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We sell e-tickets for a festival. Every ticket should be attached to some personal information of the person who bought it.

We need the product/ticketname, full name of the person, date of birth and place of birth in a spreadsheet. I remember to have read somewhere that this is possible in Hika Business. However I can't find the information how to do this.

Pleas help. :(

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You need to check that you do not have the setting "no user assign" in your pack configuration.
So the serial, while it will be created, will contain the link to the user who performed the sale.

Thanks to that, when you will perform an export in HikaSerial, you can have some user information.
If you want to add extra information, it will require a view override for the backend view : "serial / export"
The serial are also exported in the HikaShop order export, where you also have informations about the user (and the user custom fields).


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