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1-I need to know if i modify fr-FR.com_hikashop.ini file but i don't find where it come from ?
( in the hikashi web site menu Telecharger Langues, hikashop like to hide file in many location as i see OURRG!!! )

2- For update do we need to install the last starter edition again and then the essential extension again ?

3- update version mean only install new files ( new files or files where content change ) ?

4- how is manage the language , hikashop alert me that the language file is not update but i do know if it is the en or fr or administrator / front end version that must be update ?

5 it is strange a post from 7 hours in this forum is about a bug in joomla 3.1 and hikashop team say there is a patch . so where is locate the patch in hikashop forum . IS there a sticky post about all update after a bug occur that need to be fixed .
how is fix the code ?
1 by change code source in a psecific file at psecific line number ?
2 download a file and that ll replace a file ?
3 download whole zip and install it as an extension ?
4 use the joomla update way without do nothing if site is hosting on the internet ( not in local dev server ) ?


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1. For each language modification, you'll just have to do it through your language file ("Hikashop->System->Configuration->Language->'Your language file'").

2. If you want to update your Hikashop version you'll just have to do it through "Hikashop->Documentation->Update/about", or you can also download the package of the last Hikashop essentiel version and then Install it (this will just update your Hikashop).

3. Update version means a lot of things like :
- Bug fix
- New features
- ..

4. I think that reading the Language documentation will maybe help you.

5. When the team release a patch for a bug, you'll just have to download the last package of your Hikashop version (Essential in your case) through our website, and install it, then your version will be updated with this patch.

Hope this will help you a little.

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For the 2 : i know howto to update , what i want is to know when a update occur and what is it about ?

A -there is a counter in my account near the link to the dowbnload !!
what does ist mean ?

B- I read many post about bug that hiskashop team correct the problem and create a patch ...
when I see the number of public version ...( 1 every 1/2 months ) it seem a new patch don't mean a new version number how is manage a new patch related to number version when this event occur ?

C-It is very difficult to understand how a public patch is accessible and scheme number version work . Shure some time because developper find bug on public website , it is urgent and it very professionnal from hikashop team to focus on the avaibility of a patch.

I ll expect like on some other site
1 go to the file location xxxx
2 near the line number yyy
3 find this code
4 change this old code by this new code

D-is there a page that is up to date that let me know every day if something is available ( patch update , new fonctionnalities)

" I do not use external dns to make my local server be in the web/internet network"

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2. You can directly install the Essential edition.

A. It means that you can't put the link out there so that anyone can download HikaShop with your purchase. Once downloaded once and installed, you don't need to download it anymore. You can simply use the joomla updater to update HikaShop when we activate it after a release. Also, via the menu Your account->Your subscriptions you can download it without that restriction as long as your subscription is valid.

B. New releases mean new features/improvements. After each release, before we activate the auto update, we have a lot of feedback on the release and sometimes bugs that were introduced by the changes that we made for the new features/improvements of the new version. So we directly generate a new build so that you can download it if you already downloaded manually the update and installed it yourself. If you wait for the auto update, as you should if your website is live, you get the latest build of the current version which shouldn't contain any regression bugs anymore.

C. If you want to apply all the patches automatically, simply download manually HikaShop and install it and that will update all the files at once.

D. There is no such page. We actually want to avoid the hassle for the website owners to update everyday HikaShop because we added a patch in an obscure feature most don't user and which only happens on a specific server configuration. It would create a lot of work for website administrator while it shouldn't be needed since we didn't activate yet the auto update and thus he shouldn't update yet unless he wants to test the new features or start a new website.
Once we publish a new release, all the fixes that were done for the previous release via new builds are added in the changelog of that new version.
You can see the changelog here:

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