January 19 2024

This new version of HikaShop, the 5.0.3, comes with many improvements, here and there.
Read this article in order to learn about the main ones.

Google Product plugin new feature

Previously, when the Google Products plugin was generating a XML feed for a product with variants it only relied on the main product data.
Now, the plugin has an extra setting which you can activate so that each variant of the product will be sent as a distinct product. This will make the product feed more accurate and more relevant to your potential customers if your products have variants.

"Other customers also bought"

HikaShop comes with the "HikaShop content module". This module allows you to display category listings and product listings in different positions of your template, or even at the bottom of the product page.
HikaShop actually precreates several instances of that module and one of them is the "related products" module instance, which is displayed by default at the bottom of the product page in order to display to the customers the products selected as "related products" in the settings of the current product.
It's the setting "relation" in the module which handles this capability. And besides "related products", this setting can be changed to display products from the same brand, or products in the same category.
This new version of HikaShop introduces the relation "Other clients also bought" which allows you to display to the customers products that were bought together with the current product by previous customers. So we think it will be a great way to upsell accessories and products which go well together without having to painstackingly review your sales, and manually setup related products.
And the icing on the cake is that this will even take into account orders made before your update to the 5.0.3 !

Views listing filters improved

Many of you are now familiar with the override of views via the Display>Views menu, which is compatible with Joomla's view override system, and which allows you to customize the look of the different views of HikaShop to your needs.
With HikaShop 5.0.3, we found it relevant to improve the filters on the listing of the views so that you can more easily find the view you want to customize.
It will now be clearer, more logical and therefore easier to use!

As usual, there is a lot more to discover about HikaShop 5.0.2 with bug fixes but also many smaller improvements and other features. You will find all these elements detailed in our change log.

Keep in touch folks.
Team HikaShop