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I enabled editing in multiple languages and went to the product page and re entered the nae and description for each product in the different languages. however hikashop still prints out the default texts for each without regard for the translated versions. when I removed the default text it printed out nothing. same things happen for shipping and payment modules.

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It means that Falang/JoomFish is not configured properly.
Please check that you can see the translations you made in the translations area of Falang/Joomfish. If you don't, it's probably because the content elements of HikaShop weren't installed. If so, installing HikaShop again after JoomFish/Falang should add them automatically. If not, you will have to copy them manually from administrator/components/com_hikashop/translations or administrator/components/com_hikashop/falang to adminsitrator/components/com_falang/contentelements or adminsitrator/components/com_joomfish/contentelements

If you have the translations there, then it's because the languages are either not configured properly in Joomla or in JoomFish.

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