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Thanks to the partnership between HikaShop and PayPal, you can take full advantage of the features offered by PayPal Checkout. Learn more about what this entails on this page.

49% of PayPal users abandoned a purchase when PayPal wasn't available.1 Help maximize conversion with PayPal, Venmo and PayPal Pay Later.

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Drive conversion with PayPal.


PayPal's brand recognition helps give customers the confidence to buy. Paypal Checkout complements what you already have, comes with PayPal, Venmo, PayPal Pay Later, and more, it's easy to add to your HikaShop checkout solutions.


30% higher checkout conversion.2


Boost sales with Pay Later.


Let customers pay in installments with Pay in 4 and Pay Monthly,3 while you get paid up front at no extra cost to you. Promoting buy now, pay later messaging on your site at key points of the shopping journey can help boost average order value (AOV)4 and encourage customers to buy more,5 and more often.6


39% increase in cart sizes when Pay Later options are promoted.4


Tap into NextGen spending power with Venmo.


Venmo is already part of PayPal Checkout, at no additional cost. Gain appeal to Venmo customers who are active spenders7 with more spending power.8 And help bring move visibility to your business with a payment method customers can easily share.


2x Venmo users spend 2x more.9


More reasons to PayPal.
  • 69%of PayPal customers feel more secure shopping at a merchant that accepts PayPal.10
  • 3xpurchase completion when PayPal is available at checkout.11
  • 30%more repeat buyers.12

Designed with your business in mind.

    Payment methods

  • PayPal Checkout: PayPal, Venmo, Pay Later, and more13

  • Funds credit immediately into your PayPal business account while payments process

  • It's easy to add and complements new and existing checkout solutions

    Flexible features

  • Save customer billing and shipping info for fast, convenient checkout

  • Mobile-friendly so customers can easily shop on any device

  • Drive authorization rates, reduce declines, and help capture every sale

  • Track all your transactions from one dashboard

    Peace of mind

  • PayPal helps you handle the risk of fraudulent purchases

  • AI-powered technology monitors all transactions

  • PayPal Seller Protection on eligible transactions safeguards PayPal Checkout16

  • PayPal solutions help you meet global compliance standards

PayPal is preferred, trusted, and familiar to customers15

  • 20+ years of experience
  • 200+ markets around the globe
  • 100+ different currencies

Simple setup.

Activate PayPal Checkout