HikaMarket 4.1.1

Release date : November 24, 2022

Required HikaShop version : 4.6.0 or newer

  • Features
    • Add ShippingPercent option in discount edition
    • Admins can now edit brand categories
  • Improvements
    • Joomla 4 display improvement with new classes for inputs
    • Joomla 4 compatibility with the editor system
    • Use the same editor in the variant than the main product
    • Display the ACL category/sort instead of processing it with its parent.
    • Improving SEF urls with Joomla 4
    • Improving displayFormat for product namebox
  • Fixes
    • Joomla 4 compatibility fixes
    • Fix VAT country check when saving vendor
    • MangoPay fix for debug calls
    • Fix a javascript initialisation issue for the characteristic namebox
    • Fix for products_only_leaf_categories hidden setting
    • Fix in front-end for convertUniquePrice calls
    • Fix in front-end statistics
    • Fix the display of the shipping address in user order notification mail (send by vendors)
    • Fix the trigger calls for user edition in the front-end
    • Fix for saving product categories order
    • Fix for plugin internal fields saving in plugin edition
    • Fix for the grouplist display with Joomla 4

HikaMarket 4.1.0

Release date : January 8, 2022

Required HikaShop version : 4.4.0 or newer

  • Improvements
    • Improve J4 compatibility
    • Improve J4 templates compatibility in vendor page.
    • Improve in the invoice id generation.
    • New setting for Adaptive plugins to restrict on vendor category
    • New setting in Paypal Adaptive to only display when all vendors have a configured paypal email
    • Allowing overrides for HikaMarket classes.
    • Can use translations for manufacturers
    • Force the usage of version 49 of Google Chart API
    • Router improvement
  • Fixes
    • Fix display condition on user custom field during vendor registration.
    • Fix for PHP8
    • Fix for Joomla 4 compatibility
    • Fix for order email notification sent manualy to the vendor.
    • Removing JS warning in the variant edition while not having a calendar in the page.
    • Skipping empty custom fields in the vendor page.
    • Fix for the generation of the vendor invoice number when an order is created confirmed
    • Fix fox Joomla ACL type in ajax content
    • Patch for mangopay2-php-sdk since issue is still pending.

HikaMarket 4.0.0

Release date : March 22, 2021

Required HikaShop version : 4.4.0 or newer

  • Features
    • Joomla 4 compatibility
    • Order status edition from the order listing
  • Improvements
    • Migration of all emails to use templates
    • Adding a new trigger onBeforeProductMarketListing to be able to add filters to the products listing of vendors on the frontend
    • Support of HikaShop function for Privacy Consent
    • Improve sorting in the waiting approval front-end view
    • Improve debug display in MangoPay plugin
    • New setting hidden "products_only_leaf_categories"
    • Improve the order address edition in the front-end.
    • Exclude "customtext" fields from product & category search.
  • Fixes
    • Fix for saving characteristic in front-end while there is no values
    • Fix pagination in vendor product listing while not using the category explorer
    • Fix for the full_ordering dropdown
    • Fix for front-end product listing pagination.
    • Restore the category data when there is a missing mandatory field.
    • Fix in email class

HikaMarket 3.1.1

Release date : July 20, 2020

Required HikaShop version : 4.2.0 or newer

  • Improvements
    • Update the vendor notifications with support of multiple vendor account per user
    • When using "multiple vendor per user", modifying a vendor could remove the user ACL for that vendor
    • Optimization for the vendor location filter
    • Full support of "wysiwyg" format in pluginConfig
    • Display of the HikaMarket version in the configuration screen
    • Improve the display of the plugins' name if there is no translation
    • Support of "show_footer" hidden value from HikaShop
    • Update the order status notification email accordingly with HikaShop
    • Update the vendor class for the support of vendor access
  • Fixes
    • Fix the storage of geolocation in database
    • Fix for generation of vendor invoice with a total value between 0.0 and 1.0
    • Fix the "fee groups" with "global mode"
    • Fix potential issue with the loading of fees when creating a vendor sale
    • Fix the listing of payments when there is no order at all
    • Fix "min price" when product do not have any price.
    • Fix "min price" with "global mode"

HikaMarket 3.1.0

Release date : May 08, 2020

Required HikaShop version : 4.2.0 or newer

  • Features
    • Payment request can have a minimum value to be submitted
    • Add payments listing in the front-end for vendors
    • Comments email are sent to vendors
  • Improvements
    • Product bundles can know link to product variants
    • We removed the custom fields from the vendor payment notifications
    • The invoice generated by the vendor are now based on specific display settings
    • Improve the display of the category tree for vendor with a vendor root category
    • Update the design of vendor payment in the backend
    • Improve the display of item fields in the vendor order status notification
    • Update the plugin edition to use translations for the names
    • Add hidden option to override the order status used for manual vendor payment
    • Improve product modification email to load the product if the product name is not available
    • New filter to not display some custom user fields in the vendor registration
    • Update the order status notification email accordingly with HikaShop
  • Fixes
    • Fix for the product namebox search to handle the "variants"
    • Fix in fee class when trying to load fee for one single product
    • Fix for menu types and a warning in the configuration
    • Patch for issue generated in HikaShop 4.2.3
    • Fix for saving advanced custom category fields in the front-end such as the ajax image field
    • Fix warning when creating a vendor sale
    • Fix the currencies restriction for plugin edition in the front-end
    • Fix for statistics
    • Fix for Paypal adaptive in adaptive payment regarding the order transactions
    • Fix the displayed message in user+vendor registration confirmation
    • Fix display of order listing without ACL to see order details
    • Fix in the vendor selection field
    • Fix the display of the name in the vendor creation email

HikaMarket 3.0.3

Release date : December 29, 2019

Required HikaShop version : 4.2.0 or newer

  • Improvements
    • Update the fee system to load the variant parents' settings
    • Improve the product export to include the vendor categories
    • Updating namebox system to list the product templates
    • Add ACL for user show
    • Updating the vendor payment in the backend to only use the ajax system which is more adapted for Paypal payments
    • Override the contact email content to not add the backend link to vendors
    • Display product custom field in order status notification email
    • Support of custom field by address type
    • Discount edition can now select a variant
  • Fixes
    • Fix in the registration page for the "display on" vendor custom fields
    • Fix for email class and contact email override
    • Fix for item vendor selector and vendor assignation
    • Fix max upload limitation with chunk uploads
    • Fix for plugin restriction edition
    • The start/end date of prices where not saved properly when saving products
    • Fix for extra categories in the backend

