Coupon codes not marked as 'used' in HikaSerial?

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I've generated 200 100% coupon codes for a product. So the product is free with a code.

It works fine and then shows 0 uses left in the HikaShop discount page. But in Hikaserial, all coupons in the pack still show as 'free to use'. Why does HikaShop not let HikaSerial know that the coupon has been used up? How can I get this working? Thanks,


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The consuming feature is an HikaSerial internal feature.
The coupon generator is just a generator and could not track coupons.
You can configure a coupon to be used several times, so the plugin tracker should check it too.

Generally, the plugin is used as a dynamic generator, when a customer bought a special product, he would bought a coupon which would be assigned to his account (and will have the status "used").
You can use the coupon generator to pre-generate some serial without assignation, at this moment, when a customer could bought, the coupon would be read from the database and not generate dynamically (and his status would change to "used" too).


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