEEP_IMAGES_AFTER_DELETE="Keep images after delete" DISCOUNT_SHIPPING_PERCENTAGE="Shipping percentage" READ_ONLY="Read only" HIKASHOP_ADDRESS_TYPE="Type" STEP_X="Step %s" HK_ADD_CHECKOUT_BLOCK="Add view" HK_ADD_STEP="Add step" MULTI_GROUP_PRODUCT_DISPLAY="Multiple group product display" NEW_BLOCK="New view" SHOW_SUBMIT_BUTTON="Show submit button" SWAP_WITH_PREVIOUS_BLOCK="Swap with previous view" SWAP_WITH_NEXT_BLOCK="Swap with next view" MOVE_TO_PREVIOUS_STEP="Move to previous step" MOVE_TO_NEXT_STEP="Move to next step" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_TEXT="Text" WRITE_TEXT_HTML_HERE="Write text or HTML here" DELETE_THIS_STEP="Delete this step" DELETE_THIS_BLOCK="Delete this view" NO_OPTIONS="No options" ADDRESS_SHIPPING="Address & Shipping" LOG_IP_ADDRESS="Log IP address" ; since 3.4.1 AFFILIATE_PAYMENT_WARNING="CAUTION: clicking proceed at this point clears down the affiliates amount due to zero – so make sure you have a note of it if you are paying manually." HIKA_PRINT_BUTTON="Print button" HIKA_PRINT_BUTTON_DESC="Display a print icon to be able to print the cart content easily from this cart module" HIKASHOP_NEW_BILLING_ADDRESS="New billing address" HIKASHOP_ALSO_BILLING_ADDRESS="Address is also a billing address" HIKASHOP_NEW_SHIPPING_ADDRESS="New shipping address" HIKASHOP_ALSO_SHIPPING_ADDRESS="Address is also a shipping address" APPLY_COUPONS="Apply coupons" PRODUCT_PRODUCT_SORT_PRICE="Price" PAYMENT_NOTIFICATION_SUBJECT="%s payment notification : payment %s" PAYMENT_NOTIFICATION_EMAIL="Payment notification" LOG_HISTORY_IP_ADDRESS="Log IP addresses in the history of the orders" COOKIES_REQUIRED_FOR_OPERATION="This operation can only work if you accept the use of cookies." SAME_FOR_SHIPPING="Same address for shipping" HIKASHOP_SELECT_DEFAULT_BILLING_ADDRESS="Default billing address" HIKASHOP_SELECT_DEFAULT_SHIPPING_ADDRESS="Default shipping address" HIKASHOP_BILLING_ADDRESSES="Billing addresses" HIKASHOP_SHIPPING_ADDRESSES="Shipping addresses" HIKASHOP_EDIT_BILLING_ADDRESS="Edit billing address" HIKASHOP_EDIT_SHIPPING_ADDRESS="Edit shipping address" ; since 3.5.0 HIKA_BACK_IMG="Background Image" HIKA_HALF_BACK_IMG="Half Image" HIKA_NEXT_PREV_MARGIN="Previous and Next button margin" HIKA_NEXT_PRODUCT_MAIN="Next" HIKA_NEXT_PRODUCT="See next product" HIKA_PREVIOUS_PRODUCT_MAIN="Previous" HIKA_PREVIOUS_PRODUCT="See previous product" HIKA_MARGIN_TITLE="Next & Previous Title" HIKA_RESP_BUTTON_DISPLAY="Previous and Next button on Phone screen" HIKA_ONLY_BUTTONS="Display only buttons" PLEASE_CLICK_HERE_TO_RESET_PASSWORD="Please click here if you want to reset your password in order to login." HIKA_USEFUL="Useful" HIKA_USELESS="Useless" HIKA_COMPONENT="HikaShop Components" HIKA_JS_QUANTITY_CHANGE_IMPOSSIBLE="Quantity change impossible" HIKA_JS_MAXIMUM_FOR_PRODUCT_IS_X="The maximum quantity possible for that product is %s" HIKA_JS_MINIMUM_FOR_PRODUCT_IS_X="The minimum quantity possible for that product is %s" ; since 4.0.0 HIKA_SAVE_AND_CLOSE="Save & Close" HIKA_SAVE_AND_NEW="Save & New" NEW_IMAGE="New image" NEW_FILE="New file" EDIT_FILE="Edit file" PER_STATUS_OVERRIDE="Per status override" SELECT_SUBZONES="Select one or several sub-zones" HIKASHOP_PRODUCT_INVALID_WEIGHT_UNIT="The %s weight unit is not defined through the Weight symbols option via HikaShop->System->Configuration->Advanced. Please define it, or use another weight unit." CHANGE_PRODUCT_TYPE_FILTER_TO_REORDER_ELEMENTS="You can change the top right product type filter to 'Products' in order to reorder elements as variants can't be ordered based on the category of their parent product" GUEST_CHECKOUT_NOT_POSSIBLE_WITH_USER_GROUP_AFTER_PURCHASE_FOR_CUSTOMERS="Please note that you have the guest checkout activated for your checkout but products with a 'User group after purchase', like the one you just saved, can't be purchased by guest customers." SEND_PAYMENT_EMAIL="Send payment notification email" FREE_ORDER_SEND_PAYMENT_EMAIL="Send the payment notification email when free orders are confirmed automatically" FREE_ORDER_PAYMENT_NOTIFICATION="Hello,
This is a payment notification for a free order." FREE_ORDER="Free order" INSTALL_MISSING_LANGUAGE_IN_JOOMLA="If your language file isn't listed here, you first need to install the language for Joomla in the Joomla languages manager." ALL_PLUGINS="All plugins" LISTING_OF_SUBCATEGORIES="Listing of sub categories" NO_USERNAME_PROVIDED="No username provided" NO_EMAIL_PROVIDED="No email provided" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_REDIRECT="redirect to checkout" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_REDIRECT_DESC="Automatically redirect to the checkout (not with 'popup' display location)" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_ON_SUCCESS="On success" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_NO_REDIRECT="No redirect" HIKA_LAST="Last" INCLUDE_COUPON="Include coupon" CANNOT_EXPORT_THIS_FILE="This type of report cannot be exported." HIKASHOP_PRIVACY_CAPABILITY_IP_ADDRESS="HikaShop stores by default the IP address when someone posts a vote or a comment on a product, when someone adds something to their cart, when someone registers on the website through HikaShop, and when someone places an order through HikaShop. HikaShop has options in its configuration to deactivate these separately. You should first make sure which ones are necessary for your country's administration, and which ones cannot be collected due to the privacy laws in your country." HIKASHOP_PRIVACY_CAPABILITY_ADDRESS="HikaShop stores the addresses the customer uses for his carts / orders. If you don't need some of the information requested by default by HikaShop for the addresses, you can go in the menu Display>Custom fields of HikaShop to disable the ones you don't need." WARNING_NUMBER_OF_ELEMENTS="Beware that you won't see more than the number of elements you configure here in the module." SHOW_MORE_PRODUCTS="Show more products" HIKA_CPANEL_NO_ORDERS="You do not have any orders" HIKA_MOVE_TO="Move to" PLEASE_ADD_ADDRESS_TAG="Please add the tag %s to the 'Address format' setting of the HikaShop configuration if you want the value of the custom field to appear when an address is displayed." YOUR_LAST_ORDERS="Your last orders" FIELD_BOOLEAN="Boolean" HIKA_USER_IMAGE_CPANEL="Display products image" HIKA_USER_DETAILED_ORDER="View your order details" DISPLAY_ON_CONTROL_PANEL="Display points on control panel" HIKA_LISTING_ORDER_SHIP="Ship