October 5 2017

Our youngest extension, HikaAuction has now reached the 2.1 version!

With our auction extension you can create, manage, and follow auctions on your shop!

Required HikaShop version : 3.2.0 or newer

HikaAuction is continuing to evolve thanks to your feedback! Discover the changes and improvements for that new version.

For your customers, buying will be like a game and thus, they will be more often on your e-shop in order to not miss good opportunities!

What's new :

Release date : October 5, 2017

  • Features
    • We have added the possibility to create back-end HikaAuction menus when using the last Joomla version
    • New option which will control the displaying of the minimum bidding price through the product page
    • New option which will control the displaying of the current winning price through the product page
    • New option to define a remaining time for an auction to be urgent
    • New option to define if you want to change the displaying of urgent auction displaying
    • New "Bid button CSS" option handling the bid button CSS class
  • Improvements
    • We have added precisions and check for the "Use hikashop checkout" option
    • We have added checks and the displaying of error messages if the configuration isn't properly configured based on the checkout legacy option and Hikashop's version
    • We now properly handle product taxes via starting / current price
    • We improved the way the auction history was displaying bids
    • We improved the way the different auction prices and timer were displaying
    • We now have a new Bid button compatible with last Hikashop versions
  • Fixes
    • We fixed an issue we had with the winner link sent to customers
    • We fixed an issue which enabled Auction winners to create several "created" orders using the auction payment link

Note :

Keep in touch folks.

Team HikaShop