HikaMarket 3.0.2

Release date : April 22, 2019

Required HikaShop version : 4.0.3 or newer

  • Improvements
    • Order export now use some HikaShop export settings
    • Add extra data into the vendor registration form in order to improve the compatibility with the Recaptcha plugin
    • Improve product price edition regarding the chosen dropdowns
    • Removing the CSS float for the vendor page image to improve the compatibility with the grid system
    • Add specific CSS classes on plugin edition elements
    • Support of deleting plugin instances
    • Support of the VAT check for the vendor creation
    • Avoid the forcing of the email address on product creation email
    • New way tot handle the category edition regarding the cartegory_type and the HikaShop auto type assignation
  • Fixes
    • Updating MangoPay to avoid the double creation of users in some cases
    • Updating the product approval email to support multiple products in one message
    • Force the address_id when editing an order address.
    • Fix display of customer addresses
    • Fix for discount edition of user and vendor
    • Fix for category custom field edition

HikaMarket 3.0.1

Release date : February 15, 2019

Required HikaShop version : 4.0.2 or newer

  • Features
    • Support of Joomla 3.9 privacy setting on vendor registration
    • Category deletion
  • Improvements
    • Improve support of Joomla 4
    • Updating database schema to use UT8 MB4 (for concerned tables)
    • Usage of HikaShop 4 getLanguagePath function
    • Improve edition of product start date
    • Add a default currency in product price edition
    • Filter vendor type is now using a namebox
    • Change how product fields for variants are displayed
    • Change size of the layout for the vendor group after purchase
    • Force the loading of the HikaMarket language file for the search integration plugin
  • Fixes
    • Fix the ACL on invoice/shipping invoice
    • Fix the vendor location re-edition
    • Fix javascript for the category deletion
    • Fir fox override category link when there is no default vendor menu
    • Fix for statistics timezones

HikaMarket 3.0.0

Release date : October 8, 2018

Required HikaShop version : 4.0.0 or newer

  • Features
    • Support of HikaShop 4
    • New design for product listing
    • New design for order listing
    • New design for category listing
    • New design for discount listing
    • New design for plugins (shipping, payment) listings
    • Vendors can now have a geolocation and display a map in their page (openstreetmap)
    • New interface for the order creation (for main vendor)
    • New interface for order emails
    • New plugin "vendor pay taxes"
    • Support of the HikaShop preview of emails
  • Improvements
    • Support of billing/shipping addresses in the customer edition
    • Add the "delete" button in the product approval list in multivendor mode
    • Improve general security measures with usage of filters on inputs
    • General improvements: Remove PHP4 and Joomla 1.5 support
    • Improve display of radios in front-end
    • Improve support of Paypal plugin with Vendor Payments
    • Usage of FontAwesome 5 icons provided by HikaShop 4
    • Nameboxes now have a resize
    • Handle download of item custom fields from front-end vendor orders
    • Integration with the HikaShop 4 menu standard
    • Refresh the design of the vendor pay page
    • Important modifications of the cpanel statistics organisation
    • Removing old "selection/useselection" views
  • Fixes
    • Fixes for the multiple vendor per user
    • Fix for "acl" on product price edition
    • Fix on category tree display when having parent with lower ID than sub-children
    • Fix error with support of processing during upload.
    • Fix the edition of shipping method in front-end
    • Fix for the product image deletion
    • Fix for Paypal adaptive and IPv6
    • Avoid the re-generation of the product alias when the vendor do not have access to the alias and the autofill is activated

HikaMarket 2.1.1

Release date : April 13, 2018

Required HikaShop version : 3.4.0 or newer

  • Improvements
    • Support of new checkout system for "vendor terms" block.
    • Avoid incorrect data from HikaShop field class getInput function.
    • Add "extra data" slots in vendor edition page
    • Various improvements for the "vendor location" plugins.
    • Avoid PHP warning in "onBeforeVendorListingDisplay" trigger call
    • Category creation under vendor category.
    • Support of "inherit" for vendor votes in listings.
  • Fixes
    • Fix the generation of the product alias during front-end save

HikaMarket 2.1.0

Release date : March 02, 2018

Required HikaShop version : 3.3.0 or newer

  • Features
    • Multiple vendor accounts for users.
    • New email (product decline notification)
    • New plugin - User Points to Vendor
  • Improvements
    • Improving the "vendor payment notification" email
    • Change the generation of the "back" link when editing a product.
    • Modifications in the waiting approval system.
    • Improvement of the display of discount/coupon to display or hide elements
    • Support of "automatic taxes" for coupon and shipping.
    • Support of "user" restriction for discounts and coupon.
    • Authorize saving HTML in shipping and payment method descriptions.
    • "display same vendor" filter is now supporting HikaShop product page.
    • Addition of new statistics in the backend dashboard
    • Content migration - change "btn" into of "hikabtn".
    • Support of "price/date" restriction in product edition
    • New "please select" setting for the vendor select field.
    • Change the way that "failed products" are handle during product edition page reload.
    • Support of "content parser" in product description.
    • Improvement of price edition with specific ACL and floating taxes.
    • Support of "display view files" in the HikaMarket helper.
    • Addition of a preview for the HikaMarket Order status notification.
    • Vendor Points - AltaUserPoints bridge.
    • Vendor Points - EasySocial support.
    • Improve design of integration with discount/coupons.
    • Improve display of the shipping name in the order.
  • Fixes
    • Fix the vendor page for displaying extra blocks
    • Fix issue regarding the vendor limitation in cart and variants.
    • Fix for order status notification checkout
    • Fix in the Paypal Adaptive plugin regarding the payer fees mode.
    • Fix in email processing for accessing the order user id.
    • Fix for HikaSerial integration.
    • Fix an issue of price with tax processing in product edition.

HikaMarket 2.0.1

Release date : December 11, 2017

Required HikaShop version : 3.2.0 or newer

  • Features
    • Adding new ACL for "product/new" to split access between creation and edition
    • Adding new namebox type: rawlist.
  • Improvements
    • The font-end search bar is now a layout which can be customize
    • Improve the display of "price mini".
    • The toolbar view can now use a configuration for the classname of the buttons.
    • Plugin controllers can now have underscores in their names
    • The MangoPay plugin now force the loading of the user to be sure to have access to its data.
    • Improvement of the front-end price edition when having ACL on ":tax" but not "value"
    • Improvement of the category namebox when using the depth parameter (to pre-load more data).
    • Restore the "notify customer" checkbox on the order status edition popup.
    • Improvement regarding the display of extra categories.
    • Migration to HikaInput (part 2)
    • Migration to JSession (removing support of Joomla 1.5)
  • Fixes
    • Fix missing translations.
    • Fix a double popup issue on discount edition in the HikaShop backend.
    • Correction for the backend dashboard statistics.
    • Fix backend order listing search input.
    • Removing few PHP warnings.
    • Fix the saving of vendor accesses in the backend.
    • Fix for product edition regarding the test on the product type.
    • Fix search bar in the gallery image.
    • Fix for the cart check algorithm
    • Fix the display of prices when using floating taxes (ajax edition mode).
    • Fix for the support of Joomla calendars in the variant product edition.
    • Javascript correction for the edition of variant prices.
    • Fix in the order class for the checks on subsales order statuses.
    • Fix for the vendor payment notification email.