to :" HIKA_LISTING_SORTING="Sorting" DISPLAY_PRODUCTS="Display the products" HIDE_PRODUCTS="Hide the products" ENABLE_MULTI_WISHLIST="Enable multi whishlist" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_REDIRECT_DELAY_LBL="redirect delay" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_REDIRECT_DELAY_DESC="The number of milliseconds after which the customer will be redirect automatically" PROPORTION="Proportion" HIGHEST_RATE="Highest rate" ; since 4.0.1 NO_RECURRING_PAYMENT_METHODS_FOUND="No recurring payment methods found" NO_PAYMENT_METHODS_FOUND_SUPPORTING_AUTHORIZE_CAPTURE_MODE="No payment methods found supporting the authorize/capture mode" NO_PAYMENT_METHODS_FOUND_SUPPORTING_REFUND_MODE="No payment methods found supporting the refund mode" HAS_NOT_BEEN_FOUND="%s has not been found in the database" SELECT_BILLING_ADDRESS="Select a billing address" SELECT_SHIPPING_ADDRESS="Select a shipping address" ENTER_BILLING_ADDRESS="Enter a billing address" ENTER_SHIPPING_ADDRESS="Enter a shipping address" ALLOW_MULTIPLE_ADDRESSES="Allow multiple addresses" FOR_LOGGED_IN_USERS_ONLY="For logged in users only" SAME_ADDRESS_CHECKBOX_PRE_CHECKED="Same address checkbox pre-checked" ; since 4.0.3 OVERRIDE_WITH_EXPLANATION_TRANSLATION="You can copy the lines from the textarea on the left side and paste them in the textarea on the right side and then modify them in order to customize them. For translators, you can modify the textatea on the left side directly and share your modifications so that they can be integrated in the default translation files." PROCESS_CONTENT_TAGS="Process content tags" HIKA_DISPLAY_ITEM_ID="Display the product id (eg 1)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ITEM_QUANTITY="Display the product quantity (eg 1)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ITEM_NAME="Display the product name (eg HikaShop Business)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ITEM_CODE="Display the product code (eg Hika_Busi_item401)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ITEM_PRICE="Display the product price (eg 99,00)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ITEM_TAX="Display the product taxes (eg 17,00)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ITEM_SHIPPING_METH="Display the product shipping method name (eg ups)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ITEM_SHIPPING_PRICE="Display the product shipping fee (eg 5)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ITEM_STATUS="Display the product status (eg shipped)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_SHIPPING_TAX="Display the product shipping tax price (eg 0.50)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_NAME="Display the product name (eg HikaShop Business)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_DESC="Display the product description" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_STOCK="Display the product stock (eg 200)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_CODE="Display the product code (eg Hika_Busi_item401)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_PUBLISHED="Display the product published status (eg 1)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_HIT="Display the number of times the product page was displayed (eg 2397)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_URL="Display the product brand url (eg https://www.hikashop.com/extensions/hika-business.html)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_WEIGHT="Display the product weight (eg 150)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_KEYWORD="Display the product keywords (eg e-commerce,cms,extension,Joomla)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_WEIGHT_UNIT="Display the product weight unit (eg g)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_DESC_META="Display the product meta description (eg powerful e-commerce solution for Joomla!)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_DIM_UNIT="Display the product dimension unit (eg cm)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_WIDTH="Display the product width (eg 8.00)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_LENGTH="Display the product length (eg 10.00)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_HEIGTH="Display the product heigth (eg 5.00)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_MAX_ORDER="Display the product maximum quantity per order (eg 10)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_SALES="Display the product sales quantity (eg 1953)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_AVERAGE_SC="Display the product rating score (eg 4)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_TOTAL_VOTE="Display the product rating number (eg 1236)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_PAGE_TITLE="Display the product page title (eg HikaShop Business)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_ALIAS="Display the product alias (eg hikashop-business)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_MSRP="Display the product retail price (eg 120.00)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_CANON="Display the product canonical url (eg /extensions/hika-business.html)" HIKA_DISPLAY_PRODUCT_SORT_PRICE="Display the product price used for filters (eg 99.90)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ORDER_ID="Display the order id (eg 1251)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ORDER_STATUS="Display the order status (eg Confirmed)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ORDER_NUMBER="Display the order number (eg K2E11)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ORDER_INVOICE_NUMBER="Display the order invoice number (eg X20)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ORDER_FULL_PRICE="Display the order full amount (eg 99.90)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ORDER_DISC_CODE="Display the order coupon code (eg hika-25pc)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ORDER_PRICE="Display the order coupon amount (eg 75,00)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ORDER_DISCOUNT_TAX="Display the order coupon taxes (eg 2,00)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ORDER_PAYMENT_METH="Display the order payment method folder name (eg banktransfer)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ORDER_PAYMENT_PRICE="Display the order payment fee (eg 2,00)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ORDER_PAYMENT_TAX="Display