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I am considering to buy the business version for the affiliate feature, but I have a question first. Would it be possible for me to add an input box (similar to the coupon input box), where the customer would enter the affiliate ID at the time of checkout?

My sales team doesn't have a webpage to link from. Instead, they will have an ID printed on their business card. Therefore, the customer will have to type number. Then when the customer hits the "add" button, it will bring up the affiliate's name to confirm that the correct ID number was typed.

I understand this will take some programming, but do you think this will be possible with the Hikashop infrastructure?


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Yes it's possible. You could just edit one of the files of the view checkout via the menu Display->Views and add your custom HTML there. It should be quite easy as you just need an HTML input box :

Enter your partner ID : <input type="text" name="partner_id" value="" />

The information entered by the user will be automatically used by HikaShop.

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