This screen enables you to edit the UPS shipping method options. Shipping methods will be filtered on checkout based on the zone you set for them, if any. Then, they will be displayed to the user for him to choose which shipping method he prefers for his order.

This method include a warehouse management in order to allow you to shipping from different locations. You can also choose among the UPS services you want to use.



Paypal payment method Toolbar


  • Save : Save the shipping method options and return to the shipping methods Management screen.
  • Apply : Apply the modifications to the shipping method and stay on the same screen.
  • Cancel : Return to the previous screen without saving the modifications.
  • Help : This button enables you to turn ON/OFF the help section, this screen will appear or disappear.


Main Information

If you use one of our commercial versions, you will be able to enter the name and description in different languages. This feature requires to have joomfish installed and can be activated in the configuration page, in the display tab. The languages available will be the ones in joomfish. If you don't enter something for a translation, it will just use the default information in the Main information tab instead. After you click on save or apply an additional publish icon will appear next to the fields where you entered something in the languages tabs so that you can easily enable or disable them. The default publish status can also be changed in the configuration page of HikaShop.


Additional Information

  • Tax category : You can apply taxes on the shipping price. Taxes are already included in the price returned by the system. However, you can use this as a mean to increase the price of the shipping to allow you some room in case the packages are a bit heavier. So you would create a special tax category for shipping apply to it a tax perentage with a tax rule and the shipping price will be increased.
  • UPS Access Key: Your UPS Access Key. You can get this key on this page if you already have an UPS account.
  • UPS User ID : Your UPS user ID on the UPS website (This is the ID you are logged with).
  • Password : The password of your UPS account.
  • Shipper number : Your UPS account number (You can see your account number on the UPS website: My UPS > Profile > Maintain Your UPS Account )
  • Pickup type: Choose here your pickup type in the list. (Prices will vary based on the pickup type)
  • Destination type: You can select here the destination type of your clients. If you choose auto-determination, the destination type will be based on the address_company custom field of the address (if this field is filled by the user, the destination type will be commercial, otherwise, it will be residential). You will want to publish the address_company field via the menu Display->Custom fields if you use the "Auto-determination" option (Prices will vary based on this parameter)




  • You have here the possibility to manage your warehouses.  Once they are configured, if two warehouses can send to the same place, the best price will be automatically chosen and display in the checkout.
  • Name : The name of your warehouse (for your reference).
  • Post Code : The post code of your warehouse (prices will vary based on the post code entered).
  • Country : The country of your warehouse (prices will vary based on the post code entered).
  • Zone : You can choose here the zone where package can be send from this warehouse. If you don't set a zone, it means that the warehouse can send anywhere in the world. You can create new shipping zones with the countries of the zone attached as sub-zones in the System->Zones menu.
  • Units : The UPS shipping method sends the weight and dimension information of your products in order to get the most precise price. So you have to select the unit of the zone where package will be sent.
  • Currency : Choose here the currency of the covered zone.
  • Delete : You can delete here the warehouse.
You need to setup at least one warehouse here so that UPS will know from where you're shipping your goods.




  • Shipping Services : Select here the UPS services you want to use. Note that not all the UPS services are available to you. It depends on where your warehouses (the place from where you ship your goods) are located.
  • Negotiated rate : If you have negotiated rates with UPS, you can share or not theses rates with your customer.
  • Group packages : If this option is activated, products will be grouped together. Otherwise, every product will have its own package (more expensive).
  • Include prices : If this option is activated the price of goods is given to UPS so that it can add the shipping insurance in the prices (more expensive).
  • Exclude dimensions :  If this option is activated your packages will be sent without any dimension but with a weight.
  • Weight approximation : You can add here a percentage to the weight of your products.
  • Dimension approximation : You can add here a percentage to the dimensions of your products.