September 18 2017

Cart2Cart, now offers you a new way to import your data from other ecommerce solutions to HikaShop and with a ton of options! Discover Cart2Cart and learn what you can expect from it and why we think it is a terrific service for HikaShop.

So far, to migrate from another ecommerce solution to HikaShop you had to go through the Products => Import menu, where you could either import a CSV of products data or migrate products/users/address/orders/categories, etc data from a few shopping carts (OpenCart, VirtueMart, RedShop, etc).

But now, there is Cart2Cart, an automated trusted shopping cart migration service with more than 45,000 successful migration under it’s belt.

We are happy that this great service offers now a way to convert data from many other cart solutions to HikaShop !
You can learn more about it on the Cart2Cart page and turn a laborious HikaShop migration into an enjoyable experience with no programming, downtime, or data loss!

Cart2Cart lets you set up and run a seamless HikaShop data import from over 80 shopping carts and CSV files.
Even massive migrations require no programming and take just few hours to be completed with minimum user involvement. Simply provide Cart2Cart with store access, choose the entities for migration and kick off a fully automated HikaShop import in a button click.
Their goal is to preserve your entity relations, keep current store 100% online, safe and, if anything, provide 24/7 support.

An impressive choice of compatibility !

You will be able to transfert these data:

  • Products
  • Product Images
  • Product Attributes
  • Product Variants
  • Related Products
  • Categories
  • Category Images
  • Customers
  • Customer Shipping Address
  • Customer Billing Address
  • Orders
  • Order Statuses
  • Order Products
  • Manufacturers
  • Taxes
  • Reviews
  • Coupon Codes
  • SEO URLs
  • Order IDs
  • Customer IDs

Note : See here for more details of what Cart2Cart is able to transfer from which shopping cart.

Typical HikaShop Import Scenario

  • 1°) Provide stores URLs
    After registering Cart2Cart account, pick your Source and Target carts from the dropdown menus. Type in your Source Cart and HikaShop store URLs - these are the links that lead to your homepage.
  • 2°) Enable data access
    Provide Cart2Cart with a secure access to both your Source and HikaShop stores data in order to enable migration. This can either be done by downloading and installing Connection Bridge files into store root folder or by providing API credentials. You’ll be given with the detailed instructions on how to do that.
  • 3°) Choose entities
    Check the entities you’re willing to import to HikaShop from the list of available ones. Then, pick some of the additional options to expand your migration possibilities.
  • 4°) Run Free Demo
    Do a quick test migration and move a limited number of entities to your HikaShop store in up to 30mins. Demo migration lets you evaluate the migration quality and resolve possible issues prior to running a full-scale import.
  • 5°) Launch Full Migration
    After verifying the Demo result, launch a Full Migration in a button click. The HikaShop import will begin immediately. As soon as the migration is be finished, you’ll get an email notification.

We hope that this will help you convert from your old shopping cart to HikaShop in a breeze and with a lot less hassle than before !

Keep in touch folks.
Team HikaShop