Translating custom fields with images in editor

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-- HikaShop version -- : 2.30
-- Falang version --: 1.40
-- Joomla version -- : 3.30

I've correctly added some custom field to my hikashop product and now I'm going to translate these fields.
As they are set as wysiwyg the editor appears in Falang and let me enter the translation.
One of these fields is a little bit complex text and contains images in editor, that doesn't appears in Falang...
Is this a Falang problem or do I have to manage this field in another way ?

Thank you in advance for any suggestion

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I don't know if Falang has an option to handle a WYSIWYG editor when editing a translation via its interface. If it does then it's in the contentelement file of the hikashop_product.xml file of Falang that you need to set that type, otherwise, you won't get the editor.
Now it's something related to Falang, not HikaShop so it would be better to ask them as they will be more knowledgeable.

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