This integration with Shadowbox Media Player will enable you to to override the display of the images lightbox on the product page of HikaShop so that instead of using the default joomla popup system, it will use the Shadowbox Media Player. The Shadowbox Media Player has the advantage that you can next/previous buttons on the lightbox so that your users can easily navigate through the images of your products.

You can see an example of image lightbox using Shadowbox Media Player here:



  • First, you will have to install the Shadowbox Media Player plugin that you can download on the Joomla extension Directory:
  • Then, go in the plugins manager of Joomla, make sure that the plugin is enabled and configure it to your needs. Regarding the adapter option, we recommend that you use the default one.
  • Download the override file here: Download Shadowbox Media Player override
  • Finally, extract the package on your computer and upload it via FTP or your cpanel in the folder templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html (where YOUR_TEMPLATE is the name of your Joomla template.
  • Enjoy. It should now display the images lightbox on the product page using the Shadow Media Player.
  • If you're using characteristics on your products, you will have several times the images in the shadow box, once per variant. If you don't want that, you will need to edit the file "show" of the view "product" via the menu Display->Views and remove the code:
echo $this->loadTemplate();