the order payment taxes (eg 0,50)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ORDER_SHIPPING_METH="Display the order shipping method (eg ups)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ORDER_SHIPPING_PRICE="Display the order shipping fee (eg 12.00)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ORDER_SHIPPING_TAX="Display the order shipping taxes (eg 1,50)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ORDER_PARTNER_PRICE="Display the partner commission on the sale (eg 15,50)" HIKA_DISPLAY_ORDER_PARTNER_PAID="Display 1 if the partner commission is paid and 0 otherwise" HIKA_DISPLAY_ORDER_LANG="Display the order language tag (eg en-GB)" HIKA_DISPLAY_USER_MAIL="Display the user's email address (eg no_reply@hikashop.com)" HIKA_DISPLAY_USER_POINTS="Display the user's points (eg 115). This first requires the creation of a custom user field with the column name user_points as per our user points documentation." HIKA_DISPLAY_USER_NAME="Display the user's name (eg Philippe)" HIKA_DISPLAY_USER_USERNAME="Display the user's username (eg hikaaddict)" HIKA_DISPLAY_USER_PASSWORD="Display the user's password (eg $2y$10$k6eFhHkthIsPsW0rd)" HIKA_DISPLAY_USER_REGISTERDATE="Display the user's registration date (eg 2016-06-22 12:55:58)" HIKA_DISPLAY_USER_LASTVISIT="Display the user's last visit date (eg 2019-01-22 09:15:47)" HIKA_TAG_TITLE="Tags list" HIKA_SEE_TITLE="List of available tags" HIKA_CLOSE_TITLE="Close the list" HIKA_EMAIL_TAG_INFO="You can click on a tag to copy it in your clipboard so that you can then paste it in the editor on the left side." HIKA_EMAIL_TAG_BILLING_ADDRESS_PRE_TEXT="As billing address fields are custom fields, you can use this kind of tags :" HIKA_EMAIL_TAG_BILLING_ADDRESS_POST_TEXT="where '%s' is the custom field column name." HIKA_EMAIL_TAG_SHIPPING_ADDRESS_PRE_TEXT="As shipping address fields are custom fields, you can use this kind of tags :" HIKA_EMAIL_TAG_SHIPPING_ADDRESS_POST_TEXT="where '%s' is the custom field column name." HIKA_EMAIL_TAG_ORDER_PRE_TEXT="You can also display the value of custom order fields with this kind of tags :" HIKA_EMAIL_TAG_ORDER_POST_TEXT="where 'XXX' is the custom field column name." HIKA_EMAIL_TAG_PRODUCT_PRE_TEXT="You can also display the value of custom fields of the table item and product with this kind of tags :" HIKA_EMAIL_TAG_PRODUCT_POST_TEXT="where 'TABLE' is either 'product' or 'item' based on the table of the custom field, and 'XXX' is the custom field column name." IN_LAST_30_DAYS="in the last 30 days" IN_LAST_6_MONTHS="in the last 6 months" IN_YEAR="in %s" IN_TOTAL="in total" X_ORDERS_DONE="%s orders done " AUTHORIZE_SIGNATURE_KEY="Authorize Signature Key" HIKA_EMAIL_VAR_INFO="VAR tags can be added anywhere" HIKA_EMAIL_LINEVAR_INFO="LINVAR tags can only be added between " HIKA_EMAIL_LINEVAR_POS="{START:PRODUCT_LINE} and {END:PRODUCT_LINE}" ; since 4.1.0 INVISIBLE="Invisible" VISIBLE_CHECKBOX_CAPTCHA="Visible checkbox captcha" INVISIBLE_INLINE="Invisible inline" INVISIBLE_BOTTOMLEFT="Invisible bottom left" INVISIBLE_BOTTOMRIGHT="Invisible bottom right" PRINT_ORDER_STATUSES="Print invoice order statuses" PRINT_DESC="You can select here the statuses for which the system will allow the customers to print their invoice on the frontend." HIKA_PREVIOUS_CAROUSEL="Previous" HIKA_NEXT_CAROUSEL="Next" CURSOR_FILTER_FROM=" From : " CURSOR_FILTER_TO=" To : " INPUT_FIELDS="Input fields" PLEASE_AGREE_TO_PRIVACY_POLICY="You need to agree to this website Privacy Policy." BACKEND_EDITON_PAGE="Backend edition page" FRONTEND_DETAILS_PAGE="Frontend details page" PURCHASED_FILE_DOWNLOAD_ON_PRODUCT_PAGE="Purchased file download on product page" NEW_PRODUCT_PERIOD="New product period" MAXIMUM_PRODUCT_QUANTITY="Maximum product quantity" HIKA_RESTORE="Restore" HIKA_PURGE="Purge" SUCC_UNTRASH_ELEMENTS="Successfully restored %s record(s)" ADD_SHIPSTATION_DATA_FRONTEND="Add Shipstation data on cpanel order" HIKA_USE_TRASH="Activate product recovery" TRASHED_PRODUCTS="Trashed products" IMAGES_STRIPES_COLOR="Stripes color" SHIPPING_METHOD_COMPLEX_NAME="%s - %s" CONTACT_US_BUTTON="Contact us button" PRODUCT_DETAILS_BUTTON="Product details button" PRODUCT_DETAILS="Product details" DISPLAY_CONTACT_BUTTON_ON_LISTING="Display the contact button on listings" CANONICAL_URL_NOT_FROM_CURRENT_WEBSITE="The canonical URL %s doesn\'t start with the URL of the website (%s)." ; since 4.2.0 GOOGLE_PRODUCTS_MPN="If you enter here the column name of a custom product field, it will use the value of the custom field for each product allowing you to have a MPN for each products for which the custom field is filled. If you leave this field empty, no MPN will be added to the feed unless you turn on the 'Add Product Code (mpn)' setting above." USE_META_DESCRIPTION="Meta description" GOOGLE_PRODUCT_CATEGORY="Google Product Category" CHANNEL_DESCRIPTION="Channel description" CHANNEL_DESCRIPTION_DESC="This will be used as the main description of the shop. If you leave it empty, it will automatically use the description of your website from your Joomla configuration." HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_SEPARATOR="Separator" TYPE_OF_SEPARATION="Type of separation" THE_MENU_ITEM_SELECTED_NEEDS_TO_BE_A_HIKASHOP_TYPE_MENU="The menu item selected in the 'Force a menu on checkout' setting needs to be of a HikaShop menu item type." BEWARE_FIELD_DISPLAY_ON_CHECKOUT="Beware: this custom field will only display on the checkout if you have the 'Fields' view added to your Checkout workflow in the HikaShop configuration page." PLG_FINDER_QUERY_FILTER_BRANCH_S_BRAND="Brand" ; since 4.2.1 HIKA_ORDER_WITHOUT_TAX_IN_EU="Orders without tax inside EU : " HIKA_ORDER_WITHOUT_TAX_OUT_EU="Orders without tax outside EU : " HIKA_TOKEN="Token" PAYPLUG_DELIVERY_TYPE="Delivery type" PAYPLUG_SHIP_TO_SHIPPING_ADDRESS="Ship to shipping address" PAYPLUG_DIGITAL_GOODS="Digital goods (Online services, electronic gift cards, redemption codes, etc)" PAYPLUG_TRAVEL_OR_EVENT="Travel or event tickets" PAYPLUG_OTHER="Other (Gaming, digital services not shipped, e-media subscriptions, etc)" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_DISPLAY_SELECTOR="Selector type" HIKA_FILTER_LIST_PREPEND="> " HIKA_FILTER_LIST_SEPARATOR=", " HIKA_LOAD_HIKASHOP="Load HikaShop on all frontend pages" HIKA_LOAD_HIKASHOP_DESC="If turned on HikaShop and it's plugins will be loaded on all the pages of the frontend. If you want the add to cart content tags to