Discounts Management



This screen enables you to manage all your discounts.

In HikaShop, coupons and discounts are handled the same way. Discounts are automatically applied to products prices, while coupons are applied on the order when the customer enters the coupon code during the checkout process. In the free version only basic restrictions like start date, end date, minimum order value and quota are available while in our commercial versions, you can set more advanced restrictions like a restriction on a category, a product or a zone.

You can sort your discounts by any field and search using the "filter" box. You can also filter them to display only coupons or only discounts.




Discounts Toolbar


  • New : Enables you to create a new discount.
  • Edit : Select a discount and then click on this button in order to edit its information.
  • Delete : Select one or several discounts and click on this button in order to completely delete them.
  • Help : This button enables you to turn ON/OFF the help section, this screen will appear or disappear.
  • Control panel : You can go back to the control panel using this button.


Column Headers

Discount Columns

  • # : An indexing number automatically assigned for ease of reference.

  • Checkbox : Check this box to select one or more items. To select all items, check the box in the column heading. After one or more boxes are checked, click on the delete button in order to delete the selected discounts.

  • Code : A code number is required for coupons. Your customers will have to enter it in the appropriate field while checking out in your store in order for the coupon to be applied. Individual codes can be sent to your users via email using our integration with AcyMailing. That will result in one coupon per user, so if you have a lot of users, you might prefer using general coupons with a quota and/or an end date. You can directly click on it to edit it. Usually discounts do not need a code as they are automatically applied. However, it can be useful in order to be able to click on it on this listing in order to edit the discount in one click.
  • Type : You can create either coupons or discounts.
  • Start date : You can set a starting date for a coupon or a discount.
  • End date : You can set an ending date for a coupon or a discount. Note that prices are recalculated on each page so prices of products can change based on discounts applied to them as long as an order is not created. Once an order is created, the products in it have their prices fixed as well as any discount applied to them or any coupon applied to the order.
  • Value : It will display either an amount or a percentage. If an amount is set, the percentage won't be applied.
  • If it's an amount : You can have an amount for your discount in the currency you want. If you need the coupon value in different currencies, you can create several coupons, one per currency. If a customer enters a coupon in a different currency than the one of his order, the amount will be converted.
  • If it's a percentage : You can also set a percentage of discount on the order for coupons, or a percentage of discount on the price of goods for discounts.
  • Quota : The maximum number of times a coupon can be used. Discounts won't be used if the quota is inferior to the number of times used but the number of times used is only incremented for coupons, so it's not really useful for discounts.
  • Restrictions :
  • Minimum order value : This only applies to coupons. If set, a coupon won't be accepted if the total of the products in the order is under this value. The currency used here is the one used for the flat amount field even if no flat amount is set.
  • Product : You can limit a discount or a coupon to one product. For coupons, it means that you need at least once this product in your order for the coupon to be valid. For discounts, it means that the discount is applied to this product's prices only.
  • Category : You can limit a discount or a coupon to one category. For coupons, it means that you need at least once a product of this category in your order for the coupon to be valid. For discounts, it means that the discount is applied to products prices in this category only.
  • Include sub categories : If you limited the discount or the coupon to a category, you can limit it to products directly in this category and not in a sub category of this category.
  • Zone :You can limit a coupon or discount to a zone. Based on the user billing address or shipping address (can be changed in the configuration), the coupon will be valid or not and the discount will be applied or not.
  • Published : If a coupon is published it can be used by your customers. If a discount is published, it will be automatically applied based on restrictions.
  • ID : This field indicates the ID of the discount.




Filter Columns

  • The filter caption enables you to easily search in your discounts.
  • Using the dropdown on the right of this area, you will be able to switch the view between displaying all discounts and coupons, or only coupons or only discounts.