The points generator plugin is a basic serial generator.
It main goal is to include a number of points in his "extra-data". Thanks to it, the "points consumer" will be able to give a predefined number points to the end-user.

Parameters of the plugin

Name - The name for the generator. This name is only display in the backend and users won't see it.

Published - Does the generator could be use, or not.

Points value - The number of points which will be attached to the serial.

Rate - The conversion rate. This rate will be used when a serial is generated when a product is bought. The number of points in the serial will be processed using this rate (and the product price).

Serial Size - This is a value which could be used in the serial format.

Serial Format - The format for the serial (see the serial format syntax)

Serial Examples - HikaSerial would display some serial examples for the last saved format.

Serial format syntax

The default format is [a-zA-Z0-9]{size}.

The format is composed of defined characters, random characters and variables.
For the moment, there is not a lot of variables which could be used but with the time, some parameters would appear.

When you can to have random characters, you have to use brackets []

  • [a-z] would display one character between "a" (lowercase) and "z" (lowercase).
  • [a-e] would display one character between "a" (lowercase) and "e" (lowercase).
  • [0-9] would display one digit (number).
  • [a-zA-Z] would display one character between "a" and "z" (lowercase or upercase).
  • [0-9]{3} would display three digits (number).
  • [aeiouy@#] would display one character from the list: a, e, i , o, u, y , "@", "#".
  • [a-z]{size} would display several characters depending the value of the "serial size".


Some serial format examples:

  • [a-z]{size}-[0-9]{size}-[a-z]{size}