This plugin, once published will add a ReCaptcha anti-spam verification on the registration forms of your website. It is compatible with Joomla, HikaShop, AlphaRegistration, ccUsers and JomSocial.

It will also enable you to add a ReCaptcha anti-spam verification on your contact forms. It is compatible with Joomla, QContacts and Contact enhanced.

The language of the plugin will be automatically selected based on the current language of the website.  8 languages are supported: English, French, German, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish. If the website is displayed in another language the english language will be used. You can also personnalize the plugin theme in the options of the plugin.

Install the plugin

  • Download ReCaptcha Plugin
  • Log in to your backend and click on the menu "Extensions -> Install / Update".
  • Browse for the HikaShop plugin you just downloaded and then click on the button "Upload File & Install".
  • You should now see the "ReCaptcha on forms" plugin in the interface "Extensions -> Plugins manager".
  • Go on the ReCaptcha website ( ) to create an account and receive your private and public keys (totally free).
  • Don't forget to publish the plugin and enter your private and public key in the plugin options.
  • If you use HikaShop's simplified registration, you need to display it under the email field (with the Display after option), otherwise the ReCaptcha won't be displayed and your users won't be able to register when checking out.



  • On all registration screens available on your website, you should see ReCaptcha