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I just set up a site using Hikashop. Mostly it's good but a bit of hair tearing has gone on.

I have had two issues with shipping.

My first order was from Singapore. The cart consistently claimed that there was no shipping method available. The problem appears to be that there are no states listed under Singapore. I added a state, added state that to my shipping and tax zones in suitable places and it worked.

The second was that tax kept getting added to the shipping cost. I had tax zones set so that VAT would get added to products being sent within the EC but not outside it (in a category called standard) and this worked well for the products but for some reason tax kept getting added to shipping wherever it was going. I had to add a 'No tax' category which only has a 0% rule and use that instead of standard for the non-EC shipping method.

Excellent product for the most part. Once I'm happy it all works as I want I'll invest in the business version.

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When you create a shipping method, if you set a zone restriction in it, it will only be available in that zone. Before your users enter their address, the "main tax zone" will be used as the current zone of the user. Once the user enters/selects his address, the country/state of the address will be used instead. Having states or not for a country doesn't change that and so far, it worked for everyone as long as the shipping methods were correctly configured.

No tax will be set for your shipping methods if you don't select a tax category in them. You don't have to create a special tax category for them. That will also avoid any mistake you might have made while configuring your tax rules since the tax won't be calculated for shipping methods if they don't have a tax category.

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