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play HikaShop is an e-commerce solution for Joomla !
Built for simplicity and flexibility. 

Have your users purchase your products efficiently, facilitate the management of your store, increase your sales thanks to built-in marketing tools and so much more !
Quik and easy to configure, let starts your shop online today !

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Main features


HikaShop provides an interface for handling languages, currencies, zones and advanced taxes to sell anywhere in the world.


Easily manage your store using the built-in dashboard and its powerful statistics capabilities.


HikaShop works on every device (laptop, tablet, smartphone..). Your shop will fit to each user's screen.


Increase your sales thanks to affiliate program support, coupons, discounts and email marketing integration.


User-friendly and flexible, our component is easy to use and configure. Create your own shop online in a minute !


HikaShop is integrated with many other components and includes a lots of plugins...


Personalize your store: views, checkout, information fields, emails, and more to fit your website design


Adding HikaMarket to HikaShop, create a multi-vendor website. Manage in one shop several sales from different people.

Our Company


HikaShop is a complete e-commerce solution that allows you to easily create and manage your online store but also take it to the highest level.


The whole team is working to provide you with quality support. Documentation and forum are there to guide you step by step. Each issue finds an answer !


HikaShop is constantly improving. We ensure compatibility with each new version of Joomla! And new features are added frequently.


Good deals and novelties, it's here!

HikaSerial 4.0.1

Release date : December 09, 2021

HikaShop 4.4.0 (or newer) required

  • Improvements
    • Updating TCPDF library
    • Avoid pollution from other plugins in attachserial generated images
    • Improving groupsubscriber plugin for active subscription support
    • We now consider that a cart with a discount cannot be fully recurring
    • Adding more log data in the Paypal recurring payment plugin
    • Display improvement with Joomla 4
  • Fixes
    • Joomla 4 compatibility fix

HikaSerial 4.0.0

Release date : August 22, 2021

HikaShop 4.4.0 (or newer) required

  • Improvements
    • Joomla 4 support
    • Updating TCPDF library
    • Backend serial listing optimization
    • PDFSerial patch for color management
    • Coupon generator new setting for customer assignation
    • Force the initialization of the subscription start date for order created confirmed
    • Attachserial can support sub-formatting with dynamic content
    • New triggers to extends AttachSerial and PdfSerial plugins
  • Fixes
    • Backend serial listing pagination fix.
    • Fix the task storage the backend serial listing
    • Fix the serial order_product assignation for HikaShop recurring orders

HikaSerial 3.1.2

Release date : October 10, 2020

HikaShop 4.0.0 (or newer) required

  • Behavior
    • Recurring optional is now enabled by default
  • Improvements
    • Support of "Show Footer" HikaShop setting
    • Updating the logs in Paypal recurrning plugin
  • Fixes
    • Fix the search in subscription listing.
    • Fix override for the "serial" views.
    • Fix for paypal recurring when subscriptions IPN are not in the default order.
    • Fix for saving subscription extradata in the backend form.

HikaSerial 3.1.1

Release date : May 08, 2020

HikaShop 4.0.0 (or newer) required

  • Features
    • PDFSerial plugin have two new formating setting to display or strip HTML
  • Improvements
    • New hidden setting "serials_email_admin" to display serials in the admin mail notification
    • Remove a potential PHP warning in the refresh quantity feature
  • Fixes
    • Fix the filter of serials in vendor sub-orders
    • Fix the loading of view override for the "subscription" under a HikaShop menu

HikaSerial 3.1.0

Release date : March 12, 2020

HikaShop 4.0.0 (or newer) required

  • Features
    • New PDF Secure plugin
  • Improvements
    • Adding the search on the name, username and email address for the subscriptions listing in the backend.
    • Give extra data object within the order detail.
  • Fixes
    • Fix for the HikaShop checkout redirection.
    • Fix for "PDF Serial" plugin regarding the name based on the serial data.
    • Fix for "points consumer" plugin for a notification message.
    • Fix for paypal recurring payment plugin and the retrieval of the duration of the subscription.

