September 15 2023

Joomla 5 is almost there. In order to prepare for it, we've been working hard during this summer to adapt HikaShop to it with the 5.0.0
There are many other things to discover with this new release, let's look at what's going on !

Joomla 5 and PHP 8.2

The Joomla developers have been hard at work in the past 2 years to prepare Joomla 5 for us all. Now that a few Joomla 5 alphas and betas have been out, we were able to do the work on our end in order to also make HikaShop compatible with Joomla 5.
Along with this, we've also worked on the code to make it fully compatible with PHP 8.2.
You won't see any change visually with this. It will just make HikaShop work on Joomla 5 and PHP 8.2 and thus prepare for the future.

UPS OAuth Shipping plugin

Since the 5th June 2023, UPS stopped providing new API keys for their old API, which the UPS shipping plugin, included historically in HikaShop, is using. On top of this, on June 3, 2024, UPS will deactivate the old API making the UPS shipping plugin unusable. You can read more about it here.
Following this, we've been working over the past few months to develop a new UPS shipping plugin ( called UPS OAuth shipping plugin) which integrates with the latest API of UPS so HikaShop users can switch to this new plugin in order to not be impacted by this change.
This new plugin is included for free in all the editions of HikaShop starting with HikaShop 5.0.0 and can be configured via the "new" button of the System>Shipping methods menu.

HikaShop social plugin

The Hikashop Social Networks plugin has been included in HikaShop for many years now. Since several years, things have changed around social networks and thus a revamp of the plugin has been long overdue.
With this HikaShop 5, discover a new plugin version with lots of new options :

  • Legacy mode : to keep the old look and options
  • Redirection mode : Popup mode or new tab
  • Display mode : 7 modern designs
  • New Linkedin button

Backend settings :

Frontend result :

Several design :

Checkout Accordion

New feature for your checkout! It's now possible display the progress bar of the checkout as an accordion. You will find this new setting in the Checkout tab of the HikaShop configuration page, bellow the "Display checkout progress bar" setting.
With this display mode, each step of the checkout will be a pane of the accordion and the name of the step will be the name of the accordion pane.

Backend settings :

Frontend result :

Drag & Drop for backend listings

Instead of entering numbers to order elements on listings in the HikaShop backend, you can now drag & drop the rows. This will simplify the management of your shop.

As usual, there is a lot more to discover about HikaShop 5 with bug fixes but also many smaller improvements and other features. You will find all these elements detailed in our change log.

Keep in touch folks.
Team HikaShop