HikaMarket 2.0.0

Release date : October 19, 2017

Required HikaShop version : 3.2.0 or newer

  • Features
    • Refactoring of the product edition page (responsive)
    • Integration of HikaShop 3 interfaces and CSS
    • Refactoring of the product listing interface
    • Products can be sorted in the front-end
    • Refactoring of the order system to use order transaction and no more extra entries in the HikaShop order table
    • Drop of Joomla 1.5 support
    • Refactoring of the algorithmns regarding the Check Quantity to use the new HikaShop 3 triggers
  • Improvements
    • Handle modification of the new calendar in Joomla 3.7-3.8
    • Clean the menu entries for Joomla 3.x
    • Addition of a statistics block in the backend dashboard
    • MangoPay plugin now try to perform the creation of the customer before the order creation to avoid unwanted side effects
    • Improvement of the display of translated custom fields
    • Updating design to support Joomla 3.7-3.8 modifications
    • Payment methods type is now handle internally so it can support vendor restrictions
    • Updating CSS for refunded labels
    • Updating Mangopay plugin
    • Improving the display of the user addresses
    • Improve the display of the categories in the namebox to have the same result than HikaShop
    • Add an ACL for order/edit/vendor
  • Fixes
    • Fix for the product code generation regarding the vendor prefix and a possible MySQL error on variants re-edition.
    • Fix for variant price edition while variant image edition is not available.
    • Fix in the registration for the custom field relations
    • Fix display of order custom fields in front-end order listing
    • Fix for the display of order history in the front-end popup
    • Fix manufacturer namebox for dynamic loading
    • Fix user namebox for search loading
    • Fix the configuration saving for the element admin_notify_subsale

HikaMarket 1.7.3

Release date : February 09, 2017

Required HikaShop version : 3.0.0 or newer

  • Features
    • The vendor can be notified when his account is published
    • New backend configuration design
    • Support of HikaShop bundles
    • Adding a new option for the default menu for product edition
  • Improvements
    • Support of HikaShop 2.6.4 for the override of the category link to the vendor page.
    • The customer is now available in the tags of the order status notification email
    • Updating the MangoPay plugin (support of Soletrader and more)
    • Improving the display of fields in the vendor listing
    • Improvement of the product code checks
    • Order fields can now be display in the vendor order listing
    • Avoiding warning with vendor contact mails
    • Avoiding warning with order updates when the order status no included
    • The HikaShop "shop offline" now only affect the vendor show and listing
    • Removing legacy front-end order listing interface
    • Force the loading of the default product tax category
    • Force the size of the images in the vendor listing
    • Saving a product in the front-end will redirect to the listing instead of showing it directly
    • Force data on vendor order statuses
    • Synchronize the user group on vendor registration
    • Avoid warning while saving a product edition with error in the required fields
    • Display of vendor restriction in the HikaShop backend shipping listing
    • Improving the trigger "onBeforeVendorListingDisplay"
  • Fixes
    • Fix for user registration checks
    • Fix the loading of the vendor details for the email notification
    • Fix for refunds during vendor payment in product mode
    • Fix for the module namebox and the sorting.
    • Fix in the vendor order edition with item custom fields
    • Fix in the email notification for order number loading
    • Fix for the MangoPay plugin to always send the currency code in uppercase
    • Fix display of the shipping address if the order_shippin_id not available in the oridinal order object
    • Fix for product edition return url
    • Fix for mail notification and payment tax
    • Fix for statistics time offset reading (from HikaShop patch)

HikaMarket 1.7.2

Release date : September 28, 2016

Required HikaShop version : 2.6.3 or newer

  • Features
    • New hidden setting to strip the tags in the product description.
    • New language (da-DK)
  • Improvements
    • Force an order status notification email subject if empty.
    • Improvements in the payment method per vendor.
    • Give a vendor object in the order display when there is one vendor and the vendor limitation.
    • Improvement of the edition of item custom fields in an order.
  • Fixes
    • Fix an issue with the vendor notification not send if a partial order object is saved
    • Fix an issue with the refunds and vendor payment (in product mode)
    • Fix saving of payment plugins (and currency overlaps)
    • Fix deletion of payment/shipping methods for the vendors
    • Fix deletion of characteristic
    • Avoid PHP warning while displaying an empty address.
    • Fix for user registration and required field not displayed during the vendor registration.
    • Fixes for vendor image settings.

HikaMarket 1.7.1

Release date : July 29, 2016

Required HikaShop version : 2.6.3 or newer

  • Features
    • New setting for the vendor ACL checks and the handle of the public group.
    • Shipping method per vendor group.
    • New limitation: maximum number of product images.
  • Improvements
    • Improve the display of unpaid orders in the vendor listing when dealing with multi-currencies.
    • Avoid a potential loop with the order update.
    • Add support for the HikaShop order mass-actions.
    • A product without name can't be save anymore.
    • Re-introduction the setting "admin_notify_subsale" in the new order system.
    • The vendor dashboard is no more visible when the front-end edition is deactivated.
    • The user namebox do not apply anymore the vendor custom filter in the backend.
    • Remove some support of bootstrap 2 to only use the HK Grid.
    • Force the usage of internal Tooltip system.
    • Improvements in "product approval" in the backend.
    • Improvement of the "product save failed".
    • Improve the order export filters structure to let plugin have more control.
    • Improving vendor total recalculate function when the vendor is paid directly with taxes.
    • Mass approve/delete in product approval in the backend.
  • Fixes
    • Fix for cart limitations and product with variants.
    • Fix on the update of subsale in specific conditions.
    • Fix the saving of the vendor description during the vendor registration.
    • Fix issue with payment method having a partial configuration.
    • Fix the display of customer orders in the vendor interface.
    • Fix for the user namebox.
    • Fix for discount zone edition
    • Fix for the discount "percent amount" edition.
    • Fix payment method filter in order listing
    • Fix for the market acl serialization when having plugins.
    • Fix for vendor edition and extra categories.
    • Fix for MangoPay to force the unserialization of order parameters.
    • Fix for fees on shipping to remove correctly the shipping taxes from the vendor total.

