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I have translated the Hikashop translation file into the Malay language.
Since this language does not exist in Hikashop I'll be more than happy to contribute the translation to the community.

I've set Joomla Malay to be the default language and updated also the language file in Hikashop but somehow it doesn't pool the translation correctly.

can you please check the attached file to see what's wrong?

Thank you.

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Line 59

PLEASE_ACCEPT_TERMS= Sila terima Terma dan Syarat sebelum meneruskan"
Line 1038
 "FORCE_MENU_ON_CHECKOUT="Paksa menu semasa daftar keluar"

You can activate the Joomla Language debug in your Joomla global configuration ; it generally helps a lot by showing you the error on the language files.


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