How to properly set up a Serialized Product Discount Coupon?

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-- HikaShop version -- : 3.4.0
-- HikaSerial version -- : 2.1.1

Newbie question:

I was asked to set up a coupon discount scheme for the store, where the client gets a QR Code and the discount is automatically applied to their next checkout. ... Is this possible in HikaShop? We're using HS Business 3.4.0, and I just installed HSerial 2.1.1 on the site.

From what I gathered in the HSerial Tutorial:
I've set up a test scenario with a base Coupon entry (HikaShop>Orders>Coupons), and a HikaSerial Coupon Generator linked/attached to the base Coupon item. After I click Generate, the serialized Coupon items appear in the Coupons section of HikaShop, effectively creating X copies/pcs. of the original base Coupon entry (which is good, so far, as this is what the boss wants).

I'm able to use the Coupon ID during checkout, and it correctly checks/applies the coupon restrictions on the order; and, upon completing the order, the coupon is reported to have 1 less quota impression (which is correct, too). However, in HikaSerial, the serial no. is not associated with the corresponding Order generated by the checkout. ... Can anyone help on how I can automatically close/enforce this association? How can the Serial be automatically consumed, whether by typing in the code in the Checkout page, or by scanning a generated QR Code? do I test QR Codes? We'd like the clients to be able to scan the code and it'll automatically bring them to the Product Page or Checkout Page of the site, I've followed the tutorial in making QC codes, but it doesn't tell me how to generate them so I can test.

Quick help would be much appreciated.

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If you are using HikaSerial to just generator coupons, you do not need to keep the serials after the generation.

The coupon and the serials are two different things.

When an order is made/product is bought, a serial can be generated and assigned to that specific order.
When a coupon is used, it is added to the order where it has been used.

Generating the coupon manually : you won't have any order assigned.
Serials can't be assigned to the order where the coupon is used ; that's not the workflow.
Serials can't be consume neither, since the consumption is related to HikaSerial actions and you are just using a "coupon" which is something different with no relation with the serial (they just have the same "value").


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