June 30 2017

HikaSerial, the unique content generator toolbox for HikaShop has now reached the 2.0 version!
New interfaces, new plugins, new features to come...

Required HikaShop version : 3.1.1 or newer

After the big improvements in HikaShop, HikaSerial follow the lead and improve its interfaces.
Discover below the changes and improvements for that new version.

What's new:


  • New interfaces to be more adapted to HikaShop 3.
  • Support of product bundles (new feature in HikaShop 3).
  • Introduction of PDF libraries and a PDF Serial plugin so that you can generate PDFs instead of images for your HikaSerial vouchers.


  • Various improvements in the coupon generator to provide more data for the plugins attach serial and PDF serial.
  • We improved the HikaSerial core to let all generator plugins have easy access to a randomizer system, so the new features will be available for all these plugins.
  • We modified a lot of elements in the core to allow the implementation of these new features.

How to use

You first need to be sure that your HikaShop is up-to-date with the version 3.1.1 (or newer).
Then, you would need download the install package of HikaSerial 2.0 here: Download HikaSerial 2.0
Just install it on your website like you did with HikaShop 3.0.

More about the future features of HikaSerial

There are a lot of modifications in HikaSerial 2.0.0 which are not visible but which will allow us to provide a new component, a new special version of HikaSerial.
Like HikaShop Starter, HikaShop Essential and HikaShop Business which are three versions of HikaShop providing more and more features ; We will create a new variant: HikaSerial Subscription.

The aim of that new edition is to be able to sell subscriptions with HikaShop without the need for a third party extension integrated with HikaShop like there currently is.
That will allow us to provide you with a more integrated experience, it will be easier to setup and we'll be able to provide more capabilities than is possible with a third party system integration.

That's why, in a few days, we will start a Beta program for HikaSerial Subscription (also called HikaSubscription) which will be available for all the HikaSerial users.
We hope that this component will please you and that we will have a lot of feedback to improve it and make it the best subscription component for Joomla!

Keep in touch folks.

Team HikaShop