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I am thinking to buy HikaSerial as the solution for our festival e-ticket system, but I have a few questions to be answered first.
At fore hand thanks already for your time to answer this...

1 - We are using always e-ticket and hardcopy tickets for our festival so is it possible to create barcode (serials) to use on the hardcopy tickets or better yet import a range of serials into HikaSerial to be scanned with it also? So we can create the hardcopy tickets with barcode and scan them ad entry also with the phone or barcode scanner.

2 - Can we also use barcode scanners with HikaSerial or only use it through a Phone?

3 - In our old (not anymore supported) system we did have a screen were people could see the result from the scanned ticket, we just used a monitor connected to a laptop to show the result, basically just a big green yes or big red no. Does HikaSerial has some sort of confirmation screen?



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1 - You can generate serials in the backend and export them (in CSV/XLS format). If you can create hardcopy thanks to EAN13 codes, it should suits to your needs.
It is also possible to import serials in the backend, so if you have a list of your EAN13 codes, you can import the part that you want to sold online.

2 & 3 - A barcode scanner is just a tool which can read a barcode. It must be connected to something to perform "actions".
If you want to be able to tell if a ticket is valid or not, you need something with "connectivity" so it can check that.
The usage of a phone with a QRCode offer the simplicity of having an URL which will be open in the phone and tell the result.
But if you already have all that is required with a barcode scanner, you can open a special page in the website and perform the "serial consumption" which will gives the status of the ticket.


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