Problems with changing the language file in the override section

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With the new language file in Dutch there is in the order complete message one of the sentences with je instead of u and all the other sentences are with u. But I can’t find the sentence in the language file.

Also if i want to change other sentences in the Override file I get major problems.
Like now on the add to cart button it says “aan winkelwagen toevoegen” when i change it to “in winkelwagen” it gives problems.
Or i see code within or the language Dutch is not recognised anymore by HikaShop.
The only solution then is to reinstall the Dutch language file in Joomla.
I copy paste the code, or i try to change the text between the “ “ , both ways give problems.

Does anybody recognise this?

Kind regards

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To edit language file you have to keep in mind that there are several files :
- 1. For Joomla in your language folders (YourWebsite/language)
- 2. For HikaShop in the administrator (YourWebsite/administrator/language)

Note : You can have a look in our documentation around language file.

Second step, note that edit can't leads to "problems" unless you break the key and translate system.
A translation have to be like this :

;since 2.6.2 // COMMENT
TRANSLATION_KEY="The translation"

Important point, don't add code inside translation to prevent issue.
Hope this will help you to progress on your subject.

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