tanslation and custom fields

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-- HikaShop version -- : 2.6.4
-- Joomla version -- : 3.6.1
-- PHP version -- : 5.5.8


I understand better joomla than Hikashop and the power of joomla is MVC and easy way to create custom layout/display (change php content to manage order of new fields with custom selector design by css/js designer ) . Hikashop choose to implement product by not overriding the joomla article component but try or succeed ( i don't know ) to give more to their users ( multicategory , easy create layout override ,display with div,table, ul on one page ....) without loss all the fucntionnalities that joomla article component.

The post about multicategories and custom field about translation make me think .We seblod and hikashop , we can create new fields since create fields ( hikashop is a CCK even hikashop don't or never use this term ) . CCK let us override main component using custom field attach to differents tables . Seblod do that for article and Hikashop do that for product ..... but translation is supported for any custom fields for seblod and limited to custom fields attach to product table for hikashop !! ( stop me if i what i write is wrong /false ) Do we lost a lot of functionnalities here with perhaps the seconds questions.


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We added translation capabilities where it was necessary to not clog the interface where it's not necessary.
HikaShop is meant to be used to sell products.
Seblod is meant to be used as an all rounder which can do anything and everything. And thus, it doesn't know where it makes sense to propose the translation capability or not since it doesn't know the purpose of the fields you're creating.
That's the main difference between CCKs and specialized software. With a specialized software, it has preset interfaces optimized to do one thing (for hikashop, it's to sell your products). With a CCK, it has generic interfaces which can do anything.
So the CCK will require more time to configure to do something, but it can do things in more areas.

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