Voucher with serial number not sent when doing an order for the second time

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-- url of the page with the problem -- : www.klopeinersee.shop
-- HikaShop version -- : 3.2.1
-- HikaSerial version -- : 2.0.1
-- Joomla version -- : 3.8.3
-- PHP version -- : 7


I noticed a problem with the emails which are sent (not sent) when the customer hast bought a voucher (attach serial).
This happened twice last week.

Works fine:
- Customer uses creditcard payment... puts in his number and secure code... Email with the attached voucher ist sent to the customer...okay.
- Customer uses bank transfer... I make the order confirmed manually... Email with voucher is sent... okay.

But in this case the customers did not get the confimation Emails with the attached voucher/ serials:

- Customer tries to pay with creditcard... cancells this payment because he does not know his securecode.
- He does the order again and now he chooses bank transfer.
- He gets the confirmation of his order and the bank account details
- He transfers the money.
- I make the order "confimed" in the backend of the shop
- All E-Mails seem to be sent (to the customer / to the merchant / to the market owner (that´s me) as I see in the E-Mail history.

But the customers do not receive the Emails with the attached voucher!

My solution so far when the customers call me:
I have to make the order "confirmed" for a second time... then the Emails with vouchers are sent and received.

Cancelling the first payment (creditcard) and then doing immediately a new order with bank transfer - does this "consume" the serial number for this order and prevents to sent the Email with the attached serial/voucher?

Please help - how can I prevent this problem?
What settings in backend will help?

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In fact, there is no bug but the confirmation workflow you're using is not the right one.
You can find 6yo threads with the same content and my answer did not change for the past years ; but I do hope that it will evolve in the future.

The thing is : You're confirming the order in the backend order listing.
By doing that, you have a popup and you can see the email content before the order is really confirmed.
When you see the email content, because the order is not confirmed, there is no serial.
So you can't have the HikaSerial content in the email preview.
And that preview is not just a preview, it's the email content that will be sent to the customer.

So !
If you just open the order details in the backend and modify the order status via the normal interface ; you will have a little checkbox to "notify the customer".
That email will be sent after the order been modified (and confirmed), exactly the same way an order is confirmed by a payment plugin.

There is no bug in HikaSerial and nothing it can do.
Since an order is not confirmed, it cannot generate/assign serials to the order (just because the order is not confirmed yet and you might not confirm it after all...)
Since the email content is generate before the real modification, the email content is based on a non confirmed order details.
You see an issue with HikaSerial content but it's not the only possible problem.


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