HikaMarket 1.7.0

Release date : April 29, 2016

Required HikaShop version : 2.6.2 or newer

  • Features
    • New interface for the front-end order edition
    • Vendor payment request system
    • HikaMarket now perform a customer vendor synchronization during the HikaShop check database.
    • The product namebox now handle variant selection.
    • Adding new translation file (fa-IR)
    • The product listings under the vendor page can now display filters.
    • New option: Terms & Cond required
    • The vendor root category is now accessible in edition using a toolbar button.
  • Improvements
    • Refactoring of the order internal system
    • Vendor product file edition using HTTP links or virtual files
    • We now allow the edition of the vendor main category (and keep his category_type)
    • We moved the ACL section into a new tab of the configuration.
    • The vendor registration avoid the user creation if some vendor required fields are not right filled.
    • Updating the MangoPay plugin to handle the PayOut failure codes.
    • We now filter the vendor customers in the user namebox.
    • Improvements in the display of the refunds in the vendor payment interface.
    • Support of Joomla 3.5.1 for the "addReplyTo" function.
    • Forcing the usage of TLS1.2 with Paypal Adaptive. An option allow to choose between cURL and fsock modes.
    • We now clean buffers for web-service controller actions.
    • Updating MangoPay plugin to avoid some calls of triggers when updating the database.
    • The filtering of the payment methods is made when there is only one vendor in the cart, even if there is no cart limitation.
    • Updating oTree Javascript Library
    • We do not display the invoice format setting for main vendor anymore.
    • The vendor invoice format is now empty by default (instead of "automatic_code").
    • We do not display the link to edit the category if there is no ACL for.
    • Improvements in the display of editors in the plugin edition.
    • Addition of some checks to avoid SQL error with ordering.
    • Little improvements in statistics.
  • Fixes
    • Fix for loading of extra zones in the address namebox.
    • Fix for email system and Joomla 3.5.1
    • Fix for support of HikaShop 2.6.1 and the field modification
    • Fix warning during the shipping save
    • Fixing issue with the save of the shipping currency.
    • Fix for vendor alias completion
    • Removing warning with the vendor location plugin if active but not configured.
    • Fix of vote on HikaMarket vendors in order to work with the new structure of HikaShop 2.6.1 which broke the retro-compatibility.
    • Fixing view for the product file edition.
    • Fix for the display of restriction in the discount listing.
    • Fix for the edition of the vendor on variant products.
    • Fix for the "waiting approval" view in backend when using an account who is also a vendor.
    • Add the missing ACL for the category description
    • Fix javascript issue for Joomla ACL type.
    • Force the data for the setting "extra categories" in the HikaMarket configuration.
    • Fix the loading of the vendor extra categories which could skip the first category.
    • Fix saving the vendor extra categories.
    • avoid issue with ordering direction in the pageinfo system
    • Fix saving default value during drag'n'drop upload

HikaMarket 1.6.7

Release date : November 21, 2015

Required HikaShop version : 2.6.0 or newer

  • Features
    • New product listing module/menu setting to display products of the same vendor.
    • New geographic statistic chart.
    • Adding a "dropdown" library.
  • Improvements
    • The order status can now be edited by the vendor even if he has already been paid for that (improving support with adaptive payment plugins).
    • Updating the responsive layout CSS.
    • Improve the SQL query for the vendor payment and "vendorrefund".
    • The vendor creation can now display a message when it also create a Joomla user and the activation by email is enable.
    • Improvements in the statistics, the vendor can now change the date filter.
  • Fixes
    • Fix the discount processing in order to provide a fair price to the vendors.
    • Fix for the HikaShop discount processing when have a percentage coupon which is only applied on specific products.
    • Fix for the "duplicate products" plugin.
    • Fix issue with Vendor Zone.
    • Fix issue with vendor ordering in vendor listings.
    • Fix popup issue in front-end vendor order.
    • Fix automatic vendor creation and updating Joomla password.

HikaMarket 1.6.6

Release date : September 30, 2015

Required HikaShop version : 2.6.0 or newer

  • Features
    • It is now possible to have a "preferred vendor" for the vendor selector (stored in a user custom field ; require HikaShop Essential or Business).
    • Support of the payment taxes.
    • New interface to manage the product approval in the front-end and in the backend.
    • Addition of the option "Notify customer when subsale update main order status".
    • Integration with the HikaShop "check database".
    • New "modules" namebox
    • Adding hidden options for "vendor description use content plugin" and "vendor safe product description".
    • Adding support of the characteristic select method in the characteristic edition.
  • Improvements
    • Provide the information of the vendor in the customer order.
    • We now update the product code of the variants when the user changes the product code of the main product.
    • We updated the translation part of the product edition.
    • The product translation is now using the HikaMarket ACL.
    • We now provide the old vendor data in the vendor create/update triggers.
    • We generate 403 pages instead of blank pages in the front-end for product edition.
    • The number of download for files is now display in the product edition page.
    • Updating oTree/oNamebox library.
    • Updating oList and oNamebox javascript libraries (support of keyboard + support of dynamic loading)
    • Removing the Mootools inclusion in the paypal adaptive plugin.
    • Product files can now be sorted.
    • Removing some mootools code.
    • Moving the setting "avoid duplicate product code" into the first configuration tab.
    • Updating the vendor selector to handle the "preferred vendor".
    • Updating the display of the vendor namebox in the public part.
    • Updating HikaMarket modules to use the Joomla layout system.
    • Improvements for the product edition "cancel action" and url redirection.
    • We now force the vendor alias generation when saving a vendor.
    • The vendor alias is now editable in the backend.
    • The backend vendor edition interface now use the new edition layout guides (from HikaShop 2.5).
    • Improving the display of the statistic listing in the backend.
    • Updating backend vendor views (invoices, orders and products).
    • Display the number of products, invoices and orders in the vendor edition page.
    • Support of HikaSerial front-end edition.
    • Updating the discount edition.
    • Backend menu edition is now using the HikaShop tile design.
  • Fixes
    • Fix for the product variant creation and the check of the characteristic values.
    • Fixes for the product file addition/deletion/upload.
    • Fix for the report button in the backend vendor edition page.
    • Fix the namebox user search.
    • Several fixes for the backend button and Internet Explorer.
    • Fix a HTML issue with product listing without the category explorer.
    • Fix for the vendor image upload in the front-end.
    • Fix the namebox drag'n'drop sort with the "clear" element.

