Please note that Akeeba Subscriptions has been discontinued by its developer several years ago. So we rather recommend to use HikaSubscriptions, which is also integrated with HikaShop for subscriptions support and developed on our end.

The Akeeba Subscriptions plugins for HikaShop enable the subscriptions management for your HikaShop products.
You can add a subscription level on a product, and when the customer purchase the product, the subscription is added to his account.


In order for these integrations to handle recurring payments, you need to install and configure the HikaShop PayPal recurring payment plugin.


The first Akeeba Subscriptions plugin is a plugin that you can use when you want to use the taxes, coupons, and product prices in HikaShop for your subscription products. It is recommended when you only want to use Akeeba Subscriptions for the subscription system but not for anything else. For example, if you want to restrict coupons per categories, you will want to use it as the coupons in Akeeba Subscriptions do not handle that.


On the other end, the second Akeeba Subscriptions plugin is a plugin that you can use when you need to use Akeeba Subscriptions' subscription level groups, subscription levels, tax rules, upgrade rules, subscription level relations, coupons or affiliate management. These plugin is basically to be used when you want to add a cart capability to Akeeba Subscriptions basically. That means that the rules of discounts and taxes in HikaShop will be ignored for subscription products with that plugin and that HikaShop coupons won't take into account the price of these products for their restrictions or percentage amounts. So keep that in mind when using it :)

With this solution we have:

  1. "Products" (HikaShop) and "Subscriptions" (Akeeba Subscriptions) will be shown through the same layout, through HikaShop, all like "HikaShop products";

  2. Customers will have just one user profile, the HikaShop user customer profile (addresses etc.);

  3. All "Products" and "Subscriptions" will be collected into the HikaShop "Orders" and "Statistics"

  4. Manage Affliates through HikaShop Affliate program.


We suggest to use the more powerful Subscription level relations than the Upgrade rules.

This second plugin is an idea developed and sponsored by eGulp!, be careful if you want to uninstall this plugin, don't forget to remove the view overrides.



On the edition page of your product, select the subscription level for the product.

When an order is confirmed or shipped, the subscription of the products in it will be activated.
You can manage the subscriptions in the Akeeba Subscriptions component.

If the order is cancelled, the subscriptions become unpublished, and are not valid anymore.
The subscriptions are not deleted and, that way, you can follow all the subscriptions of your customers.

At any time, you can change the subscriptions levels values, or subscription level for each product.
Theses modifications will not affect the already purchased subscriptions.

The customer can follow his subscriptions via his control panel page (if you have a menu of the type "hikashop user control panel" linking to it on your front end).


Be careful, the second akeeba subscription plugin will override the views:

  • Product / listing_price
  • Product / cart
  • Product / quantity
  • Checkout / listing_price
  • Checkout / cart

So if you have already customized these views, thanks to save the content in an external file, install the plugin and then put back your customizations.

We recommend too to add a limit on the products with subscriptions, to allow the purchase of only one subscription at a time.