Nightly Builds?

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-- HikaShop version -- : 2.6.4
-- HikaSerial version -- : 1.10.4
-- Joomla version -- : 3.6.5
-- PHP version -- : 5.6

Hi there,

I have a question about how the versioning works in HikaSerial and in general also for Hikashop and HikaMarket.

When I initially downloaded HikaSerial the file I downloaded was:

If I download today HIkaSerial the file is:

So I understand both packages install HikaSerial 1.10.4 but, is there a difference in the code? I can see that in addition to the download date there are some numbers at the end that I don't know what they mean.

During this time I reported some bugs in HIkaSerial and I would like to know if the package I can download today would include those and any other fixes/patches reported during this time even though it is still version 1.10.4.

I'm migrating from testing environment to production site and I would like to know if it is worth download and install the latest packages from your website.

Many thanks!

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The date and the hour for the filename is dynamic and correspond to the moment when you have performed the download.

When the "automatic update" is not activate, we might update the package if we found a blocking issue.
Once the "automatic update" is activated, we try to not touch the packages.

For HikaMarket and HikaSerial, I update the package very few. But if you want to check if the package has changed, you need to check the build number or the "creationDate" in the XML file.
About HikaSerial, there was no update since the release. No major issue has been reported.


Jerome -
HikaMarket & HikaSerial developer / HikaShop core dev team.

Also helping the HikaShop support team when having some time or couldn't sleep.
By the way, do not send me private message, use the "contact us" form instead.

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