February 10 2021

The 4.4.1 is the fruit of all your feedback! The goal of 4.4.0 was to be compatibility with Joomla 4. For several months we gathered all the issues you found with this new version of Joomla 4 , and the 4.4.1 is the result with many patches added based on your returns. On top of that, the 4.4.1 also contains several new features and many improvements !
let's discover 2 of these new features thanks to this article !

As you probably know, the HikaShop 4.4.0 required us a lot of work to adapt it to Joomla 4. But despite all our attentions, some minor issues remained. The 4.4.1 adjusts these points to make it all work even better!

Besides this, let's see what we've got with the 4.4.1 :

New content HikaShop tags

Sometimes, you want to display or not things to your users based on whether they bought something or not in HikaShop and based on what they bought. Up until now, the only answer was to configure your shop to add a user group to the customers so that you could then rely on the ACL system of Joomla to display or not what you wanted.
However, in some cases, this was cumbersome. For example, if you have a lot of products and you want to display things based on the purchase of each product, it would require the creation of one user group for each product.
This new feature is the answer of this kind of needs. With this release of HikaShop you can now display content based on the purchases of your customers almost everywhere on your website !
Let's explain this through a concrete example. Suppose you have this text in a Joomla article :
{hkshow bought="109"}content{/hkshow}
=> This code means that if the current (and logged in) user has bought the product with the id 109, he will see the text content while other users won't see anything.

New custom field abilities

With the 4.4.1 you will now find in the "Restrictions" section of your custom fields of the table "order" two new options :
"Shipping methods" & "Payment methods".
These new options will allow you to restrict your order custom fields to only the selected shipping methods AND/OR payment methods.
In short, it's a great way to ask specific information about the order to the customer based on his selected shipping method or his selected payment method. So for example, if you need to ask for a date / hour to the customer when he selected a "pickup at the store" shipping method but not when he selects a UPS shipping method, it will now be easy to do.
Let's look at this new feature through a concrete example :
First screenshot, define 1 Shipping method AND 1 payment method

Results on the frontend on the checkout :
As you can see, the order custom field will be displayed only if your customer select the "Post free" shipping method and the "CMCIC" payment method.

As usual, there is a lot more to discover about HikaShop 4.4.1 like bug fixes, improvements and other features. You will find all these elements detailed in our change log.

Keep in touch folks.
Team HikaShop