The Mail To Custom Field plugin will send a special email to another email address.
That plugin came with an email (also named "mailtocustomfield") and requires HikaShop Business to work (for the order/item custom fields).

If you sell Gift Certificates your customer might want to send directly the serial/certificate to another person.
Thanks to HikaShop Business, you can create an item custom field (or an order one) and let your customer enter the email address ; the plugin will retrive that email and send the special email.

Parameters of the plugin

Name - The name for the consumer. This name is only display in the backend and users won't see it.

Published - Does the plugin instance could be use, or not.

Packs - You have to select the packs for which the plugin will be triggered.

Custom field - You have to select the order/item custom field which will contains the email address information.

Inlucde attach-serial files - The plugin can include images generated by Attach Serial.