HikaMarket 1.6.5

Release date : July 14, 2015

Required HikaShop version : 2.5.0 or newer

  • Features
    • The vendors can now have extra categories.
    • The vendors reports can now be displayed also in the HikaMarket backend.
  • Improvements
    • Updating Category getNameboxData function in order to fix the display of some category trees where the child have a lower category_id than his father.
    • Improving the algorithm for the vendor category filtering.
    • Display a warning message when trying to add variants without providing values for all characteristics.
    • Activating the display trigger for the front-end HikaMarket vendor views.
    • We now authorize the download of the "order custom fields" from the vendors.
    • Improve the display of product edition page when have characteristics by the product template
    • We now force the content type for the HikaMarket module in order to avoid issues with empty new modules.
    • Minor interface improvements in the backend vendor edition.
    • Improvement for the display of the breadcrumb (product and category listings).
    • The selection of the vendor in the HikaShop product edition page now use the namebox system.
    • We now display the selected variant in the product edition page.
    • We add more information in the history while modifying an order in the front-end interface.
    • We now redirect to the order listing when trying to open an authorized order.
    • The market mode "vendor paid directly" now using the setting "shipping per vendor" for his processing.
  • Fixes
    • Avoiding issues when assigning a category outside of the "product category" with the category chroot deactivated.
    • Fix issue in "form image entry" view
    • Hide the main label when editing an HikaMarket module in the Joomla 3 interface.
    • Fix token issue with "generate invoice"
    • Fix issue when saving a new product which had characteristics by the product template
    • Registration fix.
    • Fixing issue with HikaMarket vendor product listing and specific version of PHP

HikaMarket 1.6.4

Release date : July 03, 2015

Required HikaShop version : 2.5.0 or newer

  • Features
    • "Check Vendor Completion" - refuse the edition/creation of a product if the vendor profile is not completed.
    • The edition of the HikaMarket modules and menus is now directly in the Joomla interface (only for Joomla 3).
    • Addition of 6 new access options for vendor limitations (min/max price ; max nb of category/prices/options/related).
  • Improvements
    • Adding a trigger in the order listing (for plugin filters).
    • The characteristics can now be re-ordered in the product page edition.
    • We now display the number of variants in the tab of the product page edition.
    • Integration with HikaShop 2.5.0 for the blocks in the backend product edition.
    • The thumbnail size in product edition have an (hidden) option.
    • The order listing now use order show ACLs
    • The edit button can now display a tooltip (if there is a translation for "HIKAM_EDIT_PRODUCT")
    • HikaMarket now use "/" instead of "_" for the ACL configuration data.
    • Adding a "Save & New" for the category edition.
    • Improving the variant listing with a checkbox to select all variants.
    • Improving the variant tab by displaying a message when there is no default variant.
    • The product file addition popup now use the setting "upload file free download".
    • We renamed the variable "name" to "vendor_name" in the HikaMarket emails.
    • If a vendor does not have publish rights, we display the publish state (without the toggle button).
    • We improved the product creation with several checks to complete the product object is required.
    • We improved the loading of the custom fields during the product creation/update in order to handle special cusom fields.
    • The front-end product deletion now use the HikaShop delete system.
    • We force the loading of the main product tax when editing a variant.
    • Updating the HikaMarket kernel to allow emails to fetch the vendor ACL.
    • Removing calls of "hikashop_search".
    • Updating the HikaMarket kernel to allow the display of the search while escaping (in views).
    • Updating the vendor order status notification email to use ACL for address display.
    • Improving the "color type" to use the Joomla color field if available.
  • Fixes
    • Removing a warning in paypal adaptive plugin.
    • Fix the popup issue when editing a product variant.
    • Fix the "product limitation" on vendor groups.
    • Fix the displayed message when deleteing variants.
    • The MangoPay payment plugin is no more published by default due to is PHP version requirement.
    • Fix the display of the "plugin" ACL for the order/show
    • Fix an issue with ACL inherit and "public" user group.
    • Fix for vendor customers saving.
    • Fix for the menu generated url so Joomla will display the right "content type".
    • Fix in the vendor registration when a required vendor customer field is invalid.
    • Fix an issue with the product listing view and Joomla 3.4 javascript.
    • Javascript fix for product price edition (in mini mode).
    • Fix for vendor payment.
    • Javascript fix for the edition of the ACL on variant prices.

HikaMarket 1.6.3

Release date : May 25, 2015

Required HikaShop version : 2.4.0 or newer

  • Features
    • Integration of the MangoPay (adaptive) payment plugin
    • Adding a new section "limitation" in the HikaMarket (market) configuration
    • Vendor mass payment (backend)
    • New vendor order management in the front-end
    • Adding an option to control the link between an admin user group and his vendor
  • Improvements
    • Improvements in the product creation when using a product template
    • Addition of triggers in the statistic system to allow statistic plugins
    • The "quantity" type has now a specific display with bootstrap (2) design
    • The backend vendor listing has new filters
    • Support of the multiple products/categories/zones for the HikaShop discount
    • The HikaShop invoice can now be overridden to display the vendor address instead of the store address
    • The function "limitString" can now add a tooltip
    • Addition of some new ACL for the order display
    • In the product edition, the vendor main folder is now hidden
    • The currency is now hidden in the product edition when you just have one single currency in your store
    • The front-end product edition now propose the "price override" variant setting
    • Updating Obscurelighty Javascript Library
    • Updating the Paypal Adaptive plugin for the management of the vendor emails
    • The ACL button is now acting as a toggle button
    • We added a RTL CSS file
    • We improved the edition of the product dimensions in the front-end (when using bootstrap design)
    • We added some tooltips in the product edition page
    • The payment and shipping plugins can now be translated for the front-end plugin interface
    • Adding the support of the setting "floating tax" for the price edition
  • Fixes
    • Removing a warning in the order tax processing when there is no tax in the order
    • Fix for the front-end vendor listing when displaying in table with some custom fields
    • Fix for edition of product files when using variants
    • Fix in the HikaMarket router with HikaShop small urls
    • Avoid warning in product page with HikaMarket front-edition
    • Fixing the filtering of vendor edition plugins in the front-end
    • Fix for the button "add template" and Internet Explorer
    • Fix for Firefox 39 (and newer) and the product edition
    • Fixing issues with vendors when browsing images in the gallery
    • Removing a warning when register a user with a vendor
    • Escaping special characters in the vendor statistics to avoid javascript error
    • According to HikaShop, the backend menu is forced above the content when using Joomla 3
    • Fixing the cancel button when editing an HikaMarket module or menu