use the cart notification plugins (to have the notifications), you might have to turn on this option." ; since 4.2.2 ACCESS_COPY_HERE="You can access the copied element here." GENERATE_WEBP_IMAGES="Generate WebP images" HIKASHOP_SWITCHER_GRID="Grid" HIKASHOP_SWITCHER_LIST="List" HIKA_SWITCHER_MODE="Table switcher" ; since 4.2.3 CHECKCOUT_DROPDOWN_PAYMENT_NAME="%s %s" CHECKCOUT_DROPDOWN_SHIPPING_NAME="%s %s" ADD_TO_CART_AVAILABLE_AFTER_CHARACTERISTIC_SELECTION="The add to cart button will appear once you select the values above" CHARACTERISTICS_DYNAMIC_DISPLAY="Characteristics dynamic display" THE_PRODUCT_X_CAN_ONLY_BE_PURCHASED="The product %s can only be purchased :" THE_PRODUCTS_X_CAN_ONLY_BE_PURCHASED="The products %s can only be purchased :" THE_CHECKOUT_IS_NOT_POSSIBLE="The checkout is not possible" RUN_MYSQL_QUERY="Run MySQL query" PAYMENT_NOT_POSSIBLE_WITH_POINTS="Payment not possible with points" FIELD_ITEM_CART_EDIT="Cart product edition" EDIT_PRODUCT_INFORMATION_IN_THE_CART="Edit product information in the cart" WITH_A_QUANTITY_OF_X="with a quantity of %s" THE_PRODUCT_BIENG_MODIFIED_IS_NOT_IN_THE_CURRENT_CART_ANYMORE="The product being modified is not in the current cart anymore" EDIT_THE_OPTIONS_OF_THE_PRODUCT="Edit the options of the product" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_CONTINUE_URL_LBL="Continue shopping button's URL" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_CONTINUE_URL_DESC="If that field is empty, the button will just close the popup. If you enter a URL here, the button will redirect to that URL." ; since 4.3.0 THE_BILLING_ADDRESS_YOU_SELECTED_CANNOT_BE_USED_AS_SOME_INFORMATION_IS_MISSING="The billing address you selected cannot be used as some information is missing. Please edit it before proceeding." THE_SHIPPING_ADDRESS_YOU_SELECTED_CANNOT_BE_USED_AS_SOME_INFORMATION_IS_MISSING="The shipping address you selected cannot be used as some information is missing. Please edit it before proceeding." ; since 4.4.0 WAITLIST_FULL="The waitlist is full for this product." HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_SHIPPING_PRICE="Show shipping price" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT_PRICE="Show payment price" HIKASHOP_CHECKOUT_COUPON_PRICE="Show coupon price" HIKA_FILTER_CATEGORY_DESC="Category listing in which that filter should be displayed" CHECKBOX_PRE_CHECKED="Checkbox pre-checked" PLEASE_CREATE_FILTERS_FIRST="Please create filters first" HIKA_FORMULA="Formula" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_GUEST_WISHLIST_REDIRECT="Guest wishlist redirect" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_GUEST_WISHLIST_REDIRECT_DESC="If that option is activated, the customer will be redirected to the login form if he tries to add a product to the wishlist while he is not logged in (Possible only if the wishlist feature is active and if the 'Hide wishlist button for guest users' setting is turned off in the HikaShop configuration)" NO_SHIPPING_METHOD_PER_PRODUCT="No shipping method for this product" TRANSLATION_OVERRIDE_COULD_NOT_BE_SAVED="The translation override %s could not be added. Please enter first a value in the field of the same name in the element you want to translate." TRANSLATION_OVERRIDE_IS_INVALID="The translation override file %s is invalid. Please use the 'Debug languages' option of the Joomla configuration to understand what is wrong with it before adding new translations." HIKA_ADD_OPTION="Add option" THANK_YOU_FOR_YOUR_VOTE_REVIEWED_BEFORE_PUBLISHING="Thank you for your comment. It will be reviewed before publishing." WISHLIST_SHARE_EMAIL_SUBJECT="A wishlist has been shared with you" HIKA_REGISTERED="Registered" HIKA_ANONYMOUS="Anonymous" HIKASHOP_PRODUCT_CONTENT_TAG_INFO="First, select the display options you want for the products to be displayed by the content tag, then select the products in the listing below, and finally click on the 'insert' button at the bottom of the popup to validate." MULTIPLE_FILES="Multiple files" PAYMENT_METHOD_NOT_FOUND_FOR_ORDER="Payment method not found for the order %s" DIMENSIONS_UNIT="Dimensions unit" HIKASHOP_TOTAL_ORDER_WEIGHT="Total order weight" TOTAL_WEIGHT="Total weight" CONTACT_REQUEST_EMAIL_ADDRESS="Contact request email address" PAYPAL_RETURN_METHOD="Return method" HIKASHOP_FILTER_OPTIONS="Filter Options" HIKASHOP_FILTER_CLEAR="Clear" THE_ORDER_X_HAS_A_TAX_RATE_WHICH_COULD_NOT_BE_FOUND="The order %s has a tax rate %s which could not be found." ; since 4.4.1 ORDER_STATUSES_FOR_BOUGHT_TAG="Order statuses for bought tag" ORDER_STATUSES_FOR_BOUGHT_TAG_DESC="You can enter here the list of order status namekeys (separated by a comma) to take into account for the {hkshow bought='xx'}{/hkshow} and {hkhide bought='xx'}{/hkhide} tags" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_NOTIFICATION_CLICK_TO_CHECKOUT="Click to checkout" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_NOTIFICATION_CLICK_TO_CHECKOUT_DESC="When this option is activated, and the user clicks on the notification box of a successful add to cart, he will be redirected to the checkout. Otherwise, it will just hide the notification box." SATURDAY_SHIPPING="Saturday shipping" SHIPPING_INVOICE_DESC="When activated, the 'shipping invoice' button of the order edit interface will use the PDF invoice plugin to generate its output. Otherwise, it will use the default HTML view in HikaShop." ONE_PRODUCT_PER_ROW="One product per row" HIKASHOP_MORE_OPTIONS="More advanced options" HIKASHOP_MORE_OPTIONS_TITLE="Go further with your HikaShop configuration" HIKASHOP_HIDDEN_OPTIONS="Go to hidden advanced options" HIKASHOP_MORE_OPTIONS_TOOLTIP="Go to advanced hidden option panel" HIKASHOP_MORE_OPTIONS_NOTIF="Be very careful with your interventions on all of these parameters, if you must intervene make sure what you are doing is correct" HIKA_CAUTION="Important warning" HIKA_CAUTION_MESSAGE="Changing hidden options can bring about major changes, so if you do intervene here, do so with care, and help you with the documentation, accessible in the help button." HIKA_OPEN_HIDDEN_OPTIONS="Hidden option listing" FOR_TWO_CHARACTERISTICS_AND_MORE="For two characteristics and more" ; since 4.4.1 INDEX_PER_CATEGORY="Index products per category" INDEX_PER_CATEGORY_DESCRIPTION="With that option activated the products will be indexed for each category instead of only once" DISPLAY_ON_ORDERS_LISTING="Display points on the backend orders listing" HIKA_CHECK_DATES="Check