The PDFSecure plugin allow you to protect PDF files by requesting a password to access its content
The plugin uses the same features that Secure-ebook platform was providing.
PDF password protection will be based on the serial code, which will become the key for the file.

The plugin do not need any configuration, just a special filepath to let the plugin override the download.

Initiate the plugin
For an HikaShop product linked to an HikaSerial pack, upload a PDF file.
Edit the HikaShop product file and change its Filename by adding the special code as prefix:

If your PDF file is my_pdf_file.pdf it will become #hikaserial:pdfsecure:my_pdf_file.pdf.

The PDFSecure plugin will detect that special prefix, open the PDF file and apply the password protection thanks to the serial related to the product in the customer order.

Legacy plugin (Secure-ebook)

The Secure-ebook plugin do not work anymore since the platform has ceased its activities on March 6th, 2017.