Why Hikashop depends on Falang or other tools?

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-- HikaShop version -- : 3.2.1 Business
-- Joomla version -- : 3.8.2


In our country population speaks in two major languages, and client for whom I'm building the multi-language Joomla website with built in Hikashop, asks me to make product and category names and descriptions in two languages as well.

While Hikashop itself supports multi-languages on all it's buttons in frontend and backend, for product and category localisation to work, Hiakshop tutorial says that I must install Falang/Neno/Joomfish 3rd party translation extension to enable Hikashop multi-language features.
Unfortunately there are two major problems arising from that:

  1. I installed Falang, and it seems to be working fine with Hikashop, but I will not be able to use it, as it conflicts with some other plugin that was required for the website, and once enabled, it breaks the layout in other parts of the site.
  2. Rest of the site (that contains a lot of articles, translated modules, many sub-menu levels and association links) has been already translated by using Joomla's built in multi-language feature, and I don't want to do all that amount of work for a second time just to convert to Falang
My question is - is it really so difficult for you to make Hikashop use built-in multi-language system of Joomla? I mean - once I installed Falang, translation buttons appeared next to all categories and products in the Hikashop backend - so it means that all the translation tools and interfaces has already been made by you. Can't you just check for the currently set session language, and simply display either original name/description, or the translated one?

Can you please explain, why we are forced to use 3rd party tools for such a seemingly easy task (especially given the fact, that Hikashop itself (buttons, cart, etc.) works perfectly with Joomla native multi-language system out-of-the-box)?

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First note that you don't have to retranslate your content translation with Joomla's translation system.
You can have some elements translated with Joomla and some with Falang, that's not a problem.

Also, if you have bugs with Falang, I would recommend contacting the support of Falang which is very nice and helpful.

Making HikaShop translatable will require some important work yes. It's possible sure, but since there is already a solution for that which works great, it's not a priority.

And note that you can translate your HikaShop content without Falang even now, although I don't recommend that. It requires duplicating your menu items, your categories and your products, once per language.

Why is HikaShop integrated with Falang for translation you ask ? That's because when HikaShop was first developed, Joomla didn't had any translation capability and you could only use Falang (or it's predecessor, JoomFish). So we went with the only solution available at the time.

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There is another option for automatic store translations that requires much less work and yet allows you to modify the translated text. We've used the enterprise level of GTranslate on several HikaShop stores and it works beautifully with minimal effort for the store owner once it is setup. gtranslate.io/

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