Where do I go to change the text "download gift card"

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-- HikaSerial version -- : 1.10.4
-- Joomla version -- : 3.8.6

Hey I am using hikaserial 1.10.4. I know this is not the newest version, but we had to make some modifications to it previously and that is why we are still on this version.

My question is under the control panel/user account when you log in on the downloadable product section or existing orders sections there is some text that says "download gift card", this also shows on the emails that are sent out to the admin order notification and customer order that is sent out.

How do I change the text "download gift card". I realize there may be multiple places that this has to be changed and I tried to override this in the language file but it does not show up in there. I have looked through the layout overrides and I cannot find out where this is coming from. I attached screenshots to show you where I am talking about changing this.



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Your page "download your gift card" is not related to HikaSerial ; it seems to be the HikaShop download listing page (feature of commercial edition of HikaShop).

Regarding the "download gift card" in your order details ; it should display the filename that you have specified in your product configuration.
You can edit your product files to change the name of it (and it's still related to HikaShop and not HikaSerial).

Afterwards, please note that you can override every HikaShop (and HikaSerial) translations :

If you have any further question ; please open a new thread in the HikaShop section of the forum since there is currently not direct relation with HikaSerial feature in your current message.


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