Cursor in fil displays incorrectly after it is run

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There are three issues with the Filters module.

1) The setting "Deletable filter" works in reverse. If set to "Yes", the filter disappears after it is run, but it available for deletion if it is set to "No".

2) When saving, it is not permitted to have a value of 0 in the 'Cursor minimum value' when a value exists in the Cursor maximum value, but it allows for a negative number. Surely only one of the values, either minimum or maximum can have 0 as a valid value if the other values are set

3) Then there is odd display of values when the following settings are used:

Name: Price
Type: Cursor
Category: 0
Including sub categories: No
Display limited to: All
Submit on click: Yes
Deletable filter: No
Dynamic display: Yes
Apply on: Price
Title position: Top Left
Number of columns: 1
Cursor number: 1
Cursor maximum value: 10000
Cursor minimum value: 100
Cursor steps: 100
Cursor effect: No

Attached images one and two show the cursor dimply before and after it has submitted. As you can see after submission is mixing the start and values.

I am not sure if this is possible, but I think a two cursors would be more elegant, as in uses on the Comet site:

Version 1.5.7 Business.

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