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-- HikaShop version -- : 4.4.1
-- Joomla version -- : 3.9.25
-- PHP version -- : 7.3

With the new version 4.4.1 there is an error in the rewriting of url, the engine Hikashop (Business Vesion) does not rewrite the url as it should because it no longer takes into account the association parameters of joomla.
Example on the site the store to alias "store" and refer to the store "category: French",
in English version the "link" to alias "Store" and refer to the category Store (this allowed us to have different products in focntion of countries) :) and today an error 4040 is created.
Can you give me the old file and what I have to change so I can go back.
Thanks in advance

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9 months 6 days ago #331654


I will need more information to better understand the situation as I don't see what file I could give you which would help you.
I checked your website with the URL you provided, but I didn't get any 404 error on the different links of your shop I tried in both languages. So I'm not sure what is wrong.
Are you using Falang or not for translations ?
Could you provide a URL of a page with a link resulting in a 404 error and tell us which link on that page is problematic ?
Could you also provide screenshots of the product (or category if the problem is on a category) settings so that we can better understand what you did ?

Now, checking your website, I can see that you have a build of HikaShop 4.4.1 from early march. Since then, we've got a feedback about issues with language switching on multilingual websites here:
Following that, we've added a big patch so that it works properly. So I would recommend to download again the install package of the 4.4.1 on our website and install it again on yours to get that patch. It might help your situation.

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