dates" HIKA_FRONTEND_ONLY="Front-end only" HIKA_EVERYWHERE="Everywhere" MULTI_LANGUAGE_EDIT_XY="Translation popup size" ;since 4.4.2 HIKA_IMG_SLIDE_OPTIONS="Thumbnails slider for product page" HIKA_IMG_SLIDE_MOBILE="Mobile only" HIKA_IMG_SLIDE_CLASSIC="No (default)" HIKA_DESC_WIDTH="Change the width of the description area" DISPLAY_ERRORS="Display errors" HIKA_BATCH="Batch" ACTION_SUCCESSFULLY_PROCESSED_ON_X_ELEMENTS="Action successfully processed on %s elements" VAT_IN_ADDRESS="VAT number: %s" SEE_MODIFICATIONS="See modifications" FILE_MODIFICATIONS="File modifications" HIKASHOP_MODIFICATIONS="Modifications" ORIGINAL_FILE="Original %s" OVERRIDE_FILE="Override %s" ;since 4.4.3 X_IS_A_VARIANT_AND_THUS_CANNOT_BE_COPIED="%s is a variant and thus cannot be copied." ACTION_PHP_CODE_IS_WRONG="Action PHP code is wrong: %s" RUN_PHP_CODE="Run PHP code" SOURCE_VIEW_FILE_FOR_THE_OVERRIDE_X="Source view file for the override %s : " NO_POSSIBLE_SOURCE_FILE_FOUND_FOR_THIS_OVERRIDE="No possible source view file found for this override" VIEW_BUILDER="View Builder" VIEW_BUILDER_DELETE="Delete %s block from your view" CONTACT_US_ABOUT_YOUR_ORDER="Contact us about your order" YOUR_MESSAGE="Your message" WRITE_HERE_YOUR_MESSAGE="Please write here your message" CONTACT_REQUEST_FOR_ORDER="Contact request for order %s" CLICK_HERE_TO_GO_BACK="Click here to go back" STATUS_OF_ORDER_NOT_VALID_FOR_THIS_ACTION="Status of order not valid for this action" CONTACT_BUTTON_ON_ORDERS="Contact button on orders" CONTACT_BUTTON_DESC="You can select here the statuses for which a contact button will be displayed on the frontend orders listing and order details page" EMPTY_POSITION="Empty position" ALLOW_NOTIFICATIONS="Allow payment notifications" ;since 4.4.4 USER_GROUP_PRODUCTS="User groups of the products" GOOGLE_PRODUCTS_USER_GROUP="If no user group is selected here, the plugin will only list the products with their 'access level' setting set to 'all'. And if you select user groups here, it will also list products with one of these user groups selected." HIKASHOP_FIRST="First" HIKASHOP_LAST="Last" GOOGLE_PRODUCTS_SHIPPING_LABEL="The shipping label for your products. If you enter here the column name of a custom product field, it will use the value of the custom field for each product allowing you to have a different shipping label for each product. You can read more about shipping labels here: https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/7050921" SHIPPING_LABEL="Shipping label" HIKA_OPEN_FILTER="Open the collapsable filter" HIKA_MIN_COUPON="Order value from" HIKA_MAX_COUPON="Product quantity from" TOO_MUCH_PRODUCTS_FOR_COUPON="The coupon you entered cannot be used with more than %s products in your cart" ORDER_TOO_PRODUCTS_FOR_COUPON="The coupon you entered cannot be used for an order of an amount greater than %s" FIELD_ALLOW_ADD="Allow new values" MYSQL_QUERY_DATA_TAGS="In your MySQL query please use the aliases 'value' (and 'title' if you want a different text displayed to the user)." MYSQL_QUERY="MySQL query" ;since 4.4.5 HIKA_BUTTON="Button (default)" HIKA_ACTION_BUTTON="Action button" CURSOR_FORMAT="Format for the cursors label" ;since 4.5.0 SHIPPING_GROUP_PRODUCT_OPTIONS="Group options with product for the shipping price calculation" HIKA_ORIGINAL_TEXT="Original text" HIKA_TRANSLATION="Translation" SYNCHRONIZED_ADD_TO_CART="Synchronized add to cart" HIKA_POPUP_MODE="Popup mode" NO_POPUP="No popup" ALL_POPUP="Popup only" CHOOSE_POPUP="Choose button only" HIKA_EXPLORER_OPEN="Open/close explorer" ;since 4.5.1 HIKA_ZOOM_HOVER="Zoom on hover" FORM_CUSTOMIZATION="Form customization" NEW_BLOCK_NAME="New block name" ADD_NEW_BLOCK="Add new block" RESET_TO_DEFAULT_VIEW="Reset to default view" HIKA_CUSTOMIZE="Customize" BLOCK_HIDDEN_ACCESS_LEVEL="Once you've customized the view to your needs, you can go under the 'Access level' tab of the HikaShop configuration to remove the 'customize' access to the necessary user groups. Users from these groups will see the interface as you've modified it but won't be able to change it." MAX_DIMENSIONS="Maximum dimensions allowed" NO_MAXIMUM_WIDTH="No maximum width" NO_MAXIMUM_HEIGHT="No maximum height" MAX_FILESIZE="Maximum filesize allowed" ;since 4.6.0 FIELD_HIDDEN="Hidden" ACTIONS_AS_A_BUTTON="Actions as a button" ACTIONS_AS_A_BUTTON_DESC="When activated, the system will add a button on the listing corresponding to the data of the massaction which will execute the actions of the mass action on the selected elements." BUTTON_WONT_DISPLAY_IF_NAME_EMPTY="The button won't display on the listing because the name of the mass action is empty. Please provide it if you really want the button on the listing." HIKA_LINK_TO_DETAIL_PAGE_TOOLTIP="If enabled, when you click on the item name or picture of a product on a listing, you are redirected to the item page." HIKAPOINTS_USER_REMOVED_X_POINTS="The user %s got %s points deducted. However, he only had %s points left. His user points has been set to 0 but you might want to do something manually." VARIANT_IMAGES_BEHAVIOR="Variant images behavior" REPLACE_MAIN_PRODUCT_IMAGES="Replace main product images" DISPLAY_ALONG_MAIN_PRODUCT_IMAGES="Display after main product images" CLICK_HERE_IF_YOU_ALSO_WANT_TO_DELETE_THE_DATA_OF_THESE_FIELDS_IN_THE_DATABASE="Click here if you also want to delete the data of the deleted custom field(s) in the database. Beware that this is an irreversible operation ! The data will be lost !" THE_FIELD_X_COULD_NOT_BE_DELETED="The field %s could not be deleted" DATA_FOR_CUSTOM_FIELD_X_IN_TABLE_Y_SUCCESSFULLY="Data for custom field %s in table %s was deleted successfully." DISPLAY_AVAILABLE_VALUES_ON_LISTINGS="Display available values on listings" SUPPORT_TRANSLATED_ALIASES_IN_URLS="Support translated aliases in URLs" LOCAL_XML_FILE_PATH_DESC="Enter here the relative path from the root of your website for the XML file to generate. For example, if you want the URL https://yourwebsite.com/folder/sitemap.xml for your XML file, enter folder/sitemap.xml in this setting. You can use the tags {language} {date} or {time} so that they get replaced automatically when the file is generated." DELETE_FILES="Delete files" THUMBNAILS_DIMENSIONS="Thumbnails dimensions" UPLOADED_FILE_IS_BIGGER_THAN_LIMIT="Uploaded file %s ( %s ) is bigger than the maximum allowed size ( %s )." ;since 4.6.1 DISPLAY_BEFORE_MAIN_PRODUCT_IMAGES="Display before main product images" FAILED_TO_OBTAIN_SHIPPING_QUOTES="Failed to obtain shipping