HikaSerial 1.8.1 released

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The new version of HikaSerial is now released.

This new version is a minor release and requires HikaShop 2.2.3 or newer.
So please be sure that your HikaShop version is good before updating HikaSerial.

New features in the 1.8.x version:
  • Export serials
  • New "points generator" plugin
  • New "points consumer" plugin
  • New "group filter" plugin
  • New features in the "attach serial" plugin (price, images, product options, product image)
Improvements in this release:
  • Improvement of the serial consumption in front-end for selling e-ticket purposes
Full change log

The "group filter consumer" plugin allow you to let only some users consume a serial.
Your clients can buy an e-ticket, print they ticket which contain a QRCode and thanks to the plugin, only specific users (you) could consume the ticket.
Using a smartphone, you will be able to scan the QRCode (pointing to the HikaSerial consume page) and validate that the serial is right. You will be sure that nobody else will be allow to consume the serial before you, that the ticket is valid.

Do not hesitate to read our new tutorial : Selling e-tickets with HikaSerial and give us your feedback.

The two new points plugins allow you to integrate with HikaShop user points (a user custom field with the name "user_points") and AlphaUserPoints.
You can generate serials which will contain a point value. The value can be fixed or can depend on the product price which is the source of the serial generation.
The point value is used by the second plugin, the "points consumer". When a user will consume a serial which include points, his points account (HikaShop or AlphaUserPoints) will be credit.

So with HikaSerial 1.8.x, you can now send a newsletter including a serial which will give points to the customer.
You can create "gift cards" which won't be just a coupon but some points that the final customer will be able to use in several times.

In HikaSerial 1.8.x, you can also generate a lot of serial directly in HikaSerial and then, export them into a CSV or XLS file.
The export popup will ask you which elements you want to export and will use your current filters to know which serials you want to export.

All the interfaces in HikaSerial 1.8.x have been improved. Not more input box where you will enter a "discount id", you have now "selector" which will help you and guide you during the HikaSerial configuration.
We also add new columns in the plugin listing and a lot of little modification to make the HikaSerial interface easier and better.

See the documentation of the "AttachSerial" plugin with an example of configuration.

If you want to know more about HikaSerial and what you can do with it, you can read his presentation

- HikaMarket & HikaSerial developer -
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