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We are about to build a website that we will use to sell Cable TV events to business owners. At the moment, these events are being sold over the phone but we would like to be able to start selling them online as well to help reduce traffic at peak times and allow customers to purchase these events in the off hours.

However, the nature of the way we sell events make it more complex than what your usual event manager can handle. Therefore I wanted to see if those more familiar with Hika shop could look over our requirements and let me know if the features we are looking for are available or if you see any obvious red flags.

1) Different user groups get different pricing. When we sell an event, the price is based on the customer venue capacity. A customer with a 100 seats venue will pay less than a customer with 500 seats venue.

2) User Groups pricing - Since we base pricing on the venue capacity we would like to be able to have those prices automatically calculated for each user group:

FROM 0 to 100=$100
FROM 101 to 500 = $500

and so forth. Failing that, we should have a way to present the same "event" and show different prices to each group.

3)We also need the ability for the sales force to go onto the site administration and make changes to pricing, user group assignment, etc. Salespeople are able to "make deals" with customers based on their RL conversations. Once a salesperson offers a different price, they should be able to go on the site and make that price reflect the new negotiated price in case the customer wants to pay online. In some cases, some customers would get a permanent discount that should reflect on their price, but only for them.

In the process of selling these events, there is no doubt that some human input is needed. We simply cannot trust a customer choosing their own user/pricing group without cheating or making a mistake. So we would like to ask them about the size of their venue and then assign them to the proper user/pricing group manually. At the very least, we would need to confirm their choice manually.

Customer logs in >>
Customer sees a price for a given event based on their user group pricing level
Customer Purchases the event and pays using
Orders are reviewed and in some cases the salesperson has to call the customer and fine tune the order.

Based on the above, does it sound like something hika shops should be able to handle. After all,. there is little difference between selling a widget and selling an event.

The tricky parts I see are the user groups and the pricing. Or, I should say, the ability of a salesperson to easily make changes to the pricing structure of a given customer without affecting other customers.

Does it sound like Hikashop could handle a system like this?

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1. I think that using this User Group FTW For Hikashop plugin will probably help you.

2. You should then use access levels, and create 1 price per User group through the "prices" tab of your product page.

Note that Access levels are only available through the business version of Hikashop.

Hope this will help you a little.

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Thank you very much. Indeed I am aware that I will need the commercial version of hika. I suppose they have to make some money sometimes :)

I am actually concerned more about jika shop being able to handle these kind of changes. Especially being able to bill a client with a custom amount. I suppose using a one time coupon discount could work for that.

But in general, does it sounds like a feasible project?

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So if a commercial want to have a special price for one user once, then he can indeed create a coupon for him.
If it's for life, then he can create a new user group, add that user group to the user and create a discount/coupon restricted to that user group. If you know in advance the deals that commercial can make, you can even pre create the user groups and discounts (for example 10% off everything with a discount assign to the user group "10% off") so that your commercial just have the add the user group to the user.

Change prices, groups, in real time is not a problem at all and it won't affect the orders already made.

From what you're saying, I don't see a problem so yes, it sounds like a feasible project.

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