The Secure-ebook plugin allow you to sell ebooks using the platform
The platform allow you to sell ebooks though internet. The books are blocked and their required an activation key in order to unlock them.
Thanks to this plugin, you can sell your ebooks and add the activation key directly in your orders and in the confirmation emails.


Vendor Code - Your Secure-ebook login

SDK Key - Your Secure-ebook webservices key

Test mode is for testing purpose, it would call the secure-ebook webservices with the test mode, the generated activation keys would be "fakes".

Use Secure-ebook product code is for the link between HikaShop and Secure-ebook.

More about the Secure-ebook product code

The plugin would use the HikaShop product code for the authentication of the ebook with Secure-ebook.
For this authentication, you can pass the secure-ebook product code (in the secure-ebook database) or set a "store product code". By selecting this option, you would set the same value for your HikaShop product as the secure-ebook product code.