The points consumer is the second consuming plugin in HikaSerial.
His goal is to give "user points" to the user when consuming a serial (which embed a number of points in his "extra-data").

The points consumer plugin works with the points generator plugin.
When the points generator plugin create a serial with a number of points attached, the consumer accept to consume the serial and give the predefined number of points to the user.

The plugin is compatible with the HikaShop "user points" and with "AlphaUserPoints".

Parameters of the plugin

The configuration of the plugin is really simple and have two options

Pack - You have to select the pack which will contains the serial that the configuration will accept.
When a serial from this pack will be consume, this configuration will be triggered and the logged user will receive a the points

Points mode - You can select "HikaShop user points" or "AlphaUserPoints" depending if the component is installed or not

Points value - You can define a fixed number of points that the user will gain while consuming a serial from the selected pack.

Dynamic value - You can say that the pack contains serial with points (generated by the "points generator").