HikaMarket 1.6.2

Release date : March 26, 2015

Required HikaShop version : 2.4.0 or newer

  • Improvements
    • The shipping fees are now also include in the sub order for the main vendor
    • The vendor statistics now only count the main products and not the variants
    • The characteristic namebox now handle the search
    • Updating the oTree (oNamebox) javascript library
    • The variant saving will handle correctly Wysiwyg editors (with next HikaShop release)
  • Fixes
    • The escaping of the product name in the vendor product listing is now forcing the UTF8 encoding
    • The filter "sale end" was not working properly in the vendor order listing
    • The vendor params are not lost when publishing/unpublishing a vendor in the backend
    • The product namebox now accept array of objects - the product edition now re-display correctly the options and the related products
    • Fixes for the characteristic value edition in the vendor product edition page
    • Fixes the brand/manufacturer namebox for the product edition page

HikaMarket 1.6.1

Release date : March 13, 2015

Required HikaShop version : 2.4.0 or newer

  • Features
    • Plugins can now create controllers in the front-end and in the back-end
    • Plugins can now extends global market ACL
  • Improvements
    • Improve the copy of the user address into the vendor address during the vendor registration
    • The coupon check now reject vendor coupons if they are too important compared to the vendor total in the cart
    • The HikaMarket fornt-end HTML tabs does not keep the focus anymore
    • Improve the saving a vendor in the backend to keep the vendor params even if they are not displayed
  • Fixes
    • Fix a missing function in the order class for the "front-edition" version.
    • Fix the processing of the vendor paiement in "product mode" for the inclusion of refunds
    • The shipping fees are now process with or without the taxes depending your configuration
    • Compatibility with Joomla 3.4 for the router (the "lang" parameter)
    • Fix SQL query in the "duplicateproduct" plugin
    • Fixing order status handling with nameboxes
    • Fixing storage of nameboxes with "empty value" in the configuration

HikaMarket 1.6.0

Release date : February 19, 2015

Required HikaShop version : 2.3.5 or newer

  • Features
    • Shipping/Payment edition
    • Addition of the virtual characteristic "vendor" which allow to have dynamic vendor variants.
    • Vendor can now have access to the list of their customers.
    • Addition of a tooltip javascript library for Joomla 1.5/2.5
  • Improvements
    • Adding new nameboxes in the interfaces
    • Improve the product listing with a better support of the display of the variants.
    • When using the vendor payment in "product" mode, the refunds are now listed.
    • Updating the module system to use HikaShop for the language loading.
    • The vendor page now display the social buttons (Thanks to the HikaShop social plugin).
    • Updating the plugin "Shipping price per vendor" plugin.
    • Paypal Adaptive plugin now have a "Sandbox" option, debug option now only display the debug information.
    • Various security improvements.
    • The front-end toolbar is now a view that you can override.
    • The HikaShop order export can now be filtered for the vendors
    • Modifications in the registration system in order to improve the way that the errors are handle ; It improve the compatibility with the Captcha plugin.
    • The function miniFormat of the Address Class can now handle more parameters
    • Various improvements in the namebox system (category, product and zone).
    • Improving the display of the order statuses and prices in the front-end statistics
    • When creating a new product, the characteristic configuration is right saved the first time.
    • Improving the design of the order statistics in the order listing to display which order status is using as filter.
    • Adding some restriction in the fields copied from the product template.
    • The HikaMarket helper can now handle text with images for the tooltips (something that Joomla does not allow).
    • Improving the checks when a vendor add or select a characteristic.
    • We added some "hk-label" CSS rules to improve the design of pages for template not compatible with bootstrap.
    • We added the vendor total and the vendor fees details in the display of the order in the front-end.
  • Fixes
    • Fixing the url used for the front-end product price conversion to avoid issues when using SEF.
    • Fix for the vendor refund processing when there is already some refunds for the same order.
    • Various fixes and improvements for the integration with the HikaShop vote/comment system
    • When clean the product_type when creating a new product thanks to a product template ; it fix some issues for some missing fields when creating a product.
    • PHP Warning fix with the HikaShop cart.
    • Fix the order vendor total when there are no fee configured.
    • Fixes in the router to handle the non compacted URL (like "ordermarket" instead of "order").
    • The HikaShop order export can now export vendor orders (subsale).
    • Fixing a coupon value processing when the coupon code is for all products
    • Fixing the saving of the "terms & condition" during the vendor registration.
    • Fixing some issues with the edition of the variants images.
    • Pending issue: saving just a variant does not save the variant description when using TinyMCE on J3

HikaMarket 1.5.1

Release date : November 20, 2014

Required HikaShop version : 2.3.4 or newer

  • Improvements
    • New trigger: onBeforeMarketProcessShippingParams
    • New option to select a usergroup for the user+vendor registration
    • New option to display the vendor name in the HikaShop emails (2.3.5 or override required)
    • It is now possible to include created orders in front-end statistics
  • Fixes
    • Fixing some issues with the vendor+user registration
    • The order status is now translated correctly for vendor emails
    • Fixing design issue when edit ACL with a big number of groups
    • Fixing issues with mod_hikamarket module

HikaMarket 1.5.0

Release date : November 3, 2014

Required HikaShop version : 2.3.4 or newer

  • Features
    • Characteristic edition
    • Product variant edition
    • Namebox system
    • Product approval
    • Modules management (backend)
    • Vendor listing module
  • Improvements
    • Moving some options from "market" to "main" and vice-versa
    • Improving the display of the order status in the HikaMarket emails
    • Improving the product template loading (if template does not exist anymore)
    • Improving display of additional in the order
    • Improving statistics
    • Improving some urls in some forms
    • Improving the display of the shipping address with address overrides
    • Adding the support of the trigger "login user" for the vendor automatic creation
    • The upload now use the HikaShop uploader system (opload)
    • Improving the vendor registration with user creation and required custom field
    • Improving of the display the errors with required vendor custom field in the backend
    • Improving the display and the ordering for the "filter vendor" type
    • Removing mootools calls
  • Fixes
    • Fixing issues with product custom fields
    • Fixing the discount while using the option "Discount not applied to vendor"
    • Fixing the vendor price processing while including taxes in vendor price
    • Fixing the payment vendor filter when the payment method is associated to the main vendor only
    • Fixing potential issue with product tags
    • Fixing edition of the discount percentage amount
    • Reseting the vendor session after the vendor registration