HikaSerial 3.0.1

Release date : April 22, 2019

HikaShop 4.0.0 (or newer) required

  • Features
    • Internal Cron system for HikaSubscription
  • Improvements
    • Support of variant in HikaMarket serial listing
    • Change the URL generation for subscription listing
    • Support of onHikashopLanguageChange trigger
    • New tags for the filename in the PDF plugin
  • Fixes
    • Fix for Serial Private Content plugin

HikaSerial 3.0.0

Release date : December 11, 2018

HikaShop 4.0.0 (or newer) required

  • Features
    • Support of HikaShop 4 and its new features
    • New "Pack Groups" feature
    • Subscription auto-renew feature
    • Support of Joomla 4
  • Improvements
    • Drop support of Joomla 1.5
    • Optimizations for the refresh quantities algorithm
    • Improve Paypal recurring plugin regarding the loading of recurring data in the order.
  • Fixes
    • Fix loading of subscription upgrade when there is no plan.
    • Fix in the Acymailing integration
    • Fix backend popups for the integration with HikaShop 4

HikaSerial 2.2.0

Release date : July 04, 2018

HikaShop 3.5.0 (or newer) required

  • Features
    • Subscription upgrades
    • Support of subscription into Hikashop regular carts
  • Improvements
    • The recurring can be optional so Hikashop can propose non recurring payment plugins.
    • We can display the subscription information in HikaShop cart details.
    • Updating the Paypal recurring plugins to support new currencies.
  • Fixes
    • Fix for subscription plugin having simple input in configuration.
    • Fix for the "private content" plugin (support of J3.8).

HikaSerial 2.1.1

Release date : April 20, 2018

HikaShop 3.2.2 (or newer) required

  • Important modification
    • The trigger "onBeforeSerialDownloadFile" is now only called for virtual files starting with "#hikaserial:"
  • Improvements
    • Introduction of the progressive download for serials.
    • Point consumer - support of easy social points.
    • Add "renew_create" in getSubscriptionsRenewals.
    • Add an option in the consume module to have a target menu.
    • Modification of the download system and email triggers.
  • Fixes
    • Fix for the pack listing optimization when there is no pack.
    • Fix the support of upload in plans.
    • Fix for random pickup.
    • Fix destination email address for queue.
    • Fix for plan plugins configuration interface.
    • Fix display of tag for subscriber plugins in backend listing.

HikaSerial 2.1.0

Release date : February 7, 2018

HikaShop 3.2.2 (or newer) required

  • Features
    • Subscription downloads
  • Improvements
    • Migration to the hikaInput system
    • Major modification in the HikaSerial structure to follow JED requirements
    • Support of the "Display view files" from the HikaShop configuration
    • Optimization in the import system
  • Fixes
    • Typo fix in the Paypal recurring plugin (subscription)
    • Various fixes regarding the cron-task processing (subscription)

HikaSerial 2.0.2

Release date : December 20, 2017

HikaShop 3.2.2 (or newer) required

  • Features
    • New Subscription edition available
    • Subscription New Plans/Subscriptions system
    • Subscription Integration with HikaShop 3.2.2 recurring system
    • Subscription Paypal Recurring payment plugin
  • Improvements
    • New hidden setting ":limit_serial_per_email" to limit the number of serial display in emails notifications
    • The "attach serial plugin" can now strip HTML tags.
  • Fixes
    • Fix an error with the HikaShop order listing integration when there is no order in the listing
    • Fix the display of the status filter in the backend serial listing
    • Fix packaging regarding the PHPQRCode lib and the namespace

HikaSerial 2.0.1

Release date : November 13, 2017

HikaShop 3.2.1 (or newer) required

  • Features
    • Download of Serials for an order.
  • Improvements
    • Improve the support of fonts in the PDF Serial plugin.
    • Adding a "onSerialRefreshQuantity" trigger for future improvements.
    • Points consumer compatibility with AltaUserPoints.
    • Implementation of "orderdown" and "orderup" for the HikaSerial plugins.
    • Addition of the consume date into the serial table.
    • Improvement of the display of the serials statuses in the front-end interface.
    • AttachSerial force the modification of the language based on the full order object.
    • Update for the pack class and the storage of params.
    • Adding a namespace into the phpqrcode lib.
    • Refactoring of the serial listing in backend to handle high amount of data.
    • Improvement of the "import as text" to handle important amount of data.
  • Fixes
    • Fix for the PDFSerial plugin and the file extension
    • Fix for the checkout coupon block (to remove coupon).
    • Fix incremental loading for HikaSerial packs (via namebox).
    • Fix for Acymailing 5.8 support
    • Fix regarding the serialmarket view (which extends from HikaMarketView and not HikaSerialView class).
    • Various minor fixes

