Essential to Business

€ 49,95
Upgrade your version and get our most powerful e-commerce solution. Enjoy all the features of HikaShop and create a professional store.
A tax rate (between 17% and 27% based on your country) will be added if your address is in the European Union and that you don't provide a valid VAT number or if your address is in France as per the European Union law.
  • Powerful statistics

    Powerful statistics

  • Many effects

    Many effects

  • Filters


  • Affiliate system

    Affiliate system

  • Checkout workflow

    Checkout workflow

  • Access control level

    Access control level

Upgrade my version

This package enables you to switch from HikaShop Essential to HikaShop Business. You NEED to have bought the Essential edition before buying the upgrade or you won't get access to the download.

  • You will receive HikaShop Business and will be able to install it on one website where HikaShop Essential was installed.
  • You don't have to uninstall the previous version, simply install the new package via the Joomla installer and HikaShop will update everything properly.
  • You won't loose any data, setting or configuration.


HikaShop Business includes all the features from HikaShop Starter and HikaShop Essential


products and salesPRODUCTS AND SALES

  • Access levels on products, variants, categories, prices, discounts and coupons
  • Currency rates auto update
  • Default currency selection using geolocation
  • White listing or black listing of zones using geolocation
  • Geolocation information for users and orders
  • Custom fields for orders, items and entries as well as custom file type
  • Import of files as products using template products
  • Easy copy of products
  • Out of stock notifications
  • Comparison system for products

  • Dashboard with map widget and CSV data download
  • Images watermarking
  • Email customization
  • Effects on products listing - carrousel with transition effects
  • Customizable filters for products listings
marketing toolsMARKETING TOOLS

  • Tracking of affiliates clicks/leads/sales
  • Affiliation program
  • Google Analytics integration for e-commerce statistics



  • HikaShop is compatible with every versions of Joomla from 1.5 to 3.x.
  • GPL v3
  • No limit of time
  • 1 year free updates
  • 1 year free support for one website
  • 1 year web cron service for one website
  • HikaShop only supports MySQL (no postGreSQL or Oracle or MSSQL support)
  • Installation guaranteed! If you have any problems installing HikaShop, we'll do it for you.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

" Highly customizable, and in "one" component, you haven't many modules to install. "

Krigol on the JED, 2013