HikaMarket is an HikaShop add-on ; a Joomla! component which provide front-edition and multi-vendor features to an HikaShop store.
There are two differents versions of HikaMarket : front-edition and multi-vendor.
Thanks to HikaMarket, you (and your vendors) can manage a store directly from the front-end, editing your products, seeing your orders... And much more !

HikaMarket multi-vendor include all features of HikaMarket front-edition plus the multi-vendor feature ; allowing you to sell products of external vendors and let them manage theirs products and theirs orders.
Because it is an add-on, it needs HikaShop (and Joomla!) to work ; you can use it with all HikaShop versions (starter, essential and business).

HikaMarket Main Features

  • Front-edition : Edit and manage directly from your front-end
    • Products & variants
    • Characteristics
    • Categories
    • Orders
    • Discounts
    • Customers
    • Share the store management with several users
    • Full ACL system: limit the rights of the users in the front-end edition
  • Multi-vendor : Allow external users sell in your store
    • all features of HikaMarket front-edition
    • Vendor registration and approval : decide who can sell in your store
    • Sub order per vendor : Your vendors just see what they have the right too
    • Full ACL system : limit the right of your vendors
    • Flexible fee system
    • Several users per vendor
    • Vendor notifications
    • Shipping per vendor
    • Paypal adaptive payments

Why these two versions?

When we started to work in HikaMarket, we wanted to create a multi-vendor component but we realized that it can be also useful to manage his store directly from the front-end without having this multi-vendor feature.
You can have a classical store and don't want to access to the Joomla backend to manage your orders or you might not want to give the right to a user to access to the all Joomla backend.

One interesting point with the ACL system in HikaMarket is that you can decide what feature a user will have access.
So you can give to a user only the right to edit the product stock of your products, or give only the right to another user to manage the sales for the shipping task.

The ACL in HikaMarket

One important feature in HikaMarket is his ACL system.
Thanks to that, you can configure for each specific user his rights in HikaMarket ; depending the user right, the HikaMarket interface can be totally different.

Depending the ACL, the interface is adapting and display more or less fields

The product edit page could be quite complete and allow you to modify a lot of fields.
HikaMarket would be able to provide same editing features than HikaShop backend.