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if we study how layout for hikashop_product_list work , we have the 4 choices : div, Table,list and inherit.

I have 3 questions about how layout is implemented in hikashop .

1) In the case of item product , HS team use a mix of X Y number so the CSS style selector look like
"hikashop_product hikashop_product_column_X hikashop_product_row_Y" without "," but with 2 space " " since we have 3 items . hikashop_product is there so it let us know the number of items using js XPath so it is usefull. I think we must have by default for each product a CSS id Name.
do you call the product id ike this <?php echo $this->row->product_id;?> ?

2) since the layout to use is a mix of "Product|Category ..." and "table|list|..." even there is some incompatibilities since categories don't support table . if i am not happy with the default structure create by the mix (so not happy only with the restricted choice of div /table ); is there a tutorial that explain after create a file call components\com_hikashop\views\product\tmpl\nodivnolist.php how this file must implemented and with code must be add to be handle by the backEnd ? .
For the problem i have now a better way will be to have an option to have structure worflow with no ul/li or table AND with no nested div.

3) is there a tutorial that show all relation beetween file locate in components\com_hikashop\views\product\tmpl\**.php
Many call of same fonction with differents parameters
if($this->params->get(' ')
$this->setLayout(' ');
echo $this->loadTemplate();

I don't want to use override ( Since layout are locate under compoment we can override thoses files right ? )
i begin to find hikashop very easy to use ... the CSS layout and style is for designer ( boostrap ll help css beginners) ...keep focus on php /joomla functionnalities !!


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1. Yes.

2. Layouts cannot be created for now. You can however edit them via the menu Display>Views.
item box layouts on the other end (for the div layout) can be created by changing the name of the file when you edit them.

3. There is no tutorial. Basically all the show_block_* files each display a different part of the product page. Each show_* file is a different layout of the product page and the show file is the main view file of the product page.
For the listing, it's something similar, the listing view file is the main one, the listing_div, listing_table and listing_list are the main layouts of listings and the other listing_* files are the item box layouts.
The other files are for specific features (compare for the comparison view, carousel for the carousel system, option for the display of options, etc).
All the view files are overridable. In fact, even the classes, view.html.php files, helpers, can be overridden but it's more complex are you need to create a system plugin to override them:

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