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-- HikaShop version -- : 401
-- Joomla version -- : 3.9.10
-- PHP version -- : 7.2

Iran is not an arabian country. It has always been Persians territory. The term " محافظة" is not used for states and each state is called "استان".
For Example:
Tehran Province = استان تهران
is read :"ostane tehran"
North Khorasan Province = استان خراسان شمالی
is read : "ostane Khorasan shomaly"
Central Province= استان مرکزی
is read : "ostane markazi"

Another point is that the divisions of Iran have changed and the number of provinces has increased. Currently, they are 31 provinces.
I will link below for more information.

I also added a complete Excel file list.

Add here that in the hikashop, when the region is clicked on the name of a country, the list of provinces is displayed.
There is only a button to add and delete. The editing button is important, but it does not exist.
The best option is to add the edit button here, and by clicking on it in each row, the name of each column can be edited into a text field. Without going to another page.


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Regarding the text "state", it is already "استان" in the persian translation file on our end:
Are you sure you're looking at the correct translation file ? Or maybe you didn't update it (you have the version number at the end of the file, it should be 4.2.0)

Regarding the list of states for Iran, thanks for that, I've updated the list on our end for the next version of HikaShop.

Regarding the sub zones listing in the backend, I've noted your proposition of improvement. We'll look into it in the future. Thanks !

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