HikaSerial 2.0.0

Release date : June 30, 2017

HikaShop 3.1.1 (or newer) required

  • Features
    • PDF Serial plugin.
    • Support of HikaShop bundles.
    • New dashboard
  • Improvements
    • Updating interfaces
    • Unified randomize generation.
    • Improvements in the preload email mailtocustomfield.
    • The plugin mailtocustomfield can now call the trigger "onDisplaySerials".
    • The coupon generator can now load the coupons with the trigger "onDisplaySerials".
    • The coupon generator now store the discount_id in the serial extra data.
    • New trigger "onBeforeMarketSerialExport".
    • The text import now support "check duplicates".
    • Filters in the trigger onBeforeSerialCheck are now named
    • It is now possible to change the order in HikaSerial plugin instances
    • The serial market views can now be override under HikaSerial context.
    • New hidden setting to not display serials to vendors notifications.
    • Support of Joomla 3.7 backend menus
  • Fixes
    • Fix error with refresh quantity and some specific version of MySQL.
    • Fix for display of serials for vendors.
    • Fix for redirection URL check during consumption.
    • Fix for "time limited" plugin.
    • Fix in Serial class check function when using pack filter.
    • Fix the display of the "options" toolbar button in the HikaSerial dashboard
    • Fix for front-end serial listing and "assignable order status".

HikaSerial 1.10.4

Release date : May 9, 2016

HikaShop 2.6.2 (or newer) required

  • Features
    • HikaMarket integration - vendor can import serials.
  • Improvements
    • Integration with HikaMarket 1.7.0 order edition.
    • Refactoring of the "Refresh Quantity" algorithm.
    • The trigger "OnBeforeSerialSave" now provide the old value in the variable "$serial->old"
    • Addition of some SQL optimizations
    • The trigger "onDisplaySerials" is now call before some other triggers to let them have the formated serials.
    • Plugins which are using the trigger "onDisplaySerials" now store the original data in the serial object.
  • Fixes
    • Fixing the loading of the values in the pack namebox.

HikaSerial 1.10.3

Release date : April 21, 2016

HikaShop 2.6.0 (or newer) required

  • Improvements
    • Updating the Barcode2 library in order to support the modification of the with and of the font size.
    • Updating the plugin attach serial to add a new option which will force the download of the image.
    • Improving UTF8 support for the attach serial plugin
    • SQL optimisations in the front-end pack listing.
  • Fixes
    • Fixing an issue with GD and attach serial image path.
    • Fix missing translation in the HikaShop customer dashboard

HikaSerial 1.10.2

Release date : February 2, 2016

HikaShop 2.6.0 (or newer) required

  • Features
    • Serial listing for customers in the front-end.
    • Random pickup setting in the pack edition.
  • Improvements
    • Improving design of serial select in the HikaShop product edition.
    • The AttachSerial plugin can now handle more barcode/qrcode formats.
  • Fixes
    • Fix an issue with the serial consumption page when not having the parameter object.
    • Fix for random pickup issue introduced in an hot fix of previous release.

HikaSerial 1.10.1

Release date : December 4, 2015

HikaShop 2.6.0 (or newer) required

  • Features
    • New setting to avoid the serial duplication during the import.
  • Improvements
    • Adding the support of ajax search with the HikaShop namebox system
  • Fixes
    • Fix an issue with the serial assignation during order confirmation when having quantities.
    • Fix a warning in the Acymailing integration plugin
    • Fix an issue with the HikaSerial coupon checkout block to avoid serial checks when trying to delete a coupon.
    • Fix "add pack" javascript issue.