quotes." ;since 4.6.2 KEEP_OTHER_VARIANTS="Keep other variants" EMAIL_FAVICON="Email Favicon" MAKE_THIS_ADDRESS_THE_DEFAULT_BILLING_ADDRESS="Make this address the default billing address" MAKE_THIS_ADDRESS_THE_DEFAULT_SHIPPING_ADDRESS="Make this address the default shipping address" FIELD_DATA="Field data" THE_ALLOW_NEW_VALUES_SETTING_CANT_BE_USED_WHEN_DATA_COMES_FROM_MYSQL_QUERY="The 'Allow new values' setting can't be used when the field data comes from a MySQL query. The setting will be ignored." PLEASE_SELECT_A_PAYMENT_METHOD="Please select a payment method" PAYMENT_REQUEST_REFUSED_BY_PAYPAL_CANCEL_URL="The payment request was refused by PayPal. Please click here to return to the checkout." NON_LATIN_TRANSLATION_KEYS="Non-latin translation keys" PRODUCT_SUCCESSFULLY_REMOVED_FROM_CART="Product successfully removed from the cart" CALLBACK_FILE_COULD_NOT_BE_ADDED="The callback file %s could not be added. Please check the permissions of the folder to allow for the file to be added and save again the settings." EMPTY_THE_WISHLIST="Empty the wishlist" HIKA_IMAGE_ADDRESS_CSS="CSS code for the logo" LOWEST_RATE="Lowest rate" ;since 4.7.0 HIKA_EMAIL_USE_TEXT="Shop name" HIKA_EMAIL_USE_DESC="This name will be used for the Email Markup only" HIKA_CART_ICON_TEXT="Enter here the path of the image you want to add to your cart module" HIKA_ENTER_ICON_PATH="Icon path" CENTRAL_BANK_OF_RUSSIA="Central Bank of Russia" AS_PARENT_PRODUCT="As parent product" ORDER_STATUS_RETURNED="Returned" ;since 4.7.1 DEACTIVATE_FORM_CUSTOMIZATION="Deactivate form customization" ACTIVATE_FORM_CUSTOMIZATION="Activate form customization" OVERRIDE_REGISTRATION="Override registration" HIKA_SELECT_COLUMNS="Columns" HIKA_NOTICE_COLUMNS="It seems that a column has been added or removed to your listing, and unfortunately it compromised your column settings, so we invite you to re-set your columns" NUMBER_OF_COLUMNS_DESC="The number of columns of filters to be used. On a sidebar module, you usually want this to be 1 so that the filters display one below the other." DISPLAY_FIELDSET_DESC="Add a fieldset element around the module content." SHOW_FILTER_BUTTON_DESC="If the filters displayed by the module have their 'auto submit' setting activated, you can deactivate this setting as the button will be superfluous. Otherwise, you should keep this setting activated." LIMIT_DESC="Maximum number of filters displayed in the module" FILTER_HEIGHT_DESC="The height of each filter (in pixel)" FILTER_BUTTON_POSITION_DESC="You can choose here the location of the 'filter' button in the module" FILTERS_SELECTION_DESC="Select the filters you want to be displayed in that module" FILTER_MODULE_MENU_DESC="Select here the menu item to use for the display of the results when the 'force redirect' setting is activated or when the filter module is used on a non products listing page. This menu item should be a menu item of the type HikaShop products listing configured to display all the products of your shop. If left empty, the system will try to select a products listing menu item." FORCE_REDIRECT="Force redirect" FORCE_REDIRECT_DESC="Force the redirection to the menu item specified in the setting above when the filters of the module are used so that the filtering can be done on the products of that menu item, which will also display them." PRODUCT_PAGE_DESC="Display the module content on the product details pages" PRODUCT_LISTING_PAGE_DESC="Display the module content on the product listing pages" PRODUCT_COMPARE_PAGE_DESC="Display the module content on the product compare pages" CATEGORY_LISTING_PAGE_DESC="Display the module content on the category listing pages" CHECKOUT_PAGE_DESC="Display the module content on the checkout pages" CONTACT_PAGE_DESC="Display the module content on the contact form pages" WAITLIST_PAGE_DESC="Display the module content on the waitlist form pages" COLLAPSABLE_FILTERS_DESC="You can either have the filters always collapsed, or only on mobile devices (default) or never collapsed." SCROLL_TO_TOP_AFTER_FILTERING="Scroll to top after filtering" SCROLL_TO_TOP_AFTER_FILTERING_DESC="When activated, after a filtering is done in the module, the page will scroll back to the top automatically. This can be useful if you have a lot of filters displayed by the module to simplify the search process for your customers." DO_NOT_USE_A_FORM="Do not use a form" DO_NOT_USE_A_FORM_DESC="When activated, the module will use javascript to refresh the page with the new currency instead of a form submit. Activating this setting is intersting if you're displaying the module inside of another form so that it doesn't conflict with the operation of the module." HIKASHOP_DAILY="Daily" HIKASHOP_WEEKLY="Weekly" HIKASHOP_MONTHLY="Monthly" HIKASHOP_QUARTERLY="Quarterly" HIKASHOP_YEARLY="Yearly" HIKASHOP_FOREVER="Forever" CHECK_ON_ADD_TO_CART="Check on add to cart" FIRST_CONFIGURE_USER_POINTS_PLUGIN="If you wish to provide points instead of fees, you first need to configure a custom user field with the column name user_points and then configure a user points plugin instance via the System>Plugins menu of HikaShop." PROVIDE_POINTS_INSTEAD_OF_FEES="Provide points instead of fees" USER_WITH_SAME_EMAIL_ADDRESS_ALREADY_EXISTS="A user with the same email address already exists" NUMBER_OF_PRODUCTS="Number of products" ;since 4.7.2 NEW_GUEST_USER="New guest" SELECT_ANOTHER_USER="Select another user" ENTER_AN_EMAIL_ADDRESS_NOT_ALREADY_USED_ON_THE_WEBSITE="Enter an email address not already used on the website" COUPON_VALUE="Coupon value" ;since 4.7.4 GOOGLE_PRODUCTS_CATEGORIES="If you want to restrict the XML feed to only some categories, please select them in this setting" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_CLIENT_ID="Client ID" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_CLIENT_SECRET="Client secret" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_MERCHANT_NAME="Merchant name" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_LANDING_PAGE="Landing page" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_LOGIN_PAGE="Login page" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_CREDIT_CARD_PAGE="Credit card page" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_NO_PREFERENCE="No preference" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_DISABLE_FUNDING="Disable Funding" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_ENABLE_FUNDING="Enable Funding" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_DISABLE_FUNDING_TOOLTIP="Select