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I have 3 shipping methods, one of the methods is via location. However this method does not display until the user as added there address details which I understand. However am I able to have this shipping method appear without cost or possibly saying fill address details to see shipping cost etc. As currently you don't know this shipping method exists without your address being filled.


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I can recommend two possible solutions:
- you could move the shipping/payment/cart blocks from the second step to the third step of the checkout so that your customers would see the shipping methods selection only after entering their address. That way, they can't miss it.
- you could also add restrictions to your other shipping methods so that they don't display until the address has been filled in (for example, create a fake zone that you select as main zone in the HikaShop configuration and select a shipping zone containing all the countries where you ship in your other shipping methods). That way no shipping method will display until the address is entered. You'll even have an error message you can customize to tell them to fill in their address to get the shipping methods selection.

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