This view give you the entire list of your serials.
You can use filters if you want to search a serial, list a specific pack or list a specific serial status.


The fields that are displayed are (the click action is write in italic):

  • The serial data (serial edition).
  • The Pack name (pack edition).
  • The serial status (free, used, unassigned) (serial edition).
  • The order number if the serial is (or was) assigned (HikaShop order edition).
  • The user name if the serial is link to an user or assigned to an order (HikaShop user edition).


A serial data could be truncate if you specify a length in the HikaSerial configuration.
At this moment, if a serial data is bigger than the truncate length, it would end by "(...)".
This text could be override in the language file (key: SERIAL_TRUNCATED)