HikaSerial 1.10.0

Release date : September 30, 2015

HikaShop 2.6.0 (or newer) required

  • Features
    • Edition of the packs in the front-end (require HikaMarket)
    • New plugin: content / SerialPrivateContent
    • New plugin: editor-xtd / SerialPrivateContent
    • Adding new translation (Bulgarian).
  • Improvements
    • Improve the backend design for "pack", "serial" and "configuration".
    • We now display some warning message in the backend when the serial association can't be made with an order, because the pack is empty (or the generation failed).
    • The HikaSerial consume module is now using a Joomla module view.
    • Display the serial assignations stored in the order edition in the HikaShop backend.
    • Change the structure of the data for the assignSerials function in order to manage some special cases.
    • Removing Mootools inclusions.
    • Improvement of the integration with the HikaShop/HikaMarket product page edition.
    • The HikaSerial "pack" type now use the HikaShop namebox system for his display.
    • Updating design for HikaShop 2.5 support.
    • Improving "serial per order" plugin with new restrictions (quantity and price)
    • The plugin "attach serial" now handle height and size for the barcode generation
    • Improving "serial per order" plugin
  • Fixes
    • Fix for the plugin "mail to custom field"
    • Fix the install error message for the HikaShop version requirement.
    • Fix for the getLayout and Joomla 3.4
    • The "orderserial / show" view now return unserialized data for the "extra data".
    • Updating "ALTER IGNORE" queries for MySQL 5.7 support.
    • Fix for popups and Joomla 3.4
    • Fixes for JSON consume page
    • Fix for attach serial plugin and guest users

HikaSerial 1.9.1

Release date : March, 13 2015

HikaShop 2.4.0 (or newer) required

  • Compatibility with Joomla 3.4 for the router modifications
  • The point consumer plugin can now give points to the linked user and not the logged one.
  • Fix the load of parameters with Joomla 3.4
  • We force the menu position for Joomla 3 (HikaShop 2.4 compatibility)
  • Removing extra "th" in HikaMarket product edition.
  • Removing some PHP warning

HikaSerial 1.9.0

Release date : December, 1 2014

HikaShop 2.3.4 (or newer) required

  • Order Serials: assign dynamically a pack/serial to an order
  • Addition of a new trigger: onSerialOrderPreUpdate
  • Support of the new HikaShop namebox system for the order status and serial status selection
  • New plugin: serial per order
  • New plugin: mail to custom field (HikaShop Business required)
  • Fix in the plugin attach serial for the management of the order products

HikaSerial 1.8.5

Release date : November, 9 2014

HikaShop 2.3.4 (or newer) required

  • The coupon generator plugin now unpublish an HikaShop coupon when the corresponding serial is unassigned
  • Addition of a new trigger: onAfterSerialUnassigned
  • Support of the new HikaShop namebox system for the pack selection
  • Check and consume feature can now support pack_id and pack_name parameters
  • We add a warning message when opening a plugin not compatible with the HikaSerial API
  • Various warning fix

HikaSerial 1.8.4

Release date : September, 25 2014

HikaShop 2.2.3 (or newer) required

  • Joomla 3.3.4 compatiblity

HikaSerial 1.8.3

Release date : July, 25 2014

HikaShop 2.2.3 (or newer) required

  • New "Time limited generator" plugin
  • New "EAN generator" plugin
  • Improving attach serial plugin: display virtual path for product file download
  • various minor fixes

HikaSerial 1.8.2

Release date : April, 16 2014

HikaShop 2.2.3 (or newer) required

  • Possibility to consume the serials with a confirmation step (smartphone compatibility)
  • Integration of Joomla ACL for the backend accesses
  • various minor fixes

HikaSerial 1.8.1

Release date : February, 19 2014

HikaShop 2.2.3 (or newer) required

  • Improving the serial consumption for selling e-tickets
  • New "group filter consumer" plugin

HikaSerial 1.8.0

Release date : December, 7 2013

HikaShop 2.2.3 (or newer) required

  • Improving attach serial plugin
    • New "price" type
    • New "image" type
    • Product option management
    • Product image
    • Fix for fonts
  • Improving the import of serials
  • Serial export
  • Refactoring of most of plugins
  • Improving interfaces (new pack selectors, columns in plugin listings, a lot of little modifications)
  • New "points generator" plugin
  • New "points consumer" plugin
  • Compatibility with HikaShop 2.2.2 emails
  • Improving the acymailing plugin