the payment methods you would like to NOT be available to your customers." PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_ENABLE_FUNDING_TOOLTIP="Select the payment methods you would like to be available to your customers. Note that even if selected, they will only appear based on your eligibility and the eligibility of your customer to these payment methods." PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_ROUND_PRICES_WARNING="The 'Round prices during calculations' setting is deactivated in the HikaShop configuration. This can sometimes lead to rounding differences between the total calculated by PayPal and the total calculated by HikaShop, resulting in an 'AMOUNT_MISMATCH' error at the end of the checkout with this payment method." PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_ERROR_OCCURRED="An error has occurred" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_CONNECT_TO_PAYPAL_CHECKOUT="Connect to PayPal Checkout" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_MERCHANT_ID="Merchant ID" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_SUCCESSFULLY_CONNECTED="Successfully connected (Payment feature)" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_PRIMARY_EMAIL_NOT_CONFIRMED="The email address of your PayPal merchant account is not yet confirmed. Please check your email box for an email from PayPal to confirm it so that you can start accepting payments." PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_PAYMENTS_NOT_RECEIVABLE="Your merchant account has been limited by PayPal. Please check your PayPal merchant account inbox for an email from PayPal to determine the next steps." PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_CHANGE_LINKED_ACCOUNT="Change linked account" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_BUTTON_LAYOUT="Button layout" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_BUTTON_COLOR="Button color" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_GOLD="Gold" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_BLUE="Blue" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_SILVER="Silver" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_WHITE="White" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_BLACK="Black" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_MONOCHROME="Monochrome" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_GRAYSCALE="Grayscale" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_BUTTON_SHAPE="Button shape" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_RECTANGLE="Rectangle" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_PILL="Pill" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_BUTTON_LABEL="Label" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_BUTTON_TAGLINE="Tagline" HIKA_MIDDLE="Middle" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_CONNECT="Connect" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_PAY_LATER_MESSAGING_ON_PRODUCT_LISTINGS="Pay Later Messaging on products listings" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_PAY_LATER_MESSAGING_ON_PRODUCT_PAGE="Pay Later Messaging on product details page" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_PAY_LATER_MESSAGING_ON_CART_PAGE="Pay Later Messaging on cart page" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_PAY_LATER_MESSAGING_ON_CHECKOUT_CART="Pay Later Messaging on checkout cart" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_PAY_LATER_MESSAGING_COLOR="Pay Later Messaging text color" YOUR_PAYPAL_PAYMENT_METHOD_IS_OBSOLETE_PLEASE_SWITCH_TO_PAYPAL_CHECKOUT="Your PayPal payment method is obsolete and will soon be discontinued by PayPal. Please go in the System>Payment methods menu, click on the 'new' button and select the 'HikaShop PayPal Checkout payment plugin' to configure the PayPal Checkout payment method which is now replacing it. Once done and the new PayPal Checkout payment method is available on your website, disable the old PayPal payment method and this error message will disappear." PRODUCT_MSRP_DESC="Also known as the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) or RRP (Recommended Retail Price). It will only appear on the product page and it won't be used as the product price." WEIGHT_UNIT="Weight unit" TEXT_ENTERED_TOO_SHORT="Text entered too short" ;since 4.7.5 MINLENGTH="Minimum length" WORDS_TO_IGNORE="Words to ignore" HIKASHOP_PROGRESS_BAR="Progress bar" HIKASHOP_ACCORDION="Accordion" NEW_PRODUCT_FORM="New product form" HIKA_LOAD_HIKASHOP_ON_ALL_PAGES="Load HikaShop on all pages" HIKA_LOAD_HIKASHOP_ON_ALL_PAGES_DESC="This option can be turned off if you don't want HikaShop's javascript and CSS files to be loaded on all the pages of your frontend. This option needs to be turned on if you want to display add to cart buttons with content tags on pages where HikaShop is not normally loaded." ; since HikaShop 5.0.0 HIKA_DISPLAY_LEGACY_BUTTON="Use legacy display" DISPLAY_LEGACY_BUTTON="Since HikaShop 5.0.0 this plugin will use new display standards, if you want to keep going with old standards select Yes" HIKA_REDIRECTION_BUTTON="Redirection mode" DISPLAY_REDIRECTION_BUTTON="Define whether a popup or a new tab will be used when clicking the social network buttons" HIKA_DISPLAY_BTN="Select Display mode" DISPLAY_MODE="Define which kind of display, you want to use for your social buttons" HIKA_DISPLAY_LINKEDIN_BUTTON="Display Linkedin button" DISPLAY_LINKEDIN_BUTTON="Display or not the linkedin button to share the product page" HIKA_HASHTAG_TWITTER_BUTTON="Twitter hashtag #" HASHTAG_TWITTER_BUTTON="Add hashtag when process the Twitter button (ex: #hikashop #bestProduct)" HIKA_FACEBOOK_NAME="Facebook" HIKASHOP_TAB="new tab" WITHOUT_LINK="Without link" HIKA_PAGE_TITLE="%1$s - %2$s" HIKA_MICRODATA_ERROR="The legacy HikaShop Microdata on Product Page plugin is activated and this which will cause problems in the structuring of your MicroData