HikaMarket 1.4.4

Release date : September 24, 2014

Required HikaShop version : 2.3.3 or newer

  • Improvements
    • Paypal adaptive plugin improvements for the secondary receiver mode
    • The vendor contact email is now compatible with the future modification of the HikaShop product contact email.
    • The product image now have an editable title (new ACL)
    • Integration of the future HikaShop namebox system
    • The HikaMarket helper is now include using an include_once to improve external integrations
    • Adding an history message while removing a product in an order
    • Some elements of the product template are now filtered when creating a new product.
    • We now display your current HikaShop version number during the HikaMarket install if the version is not up to date.
    • We improved some HikaMarket emails (product creation, product modification and vendor admin registration)
    • We improved the CSS for the front-end toolbar buttons
    • We updated the Oby library
    • Compatibility with Joomla 3.3.4.
  • Fixes
    • Security fix in the registration (multivendor only. 1.4.2 and 1.4.3 impacted)
    • Fix the compatibility with the HikaShop uploader
    • The front-end vendor invoice display the date of the invoice is exists.
    • The ACL might not be re-saved correctly in some cases

HikaMarket 1.4.3

Release date : August 17, 2014

Required HikaShop version : 2.3.2 or newer

  • Features
    • Option: Link vendor category to vendor page (will require HikaShop 2.3.3)
    • New language: Dutch (nl-NL)
  • Improvements
    • Paypal adaptive plugin now support the option: "store as secondary receiver".
      This mode is not recommended for main usages but it can be required in very specific cases.
    • Adding a filter in plugin "duplicate products" to just select the products without any vendor.
  • Fixes
    • Fixing "delete vendor" backend view
    • Fixing automatic vendor creation on the Joomla "store user" trigger.
    • Fixing vendor votes
    • Fixing the vendor price while reprocessing an order
    • Fix the usage of the ACL in the backend menu with Joomla 1.5
    • Fix the sorting columns in the vendor selection popup

HikaMarket 1.4.2

Release date : July 29, 2014

Required HikaShop version : 2.3.2 or newer

  • Features
    • Vendor auto-registration now supports Joomla group filters
    • Warehouses are now available in the front-end product edition
    • Vendor options using ACL (product limitation)
    • Vendor deletion (backend)
    • Vendor registration also allow the user registration
    • Manage order product fees in the front-end order interface
  • Improvements
    • Improving the email notifications for the main vendor
    • Improving the plugin "duplicate products"
    • Integration of the HikaShop generic uploader in HikaMarket views
    • The price edition supports tax options
    • Improvements of the product filtering on vendor page
    • The vendor attribution is now made during the checkout to support the shipping vendor warehouses
    • Improving the design of Joomla tags in the front-end when the template is compatible with bootstrap
    • Option: list main vendor in vendor listing
    • Option: Send "Contact" emails to vendor
    • New icons for the ",vendor"
    • Option: Apply fees on shipping
  • Fixes
    • Some HikaShop discounts weren't applied correctly to vendors
    • The zone custom fields weren't displayed correctly in the vendor invoice
    • Attachments for HikaMarket emails weren't loaded by HikaShop
    • Addition of order products in the backend wasn't working properly
    • Fix for canonical url in the front-end product edition
    • Fix plugin "vendor group after purchase" if HikaMarket not present
    • The product tax wasn't stored correctly in HikaMarket 1.4.1
    • There were a problem in the display of the shipping methods in the vendor front-end invoice
    • The vendor location plugins were manage the "both" mode correctly

HikaMarket 1.4.1

Release date : May 20, 2014

Required HikaShop version : 2.3.1 or newer

  • Features
    • Vendor contact page
    • New option: Vendor default menu
    • Nice SEF (removing id from URL) based on the HikaShop option
    • New option: Vendor default menu
    • New option: Order statistics (in the order listing)
    • Support of ACL for the configuration fees
    • New option: vendor payment content
  • Improvements
    • Improving the publish feature in the category listing in front-end
    • The HikaMarket router has been improved to provide nice URL
    • The install script can now manage SQL errors which won't stop the installation procedure
    • Improvement the design of order statuses in the order listing
    • We now give the vendor object to the products for the HikaShop product listings
    • Javascript cleaning - Preparation for the uploader migration
    • Pre-fill the vendor price when adding a product in an order (backend)
  • Fixes
    • Gallery for vendors not displayed correctly
    • We do not try to send an email if there is no recipient
    • Fixing a module duplication during the installation
    • The post-installation page now support HTTPS
    • Paypal adaptive fix in "popup" mode
    • Fixing destination email for the vendor creation email

HikaMarket 1.4.0

Release date : April 28 2014

Required HikaShop version : 2.3.0 or newer

  • Features
    • New module: Vendor location search
    • New plugin: Vendor location - product filtering
    • New plugin: Vendor location - vendor filtering
    • New fee system
    • HikaMarket can now add his options in the HikaShop modules/menus (You can choose to display or not the vendor name in a product listing for each product listing).
    • New plugin: "Market module vendor related" to override a product listing module in a product page in order to display the products of the same vendor
    • User edition in the front-end
    • Copy product in the front-end
    • Main vendor restoration - The main vendor is now re-created if you remove it manually in the database.
    • New trigger: onBeforeOrderExportQuery.
    • Watermarking during image uploads.
    • Integration of Joomla ACL in the backend.
    • Refactoring of the order system
      • Integration of the new fee system
      • Editing the order vendor fees in the backend
      • Adding a product in an order in the backend can now create vendor sub orders
      • Display order adjustements while editing an order in the backend.
      • Display more information in the main order and in the sub orders.
    • New trigger: onBeforeVendorListingDisplay.
    • New joomla menus: discount add, discount listing, order listing, product add, product listing
    • New triggers: onBeforeVendorCategoryCreate / onBeforeVendorCategoryUpdate
    • Joomla tags support (Required: Joomla 3.1.5 or newer / HikaShop 2.3.1 or newer)
  • Improvements
    • The plugin Paypal Adaptive now force the "fee" mode for having right fallback values when vendors don't have a paypal account
    • Force HikaShop to display his modules in the HikaMarket pages like in HikaShop pages.
    • The statistics now striped the data to improve the display of product with special HTML content (like quotes for variants)
    • We do not remove anymore the HTML content of the vendor description in the backend.
    • We display the store address in the invoices for the main vendor instead of display his address using the vendor custom fields like the other vendors.
    • Better support of the return url when saving a product in the front-end.
    • Improving the warehouse support in the order edition
    • The email "vendor order status notification" now give you the vendor data in the template part.
    • Product creation email and product update email now have separate email subjects.
    • Improving the design of the front-end vendor panel.
    • Some interface improvements in Joomla 3
    • The discounts are now better supported when a vendor is targeted.
    • The paypal adaptive plugin now support "paypal classic" where it will change the paypal email dynamically depending the vendor (if just one vendor in the order).
  • Fixes
    • Fixing query for the plugin VendorPoints when using AlphaUserPoints
    • Removing the call of some "multivendors" triggers/functions for the "front-end" version
    • Custom fields are now loaded correctly when editing the order additional.
    • Product code is now right escaped in Joomla 3.
    • Removing warning in the plugin "vendor group after purchasequot;.
    • Fixing the loading of the product tax in some specific cases.
    • Fixing plugin configuration loading in Joomla 3.
    • Javascript fixes for the "vendor selection" type.
    • Fixing the filters in the category/product listings.

