Feature request: look up separators by locale

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Hi there!

It appears that the currency module, for every kind of currency, just uses "," as the decimal separator and " " as the group separator.

It might be nice if the module could look up the correct separator value based on locale, for example using PHP's localeconv function:


From a cursory search, it appears this might not work very well for Windows servers (?). Anyway, there could be some complications supporting Windows and Linux servers both.

But if you could do it, a Hikashop site might look a little better out of the box to international customers.

Kind regards,


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12 years 4 months ago #32430


You can change the display of prices for each currency by editing them via the menu System->Currencies.
You will find options similar to the locale information which cannot be relied on on all servers.

If you want to share default values for your currencies please do so and we'll set them by default.

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