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HikaShop 1.5.8 คลอดแล้วจ้าาา

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Release date : May, 29 2012 The update is not active for a few days until we are sure that everything is ok. Until then, if you want to update, you can get the installation package on our website via the menu Your account->Your subscriptions
Bug fixes

Ratings were not working properly with Mootools 1.12 on Joomla 1.5
We fixed some bugs related to filters of the type "text"
The categories search plugin was not building all the conditions of the search query properly and could lead to wrongly displayed results
Coupons now handle variants properly for category/product based restrictions
When the "include sub elements" option was turned on for discounts, the discounts were applied to all the products, regardless of the category
For addresses in the USA, the SagePay plateform was sometimes returning an error stating that the state field was missing
The CSV export of products with variants was adding an extra empty column in the CSV
Several display fixes on the comment/vote system
The product search plugin had an error with Joomfish and and ACL support in the Business edition
The import of translations was not working properly
We fixed the number of products count which could be wrong on categories listings in some cases
We fixed calculation issues with the Australia Post shipping plugin
The recently viewed products option was not working properly
Entering a coupon code during the checkout was reseting the shipping method selection when in fact it was not necessary
The system was messing up the order number format option of the configuration in some cases

You can now handle the translation of filters via Falang/Joomfish
The Google Analytics plugin now handle payment methods where the order is validated while being created
The watermark feature now handles non standard transparent color properly
New icons in order to match Joomla 2.5's look
Search plugins are now compatible with Falang
We improved the votes and comments feature
The documentation can now be translated automatically via Google translate
The Spanish states have been fixed
The min and max fields of a product when the product has characteristics now rules on the quantity of all the variants of the product in the cart and not each variant like before
The Sales menu is now called Orders for better consistency
The Discounts menu is now under the Orders menu
The manufacturer term has been renamed into "brand"
The checkout won't validate the order anymore if the user tries to refresh the latest step of checkout
We added UK postal counties to the list of UK "states"
The styles of the user control panel are now handled with CSS classes
New features

Shipping methods can now be configured on a per product basis
HikaShop is now compatible with the update system of Joomla 2.5
We added new options to the AlphaUserPoints plugin in order to handle points grouping, virtual points, and minimum not yet reached messages...
Custom fields of the table user are now displayed on the joomla user profile edition page
You now have the possibility to display the details of the order in google checkout
The authorize.net plugin can now handle DPM
We added a new shema.org plugin which adds HTML5 microdata to the HTML of the product pages for better SEO
We simplified the taxed prices display setup with only one central option
We added a global product code display/hide option for the whole front end/invoices/emails
You can now configure payment fees for each of your payment methods
We added a new AliPay Direct payment plugin for the Chinese market
We added a custom price plugin for donation products (business edition)
A separate PDF invoicing plugin as been released allowing you to automatically attach the invoices to the orer confirmation email (coming in a few days)

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