HikaSerial 1.7.4

Release date : August, 15 2013

  • Adding the Auto Updater (Joomla 2.5 and 3.x)
  • Improving series generator
  • Copying plugins configurations
  • Improving "product add check" plugin
  • New languages
  • Support of the new order edition of HikaShop and HikaMarket
  • Improving the module system
  • Fix for consume module
  • Fixing some popups
  • "No assign user" option in packs
  • "Unlimited quantity" option in packs
  • Fix title in Joomla backend
  • Including a sample coupon image in the package

HikaSerial 1.7.3

Release date : April, 10 2013

  • New module: HikaSerial consume module
  • New option: Forbidden consume for guests
  • Improving attachserial plugin with Entry support
  • Fix "generate" button in J3

HikaSerial 1.7.2

Release date : March, 31 2013

  • New plugin: Product Add Consumer (use a serial to add a product in the user cart)
  • Include serials into HikaShop order export
  • Improving attachserial plugin (font per block, specific width and height limitations)

HikaSerial 1.7.1

Release date : March, 07 2013

  • Better variants support
  • Generators could now generate "extradata" with serials
  • Fix serial history and J3
  • Improving attachserial plugin

HikaSerial 1.7.0

Release date : February, 19 2013

  • Adding a QRCode library
  • Adding a BarCode library
  • AttachSerial plugin v2: configure information that you want to add in your image, include texts, dates, qrcodes and barcodes

HikaSerial 1.6.1

Release date : February, 07 2013

  • Compatibility with HikaShop 2.1.0
  • Integration with HikaMarket 1.1.0
  • Minor improvement in AttachSerial plugin
  • Adding support of taxes in Coupon Generator plugin

HikaSerial 1.6.0

Release date : January, 10 2013

  • New plugin: AttachSerial.
    The plugin allow you to create dynamic images with your serial content into. The image could be automatically attached in your email or download as a file.
  • Import product associations.
  • Integration in the HikaShop menu.
  • Improving the coupon generator
    You can specify a percentage of the linked products price which would be use for the coupon flat amount.
  • Removing PHP 5.4 warnings
  • Fix with Sef

HikaSerial 1.5.0

Release date : November, 5 2012

  • Joomla 3.0 support (1.5 and 2.0 supported too)
  • PHP 5.4 support
  • Feature: unique downloadable content thanks to new trigger.
  • Improvement: Can now select a validity period for discount in coupon generator plugin.

HikaSerial 1.4.0

Release date : August, 29 2012

  • Feature: Serial history.
  • Feature: Edit and manage translations.
  • New serial status: deleted.
  • New view: back_order_invoice.
  • New triggers: onBeforeSerialCheck / onAfterSerialCheck
  • Feature: Delete serials in two passes ("deleted" status then delete in the database).
  • Bug fix: pack "unassigned" option not read correctly.
  • Bug fix: Serial extra data could not be displayed correctly in the backend sometimes.

HikaSerial 1.3.1

Release date : August, 14 2012

  • Interface improvement: delete button for serials.
  • Check and Consume web-services

HikaSerial 1.3.0

Release date : July, 31 2012

  • Serial extra data - Store additional data with your serials.
  • Secure eBook generator - Generate activation codes for your Secure eBook products.
  • Series generator - Generate series of serials (for seats or no-random serials).
  • Acymailing integration plugin - Add auto-generated serials into your Acymailing newsletters.
  • New menu design

HikaSerial 1.2.0

Release date : June, 12 2012

  • Interface improvements
  • Adding new language translations.
  • Generate button - You can now possible to populate your serial database for a pack which have a compatible generator plugin.
  • HikaSerial Consumer system - Serial could be create as "assigned" and the customer can use (consume) his serial in the front end. When the serial is consumed, plugins are called for special actions.
  • Group Association Consumer plugin - A plugin which could be used as example. It allow to associate the user to a special group when the serial is consumed.

HikaSerial 1.1.0

Release date : May, 07 2012

  • HikaSerial Plugin system - It is now possible to list all hikaserial plugin and to configure them. HikaSerial gives a base for all plugin in order to simplify the development of the interfaces and the integrations.
  • Random Generator plugin - A plugin which could be used as example.
  • Coupon Generator plugin - A generator plugin which create HikaShop discount coupons. The serial is the coupon code and is generated by the plugin.

HikaSerial 1.0.0

Release date : April, 23 2012