You have to disable it in your Joomla plugin manager!" ;since HikaShop 5.0.1 ADDRESS_LINE="Address line" STATE_CODE="State code" COUNTRY_CODE="Country code" NUMBER_OF_PURCHASES="Number of purchases" AFTER_A_USER_VOTE="After a user votes" AFTER_A_USER_POST_A_COMMENT="After a user comments" ;since HikaShop 5.0.3 PRICE_PER_PRODUCT_MODE="Per product mode" SUM_ALL_SHIPPING_PRICES="Sum all shipping prices" SELECT_HIGHEST_SHIPPING_PRICE="Select the highest shipping price" INCLUDE_VARIANTS="Include variants" INCLUDE_VARIANTS_DESC="If your products have variants and you want to export the variants as separate products instead of exporting only the main product data, you need to activate this option. Note that loading the variants data will require between several times and 100 times more processing for the plugin in order to generate the XML feed. So it might not be viable or require at least the increase of the performances with the corresponding setting of the plugin." OTHER_CLIENTS_ALSO_BOUGHT="Other clients also bought" ;since HikaShop 5.0.4 FILE_ACCESS_NOT_AUTHORIZED="Access to file %s not authorized" CREDIT_CARD_EXPIRATION_DATE_MISSING="Credit card expiration date missing" HIKASHOP_DARK="Force Dark mode" HIKASHOP_LIGHT="Force Light mode" DARK_MODE_BACKEND="Backend color scheme" ;since HikaShop 5.1.0 POSTAL_CODE="Postal code" SKIP_FIELD="Skip field" FEDEX_CODE_2_CHAR="You must use the 2 letter code" SKIP_FIELD_DESCRIPTION="If you want some products to be skipped by the plugin, enter here the column name of a custom product field. If the value of this field is not empty for a product, the product won't be included in the XML." IP2LOCATION_API_KEY="Your IP2LOCATION.IO service's API key that you can get on https://www.ip2location.io/sign-up" GEOLOCATION_IP2LOCATIONIO="IP2LOCATION.IO" ENTER_INFO_STATE_CODE="If you are shipping from the US, Puerto Rico or Canada, state code is required" ADD_INSURRANCE="Add insurance" FEDEX_DIMENSION_APPROXIMATION="Dimension approximation(%)" FEDEX_WEIGHT_APPROXIMATION="Weight approximation(%)" DIGITS_ONLY="only digits is allowed" STATE_ENTER_INFO="State code is required for USA, Canada & Puerto Rico" ACTIVATE_MY_ACCOUNT="Click here to activate my account" FORMAT_FOR_EACH_FILE="Format for each file" FORMAT_FOR_EACH_IMAGE="Format for each image" ONLY_FOR_PARTNERS="Only for partners" TOTAL_CUSTOMERS="Total customers" MORE_INFO_FOR_ACDC="PayPal requires more information about your business on paypal.com to enable Advanced Credit and Debit Card Payments. Please visit https://www.paypal.com/policy/hub/kyc. Until then you are still offering all other PayPal payment methods to your customers. Once sorted, simply revisit this page to refresh the onboarding status." MORE_INFO_FOR_ACDC_WITH_LIMIT="PayPal requires more information about your business on paypal.com to fully enable Advanced Credit and Debit Card Payments beyond a $500 receiving limitation. Please visit https://www.paypal.com/policy/hub/kyc.
After reaching the $500 limit you will still be offering all other PayPal payment methods except Advanced Credit and Debit Card Payments to your customers" MORE_INFO_FOR_ACDC_OVER_LIMIT="PayPal requires more information about your business on paypal.com to fully enable Advanced Credit and Debit Card Payments beyond a $500 receiving limitation. Please visit https://www.paypal.com/policy/hub/kyc. You already surpassed the $500 limitation hence aren't able to process more Advanced Credit and Debit Card Payments transactions but are still offering all other PayPal payment methods to your customers. Once sorted, simply revisit this page to refresh the onboarding status." IN_REVIEW_FOR_ACDC="PayPal is currently reviewing your information after which you’ll be notified of your eligibility for Advanced Credit and Debit Card Payments. Until then you are still offering all other PayPal payment methods to your customers." DENIED_FOR_ACDC="PayPal denied your application to use Advanced Credit and Debit Card Payments. You can retry again 89 days after the previously denied try on paypal.com. Until then you are still offering all other PayPal payment methods to your customers." INFO_3DSSECURE="Use 3D Secure to authenticate card holders through card issuers. It reduces the likelihood of fraud when you use supported cards and improves transaction performance. A successful 3D Secure authentication can shift liability for fraudulent chargebacks from you to the card issuer." PAYPAL_ACCOUNT_CONNECTION="PayPal account connection" ACCEPT_CREDIT_CARD_PAYMENTS="Accept credit card payments" ENABLE_CREDIT_CARDS="Enable credit cards" ENABLE_3DSECURE="Enable 3DSecure" PAYMENTS_WITH_PAYPAL_BUTTONS_OPTIONS="Payments with PayPal buttons options" STANDARD_OPTIONS="Standard options" DEFAULT_VARIANT="Default variant" PRODUCT_HIT="Hits" CREDIT_CARD_BILLING_ADDRESS="Credit card billing address" USE_PAYMENT_BUTTON_BELOW="Use one of the payment buttons below for your payment of %s." USE_PAYMENT_BUTTON_OR_CREDIT_CARD_FORM_BELOW="Use one of the payment buttons or the credit card form below for your payment of %s." SCA_WHEN_REQUIRED="When required" SCA_ALWAYS="Always" PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_3DSECURE_STOP_AND_RETRY="The 3DS authentication was not completed successfully. Please try again or try with another card or choose another payment method." PAYPAL_CHECKOUT_3DSECURE_STOP="The 3DS authentication failed." FEDEX_TRANSIT_TIME="Display Transit time (except international)" WITH_EXTRA_PARAMETER_IN_THE_URL="With extra parameter in the URL" HIKASHOP_BACKEND="Backend" WITH_EXTRA_PARAMETER_IN_THE_URL_DESCRIPTION="You can add the parameter tp=1 to the URLs of your frontend or backend in order to see the view files" EQUAL_TO="Equal to" NOT_EQUAL_TO="Not equal to" HIKA_LANG_VERSION="5.1.0" ; - Extra keys OVERRIDE_WITH_EXPLANATION="You can copy/paste here the lines from the file above which you would like to customize. For translators, you should modify directly the translation file above and share your modifications so that they can be integrated in the default translation files." HIKASHOP_ACTION="Action" SHIPPING_PAYMENT="Shipping & Payment" HIKA_CARTNOTIFICATION_REFERENCE_LBL_DESC="The notification can be diplayed near the add to cart button or in the web page" HIKA_DISPLAY_RESTRICTION_ON="Display restriction on" DONT_HAVE="Don't have" HAVE_DONT_HAVE="Have / Doesn't have" POINTS_NOT_GIVE_WHEN_USE="Don't give points when using some" PAYPAL_HEADER_IMAGE="Paypal header url" ORDER_TOTAL_TOO_HIGHT_FOR_SHIPPING_METHODS="Your order total price is too high to display a shipping method" PRODUCTS_FROM_VM="Import from VirtueMart" VM_IMPORT_DESC="The VirtueMart import will import the information below from VirtueMart to HikaShop" PERCENTAGE_FEE_INCLUDING_SHIPPING="Percentage fee including shipping" HIKASHOP_SHOWCARTS_WHEN_LOGGED="You must be registered to access this feature." ORDER_TOTAL_TOO_SMALL_FOR_SHIPPING_METHODS="The cart items combined quantity is too small for all the possible shipping methods"