Admin creates recurring order vs. User creating recurring order

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I'm trying to set up an order for a user so that they can simply login to their account and pay the invoice. I've created a recurring product and a recurring PayPal method.

I create the order as the user from the front-end and go as far as PayPal without actually paying. When I return to my website and login again as the user, I can see the order in my account with a status of CREATED. If I now use the ACTIONS > PAY NOW I can see the PayPal payment option. When I hit NEXT, I'm greeted with a PayPal message that says "Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later. Return to Merchant."

If the Admin creates the order using the same exact product on the back-end, the user can later login on the front end and see this order. Important to note is that even though it's the same exact product, when the Admin views the list of orders, the order the Admin created is blank under Payment Method. This is different than if the Admin views an unpaid order that a user created in which case it indicates the payment method as PayPal.

If the user logs in after the Admin creates the order on the back end, the user can see the order as Created. If the user selects Actions > Pay Now, there is no payment method available.

So the result is that if the order is created in advance either by the Admin or the User, it can't be paid. If the user creates the same order and immediately proceeds to checkout, all works fine.

Is this because an order that has a recurring payment cannot be saved for later on?

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Order management in backend is related to HikaShop (and its support) ; it's not something specific to HikaSubscription.
When you create an order in the HikaShop backend you can set-up the payment method such as all the other fields. I recommend you to ask the HikaShop support team in the HikaShop section of the forum for more details.

Now regarding the "pay now" and Paypal recurring plugin, it would require some test in the HikaShop recurring system to check if it send the necessary details to the plugin.
But I suppose that, because HikaSubscription can set-up the recurring options during the checkout, it might not have the same triggers with the "pay now" and it do not allow the recurring plugin to do its full job.


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