HikaMarket 1.3.2

Release date : January 08 2014

Required HikaShop version : 2.2.0 or newer

  • Features
    • Vendor group
    • Access per vendor group
    • Access per user group
    • Plugin: Vendor group after purchase
    • Plugin: Vendor points
    • Order export
    • Vendor statistics
    • Option: product edit cancel mode
    • Mail: Vendor Order Status notification
    • Order status notification filter per vendor
    • Send order notification mail to several users (ACL: order_notify)
  • Improvements
    • Display product image in product listing
    • Better management of HikaShop configuration for the uploads
    • Display item custom fields in the vendor order
    • Improving some elements in the front-end interface
    • New mail design for market mails
    • Order, Item, Address and entry custom field can now be display or hidden in the vendor orders
    • Redirect to joomla plugin configuration if the hikamarket plugin does not have specific configuration interface
  • Fixes
    • Fix in the vendor registration when some field are missing
    • Fixing the display of the vendor name with shipping per vendor when the main vendor is present
    • Fix for pages and search in vendor products (backend)
    • Removing some warning

HikaMarket 1.3.1

Release date : October 20 2013

Required HikaShop version : 2.2.0 or newer

Warning: this version includes important modifications in the commission mode. If you want to update and you are using the commission mode, please be careful and contact the support if you have any problem.

  • Features
    • Payment to vendor
    • Vendor zone
    • Vendor selection custom field
    • Terms and Condition per vendor
    • CSS edition in the backend
    • New price ACLs
    • New price edition interface (when having less ACL rights)
    • Order status filters for the status notification emails send to vendors
  • Improvements
    • Custom fields for vendor registration page
    • Delete a HikaMarket content menu
    • Disable buttons in the front-end editor
    • Vendor filter can use a popup mode (when many vendors)
    • New messages when errors while saving a product
    • Updating the Obscurelighty javascript library
  • Fixes
    • Uploading an image for new products and new categories
    • Discounts with AWOcoupon
    • Rerouting mails to vendors problems
    • Adding a file with the popup does not right update the page content in ajax
    • Some vendors' custom fields could be wrong displayed in the vendor page

HikaMarket 1.3.0

Release date : August 22 2013

Required HikaShop version : 2.2.0 or newer

  • Features
    • Generic uploader
    • Vendor image
    • Vendor listing
    • Cart vendor limitation
    • Shipping per vendor
    • Product code prefix
    • Product code duplication detector
    • New options for emails
    • New "product modification" email
    • New option for editor: disable the buttons
  • Improvements
    • Better management of product templates
    • Merging order edition feature from HikaShop
    • Better management of the linked custom fields in the front-edition
  • Fixes
    • Some popups with Joomla 1.5/2.5
    • Installation of paypal adaptive plugin

HikaMarket 1.2.0

Release date : July 02 2013

Required HikaShop version : 2.2.0 or newer

  • Features
    • Vendor search
    • Category translation
    • Vendor product limitation
    • Plugin: Product force vendor category
    • Payment plugin: Paypal Adaptive
    • Option: Use same order number for sub-orders
  • Improvements
    • Mult-shipping support
  • Fixes
    • Product and category text translated in the edition page
    • ACL check while using product publish toggle icon
    • Popup fix in the product page edition

HikaMarket 1.1.4

Release date : May 24 2013

Required HikaShop version : 2.1.3 or newer

  • Features
    • Discount edition
    • Discount per vendor
    • Send an email from the order edition
    • Warehouse support (for HikaShop 2.2.0)
    • New option: Paypal account required
  • Improvements
    • Order history in order edition
    • All popups now support the bootstrap mode in J3
    • Overriding the token in Joomla 3.1 for the bug of plugin Debug+SEF
    • Product publish/unpublish/delete in listing
    • User selection in two steps
    • Cleaning javascript in pages
  • Fixes
    • Fix in product selection popup
    • Fix for the user registration

HikaMarket 1.1.3

Release date : April 10 2013

Required HikaShop version : 2.1.2 or newer

  • Features
  • Improvements
    • "MSRP" on product page edition
    • "Canonical" on product page edition
    • Using new jQuery from HikaShop for less javascript conflicts
  • Fixes
    • Fix for "Alias" on product page edition

HikaMarket 1.1.2

Release date : March 14 2013

Required HikaShop version : 2.1.1 or newer

  • Features
    • Could retrieve the "Cart link" in product editing
  • Improvements
    • Discount dispatching improvements
    • Store the browsing category in product listing
    • Pre-fill the current category while creating a new product
    • Add a billing address to the generated vendor invoices in commission market mode
    • Better support of Refund/Cancel orders which as already been paid to the vendor
    • Some new triggers
  • Fixes
    • Final price while generated an invoice in commission market mode
    • Category creation problem for vendors with restrictions

HikaMarket 1.1.1

Release date : February 14 2013

Required HikaShop version : 2.1.0 or newer

  • Features
    • Vendor auto creation
  • Improvements
    • ACL inherit
    • Category explorer in product selection
    • Gallery in category editing
    • Category filtering in product editing
  • Fixes
    • Vendor root category does not right inherit
    • Redirection after "save" always send to the product page

HikaMarket 1.1.0

Release date : February 07 2013

Required HikaShop version : 2.1.0 or newer

  • Features
    • Category editing (front-end)
    • Gallery image browser
    • Product template
  • Improvements
    • New configuration design
    • Add modules in the vendor page
    • Email: product created by a vendor
    • Product listing improved (front end)
    • Discounts processing in sub orders
    • Add vendor user from the front-end
    • Product page toolbar
  • Integrations
    • Integration with HikaSerial (product editing front-end)

HikaMarket 1.0.0

Release date : December, 12 2012

Required HikaShop version : 2.0.0 or newer