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Hello there,

I just had the owner of the site try a transaction and received this email message:

[the order IS created in Hikashop with status 'Created'].

A Paypal notification was refused because the connection to the confirmation server

Check the documentation concerning this issue at
This notification was for the order B4W2 on the website

You can acces the order details directly by clicking on the link below after logging
in your back end:

I read the documentation for that error and my server/ hosting company is not blocking anything [or so I'm told].

When the error occurred I was using v1.2.1 of Hikashop, I have hesitantly upgraded to v1.3.2 but have not tested it since then.

I read the changelog and didn't see this mentioned as a fix or an issue..

Is this a new problem from the days of v1.2.1, was it fixed in v1.3.2, etc?


Emmanuel Lemor.

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The paypal IPN notification has been working since day one. We use it on our website and we get the notifications from paypal and it can connect to paypal's servers to verify it... No one else reported such a problem...All I can think of is your hosting company blocking outgoing connections. We use the fsockopen function to establish the connection and it's available in all PHP versions so there should not be a problem with it unless your hosting company is blocking the use of that function.

You could try to activate the debug mode of paypal and look at the payment log file (the path is in the config under the tab files) after receiving the email. That might tell us more about the problem.

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