This page allow you to edit and configure the pack.



The name of the pack will be display in the backend but it can also be available the front-end for the customer.

Pack data

"Sql" or "None" are available. It indicates the source where HikaSerial could look at existing serials.
With "Sql", HikaSerial can retreive pre-generated serials or unassigned serials.
With "None", HikaSerial would always generate a new serial with the configured Pack Generator.

Pack Generator

A generator plugin could create serial data in the database when there is no "free" serials.
You can read the documentation about serial generators.


Indicates if the pack is published or not.
An unpublished pack won't provide serials to the assigned products.


If you have HikaMarket, you can assign a vendor to the pack ; so the corresponding vendor will be able to use that pack in the front-end interface regarding of the ACL you have configured.

Access level

The definition of Access level on the pack allow to let the pack available only for customer in specific groups.

Status for refund serials

When a order is refunded, attached serial could change their status.
You can decide if you want the serial to be "Assigned" (so it can be re-assign to the same user afterwards), "Free to use" (so it can be re-assign to any user) or "Unassigned".
We do not recommend to use other values for that setting.

Stock level notify

When the pack quantity passes below the specify limit, a notification mail would be sent to the administrator.

Unlimited quantity

In case that you're not using a generator, you can use that setting to mark the pack as unlimited when you have the HikaSerial setting to link pack quantity with product quantity.

Consumable serials

When a pack is consumable, serial are attached to the order and the user with the status "assigned".
Otherwise, the serial is attached as "used".

When a serial is "assigned" it could be use in the "consumer" in order to change it to "used".
It is during this operation that "consumer plugins" are called.

Consume will check/assign user

Via that setting, a serial assigned to a user can just be consume by that user.
Also, a serial without a user assignation will be assigned to the user who perform the consumption (which mean that consumption will be refused for guests).

Webservice access

Give the right to HikaSerial to access to the serials of this pack though the webservice API

Unlimited quantity

Set the pack as unlimited when you link the quantity with the product

No user assign

When a serial is generated, it is attached to the order which generate it and to the user who bough the product. You can not assign the serial to the user so he can give the serial to someone else who will be able to consume it. When a serial is assign to a user, only this user can use it.

Random pickup

When you are using the pack data, you can ask HikaSerial to select randomly a serial in the table. It will first look for serial already assigned with the user and then will select in the free serials.
If that setting is not activated (default behavior), it will select the serial by age (older before). But serial already assigned with the would also be selected in priority.


The pack description is a private information.
You can write a internal description, some notes or memo, explain what the pack contains or should contain, what is his purpose, etc.


All statistics are listed in this part.
You can click on a status ("free to use", "used", ...) to access to the serial list for this specific pack and the specified status.


This area lists all attached products. You can see which products use this pack or see if the pack is not used at all.

Generate serials (toolbar button)

When the pack have a generator, a "generate" button is added in the toolbar.
Via that interface, you can populate your database with serials.

  • Name
  • Pack generator
  • Published
  • Number of serials
  • Status
  • Generator Parameters